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    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    Advanced Sensors prevents you from doing the linked action, so this would not work. I am still unclear on the interaction between Experimental Scanners and Dutch. Experimental scanners says you cannot acquire a Lock at Range 1, but Dutch ignores range restrictions. Usually a “cannot” trumps a “can”, only Dutch is not a “can” effect but instead an “ignore”. So at least from my understanding an E-wing could get a Lock from Dutch’s ability. But to be fair, i’m still not sure.
  2. ID X T

    One Ship Fleets

    The 4 force point Kanan is interesting, sadly he can't use his ability on himself, and he ostensibly has nothing else to protect. In some ways thing a larger bid is actually better. For example, Han with his engine upgrade and a large bid (30-40 points) is a fairly robust point fortress, because they can't get half points off the bid. The larger the bid the less points you need to kill to win the game, assuming you are reduced to half points at some point in the game. This might be the reason we won't see a I6 Defender pilot. Lightside forbid we ever see Vader in a Defender...
  3. ID X T

    Cleaning up Devices

    Your proposed solution just restricted much of the design space with both bombs and mines and also prevented them from modifying the bomb effects easily should they become overpowered. If you really care, make a label and stick it to your bomb templates with the effects listed.
  4. ID X T

    T-47, Yay or Nay?

    It won't, it is ridiculously small at X-wing scale (think of it as the size of a car, compared with a fighter jet). They would have to introduce Tiny bases.
  5. ID X T

    Launch party’s but not in Australia

    Ha, I am actually a Kiwi, I was just following the Aus X-wing page due to the issue with damage decks (seems to be an issue for NZ and less for Oz), so the issue with Launch Parties already came up there. I am pretty sure stock of all the Second edition stuff is with the distributor in NZ already, so I wouldn't worry too much. Pretty sure it should be the same for Oz. We often get deliveries of X-wing product straight from China, instead of having it come from China to the States back down to us. The only X-wing related delay in NZ that I know of was Wave 14 which was a week late. Where are you based Spacebug?
  6. ID X T

    Launch party’s but not in Australia

    That would be because FFG only include locations given kits by Organised Play in the US or in Europe. For everyone else like New Zealand and Australia they are controlled by Local distributors. For the record Store Champs and Regionals have never been listed on FFGs website for NZ and Australia, so the same would logically apply for the release kits. The Local distributor in Australia, Let's Play Games has already stated they have 75 kits. New Zealand are getting some through their distributor but they might be delayed.
  7. ID X T

    preorder shipping outside the USA

    We just heard in New Zealand that FFG has significantly under printed the T-65 damage deck and distributors in NZ and Australia have received only half of the damage decks that were ordered. Apparently FFG has said they won't reprint it.
  8. ID X T

    2nd Edition Pilots - Winners & Losers: Scum Edition

    Most improved Scum pilot has to go to Graz “The Hunter”.
  9. ID X T

    Spent Fathers Day putting this together...

    Imperialterrain.com have partnered with Battle Kiwi and are selling the kits in North America. Though I had a look and some are currently sold out. But maybe keep an eye on it, or ask when they might get more.
  10. ID X T

    Spent Fathers Day putting this together...

    They are for disembarking and loading troopers into the AT-ATs.
  11. The Red Fleet Troopers look a lot like what Nien Numb wears. Though he had red pants as well. They look great.
  12. ID X T

    I need a bunker...

    The shipping should be capped at NZ$45 dollars, but I think it might be calculating it by weight and then it should cap the shipping further along. My order of preference would be Landing platform (it’s huge), scatter wars 2, the bunker, and the Laser Turret. The laser turret and the shield generator have interchangeable platforms if you want to customise their heights, but isn’t necessary. The walls (outpost builder) are cool but you almost need two sets to give you maximum customisability.
  13. ID X T

    I need a bunker...

    Based in New Zealand, so shipping can get a bit pricy, but The Battle Kiwi terrain is amazing. https://www.battlekiwi.com/product-category/tabletop-terrain/star-battle-terrain/
  14. ID X T

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    That’s entirely possible, but also would be quite “convenient”. Have to see it again.
  15. ID X T

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    I suspect the fact this came out only 6 months after the last one is why the box office is looking grim. It felt a lot like a Marvel movie in terms of feel. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but we’ll packaged. It is a way better movie that we had any expectation for it to be, given how it had the potential to offend fans due to large scale retcons. The term Hyperfuel put me on edge at first...but coaxium was ok. That said, the forced change to calling it spice later and retconning that spice from Kessel as no longer a drug was a bit of a bummer, but i’m Ok with that.
  16. I had just assumed Zuckuss would work fine on the C-roc, but now I don't think he does. Zuckuss has the cost of receiving stress, which is the same trigger as Soontir Fel essentially. Since it is a cost the effect doesn't proceed if the cost isn't paid, which we know from the Soontir/Yorr interaction. So my argument is that since Huge ships remove the stress tokens the cost of Zuckuss' abilty is never paid. I guess technically you could argue that there is a small moment in time where they were received but discarded, but that seems to be an issue with the huge ship rules about discarding them straight away. From the the huge ships rules, "Focus, evade, and stress tokens do not affect huge ships. When a huge ship receives any of these tokens, immediately (sic) remove them and return them to the token supply." Now it would have been much easier to word this as "huge ship cannot receive..." But that is just an issue of them not taking cost payment into account. Regardless, the whole procedure could just work this way instead. The cost is paid because the tokens are received (though immediately discarded) and then Zuckuss continues but since no tokens were actually received no cost was paid and Zuckuss gets to reroll zero dice. Less ideal interpretation. But I guess my argument is that since Zuckuss is a cost and that cost cannot be paid (unless you select to receive zero stress) by a huge ship he should not work. I can see the counter argument that I discussed above, but it all comes down to "costs" for abilities being poorly implemented with almost no attention paid in the rules reference to them, particularly stress which functions often as both a cost and an effect and sometimes illogically. Thoughts? Edit to add, as a TO I would rule that an epic ship cannot pay the cost of Zuckuss, but that is more in line with RAI, because the RAW is contentious. I.e. I can see how the Yorr precedent is circumvented by an extremely literal interpretation of actual rules for huge ships and stress.
  17. ID X T

    Obi-Wan Movie Pre Production

    Please don’t spam the general forum with off topic posts, or the Legion boards for that matter either. Post them in the off topic board like you are supposed to.
  18. ID X T

    Are the conversion kits a scam?

    They have discussed having an upgrade path for future waves to allow veterans to collect new cards without having to buy new ship packs. They are not discussing the details of the upgrade path yet, but it will exist.
  19. ID X T


    Yeah I am just waiting for the Dark Helmet conversions to start popping up.
  20. ID X T

    What's with Han's overcoat?

    What Han figure? I thought it was Malcolm Reynolds, browncoat and all ?
  21. ID X T

    Artificiery.com Cease & Desist and Online Events

    They tried to run an Online regional which totally goes against the rules set up to govern Regionals and other official events. Allowing people to compete in an “official” tournament without buying actual the product to play in the tournament, and giving them official prizes was always going to be an issue. I doubt this will affect vassal tournaments or the like. Just keep it for fun and not official in any way and you should be good.
  22. ID X T

    Movement tools assembly

    Surprisingly enough, trying to ease them together seemed to cause issues. I had much better luck placing it flat on the table and hitting it with my palm squarely with some force. They are a pain to be sure.
  23. ID X T

    GAMA Trade Show GF9 Legion Terrian

    They are definitely Galeforce9 “battlefield in a box”. I saw some pictures a few days ago on Facebook. I’ll see if I can find them again.
  24. ID X T

    Convert Stormtroopers to Clone Warriors?

    Check out shapeways. I found some Clone Helmets from MiniatureMachine. I have not used those, but I have some Tie Pilot helmets by Dynath which were excellent. https://www.shapeways.com/product/6SJKHHLW7/clone-trooper-helmets-5-pack-1-56-scale?optionId=64183122&li=marketplace
  25. ID X T

    Endor terrain Kickstarter

    Yes, apparently in March once all the Kickstarter backers have received their stuff.