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  1. Given the main competitor to Descent and Imperial assault is Gloomhaven which happens to be the #1 rated game of all time. I would say that the new project is probably heavily inspired by Gloomhaven with FFG introducing variants and twists so their version is unique and appeals to the customers. Can you imagine Gloomhaven with the production quality of FFG? I would buy 3rd edition twice if that is what it was.
  2. Oh wow I did not see this update on the expansion. That is AWESOME!
  3. So I am going to say first and foremost if it is reasonably priced I will buy this app. If only for the single player campaign then anything else. Something like this is exciting and I would be crazy not to love the ios boardgame trend that is beginning. It lets you still play games you love when friends are too busy to hang out. That being said. Players wanted expansions for this game. More variety in play, more armies to choose from, more starting terrain, ect.This is basically giving us a digital version of what we already have so we can buy it again. Could we get something new please? What if I ask very nicely? Pretty please?
  4. I know this game would never happen. It would directly compete with Warhammer tabletop gaming and BattleLore second edition. That being said...I really wish they did a Warhammer spin off of Second Edition BattleLore! Imagine how well the theme would match the BattleLore rules! First edition had spin-offs (Battles of Westeros I am looking at you!). Why can't Second edition?
  5. I am really hoping for an expansion as well. Can not happen soon enough but I want it done right.
  6. Just got my copy this morning. I cannot wait to bust it out and play!
  7. I am having my set painted by a friend right now. I pay about 3-5 dollars a mini depending on size. The result is nice but it is a painstakingly slow process. It has been close to 6 months and the hero figures are not all complete yet. I am a patient man though and the final product is worth the wait. I just wish I had such a talent myself.
  8. As long as they give us the last corner before discontinuing the game I will be happy. I cannot stand seeing an open corner on my table.
  9. Frankly I would be happy if the heroes from Mists of Zanaga were finally released into Descent 2nd edition. It bugs me that all other Runebound figures are playable...except for the ones from Mists of Zanaga (and technically Midnight).
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