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  1. For years the T-47 Airspeeder was known as a Snowspeeder from what I recall they were never directly named by anyone in the movies as a snowspeeder or even airspeeder the medical droid says T-47 and an engineer said they were having trouble adapting the speeders for the extreme cold unfortunately I dont have any of the old books to see if that at one stage named them snowspeeders but the same could be applied to snowtroopers, none are named as snowtroopers we just see them fighting on a snow planet and bam thats their name I dont see why they couldnt just have their name changed to Hazardtroopers as they seem equipped for extremely hazardous planets not just for snow. just my 2 cents.
  2. since we have fleet troopers how about officers and named characters that you mainly only see on star ships in the movies shows? so we arnt just always fighting on the planet surface but defending/attacking in boarding actions of enemy ships etc, to elaborate hangers on most ships are pretty big and could easily be used as a battlefield (and not have to worry about corridors) hope FFG make a hanger mat for each side could also double as hangers in bases as well. im sure they werent on a star ship 24/7 would be cool to have admiral ackbar leading some troops on the ground as well with some mon cala troops etc, maybe a Mara Jade if she is still cannon a good and evil version?
  3. KennedyHawk what would i swap out for hit and run for the light side deck?
  4. i wouldve bought 2 core sets but unfortunately my local store only had 1 in stock and they wouldnt get more in until after the store championships. and so far i havent had a chance to play and ive watched the tutorial about 6 or so times >.<
  5. so for dark side add reconnaissance mission, take them prisoner and the endor gambit?
  6. so for dark side: 1x imperial command 1x kuat reinforcements 1x death and despayre 1x fall of the jedi 1x defense protocol 1x counsel of the sith 1x the emperors web and for light side 2x hoth operations 1x decoy at dantooine 1x mobilize the squadrons 1x draw their fire 1x the rebel fleet 1x fleeing the empire 1x mission briefing 1x the defense of yavin 4 not sure how i should fill in the blanks.
  7. Hi, was wondering if anyone could help with building a deck. I've only just started and want to enter the store championship this weekend. at the moment the only cards i have are 1 core set and 1 the desolation of hoth pack.
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