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  1. What's with Han's overcoat?

    What Han figure? I thought it was Malcolm Reynolds, browncoat and all 😀
  2. Cease & Desist and Online Events

    They tried to run an Online regional which totally goes against the rules set up to govern Regionals and other official events. Allowing people to compete in an “official” tournament without buying actual the product to play in the tournament, and giving them official prizes was always going to be an issue. I doubt this will affect vassal tournaments or the like. Just keep it for fun and not official in any way and you should be good.
  3. Movement tools assembly

    Surprisingly enough, trying to ease them together seemed to cause issues. I had much better luck placing it flat on the table and hitting it with my palm squarely with some force. They are a pain to be sure.
  4. GAMA Trade Show GF9 Legion Terrian

    They are definitely Galeforce9 “battlefield in a box”. I saw some pictures a few days ago on Facebook. I’ll see if I can find them again.
  5. Convert Stormtroopers to Clone Warriors?

    Check out shapeways. I found some Clone Helmets from MiniatureMachine. I have not used those, but I have some Tie Pilot helmets by Dynath which were excellent.
  6. Endor terrain Kickstarter

    Yes, apparently in March once all the Kickstarter backers have received their stuff.
  7. Delivery delayed in Australia

    It is common for Australia to have the FFG miniatures products arrive at the distributor early as it comes direct from China, rather than going to the States first. Release dates are still set by FFG and obviously have to wait till product is in the US and ready to ship etc.
  8. Leia and Fleet troopers

    I am trying to work out whether it is just the paint job, but those figure sculpts seem to have gone downhill.
  9. New Tournament Regulations

    With a statistics degree you also shouldn’t claim something is ”significantly higher” when all you are throwing around is knee jerk reactions with absolutely no data to back it up.
  10. New Tournament Regulations

    Yeah it was kind of hidden. Overall I am pretty happy with the changes, it certainly takes the edge of epic games. It is almost if they have reading some of the suggestions around here. Now surely an FAQ must be coming, or better yet add an epic section to the other FAQ so they don’t forget about it anymore.
  11. New Tournament Regulations

    You missed the biggest change. Limit of 4 secondary weapons or EPT’s of the same name per squad (or team). Also the change to ship numbers only applies for the 1v1 and not 2v2.
  12. Epic 2.0 rules Here are my proposed changes and fixes for epic. General Rules Lists are 300 pts. Each list must contain at least one epic point. Each upgrade card is limited to a maximum of 4 copies per list. This limits most of the excesses of spam abuse (e.g. guidance chips, HLC or TLT) while encouraging creative list building. Initiative switches each turn. Note, this has been a recurring problem notably because of the the two corvette class ships being PS4 and activating after everything. They have a lot of pseudo actions and often there isn’t any way to counter them. Things like Tarkin, Comms Booster and coordinate are prime candidates for NPEs. Rules Changes Epic ships may maintain as many Target Locks as they like, but no more than one per ship. This makes the Targeting Coordinator crew more useful or an alternative option (or combo) to the Weapons Engineer. It also allows a bit more flexibility for using ordnance that requires discarding of Target Locks, e.g. Torpedoes. Comms Booster is limited. This is less of an issue with the Biggs change, but this cards is still by far one of the most powerful cards in epic. Optional or Playtest rules Games are played on a 4’x4’ surface. Games are played on a 3’x6’ surface but player edges are the short edges. Both of these setups allow for players to make use of distance and range 4/5 weapons before an epic ship gets swamped. Enhanced Terrain rules? Epic terrain deserves to be more epic! Epic Reinforce tokens. Replace the text with the following: “At the start of the “compare results” step you may cancel a [hit] or [crit] result for each reinforce token on the targeted section.” This adds a little more resilience to epic ships by making it harder to crit them, it also removes any doubts about Juke affecting it, and also makes reinforce immune to Crack shot. It is a small change but makes it act more like armour and less like an evade. Dual Laser Turret, add Gozanti-class Cruiser or C-ROC cruiser only Heavy Laser Turret, add Gozanti-class Cruiser or C-ROC cruiser only If the Rebel Transport is equipped with Combat Retrofit it can also equip the Dual Laser Turret or Heavy Laser Turret. Highly experimental rules Epic ships may spend an energy from their ship card to change [focus] results to [hits] or [evades]. Other issues Contrary to the pervasive belief Epic ships are actually quite strong now. They can actually be worth their points and very competitive. While some of the random ways to improve Epic ship performance are a little jarring, such as Jonus, Esege, Roark et al. I think they need those to stay competitive. Currently Maul is a bit of an issue for the Rebels, but is not that bad when used in Scum. Zuckuss is fine with only the C-ROC available, but could be a problem in the future. My feeling is that Stress generated by your own effects on an epic ship should be converted to Ion tokens, but not sure of the wording yet. It nerfs Fleet Officer and Hux though unfortunately.
  13. Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun’s NO Spoiler Review of The Last Jedi

    Somehow @Azrapse has managed to steal the words from my mind, and much more eloquently. One thing that bugged me was moving away from the three act structure that every saga movie has followed so far. It coupled with the lack of downtime between it and Force Awakens meant that the story was super constrained with what they could do, and frankly it felt way less Star Wars because of it. It was a bit like watching a two and a half hour Battlestar Galactica episode.
  14. Trash Terrain Raxus Prime Scrapyard Table

    Awesome, it really does look like Raxus Prime.
  15. The Mandalore System Open at PAX

    I’m intrigued, how did they manage 14 players for the cut? Did players get byes?