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  1. ID X T

    YASB Bugging out?

    I have been having issues with logging on for ages. Even with pop ups allowed it just seems to not work. It is a bit of pain to not have access to saved squads anymore.
  2. I'm pretty new, but I think you seem to me to be overrating Desperate Defense and Unflappable somewhat. I know that they are aspect cards, and thus tend to cost more than hero cards, but the fact that both cost a resource makes them pretty much unusable. Unflappable particularly when used in combination with Desperate Defense as you recommend is only mitigating (some of) the cost of playing the cards. DD costs you two cards (itself and another) to play on the villains turn, leaving you with 3 cards for your next hero turn. Yes, somewhat better if you have unflappable out to get to 4(ish), but you are still down cards for a pretty mediocre effect. With Unflappable costing 1, I don't see where you would ever play it. That means you are at least one use of a marginal and reactive response for it to even pay for itself, and then it takes a whole other round to actually give you a bonus (and forcing you into your sub optimal action to get any benefit). That said, to get much of a benefit from unflappable you probably need to be able to trigger it without having to combo it with other effects otherwise it is just bad cost reduction. Using your block action to prevent damage (from defense) and going into your next turn hand size+1 card is possibly worth it (in a longer game) for some heroes. This is a rather roundabout way of saying both probably needed to be 0 cost to be actually be worth using (I know it is not a fair comparison, but look at Shield Block and Backflip, both free and two of the best cards out there, but still free). I realise this is probably a function of hero cards versus aspect cards in terms of cost. I realise I didn't mention Indomitable and the comparison to DD, but I think the value in getting it out of your hand is better than the extra 2 defense from DD. At least it doesn't clog up your hand if you don't need to use it. I just don't see how (or maybe why) you would play protection that is not causing stuns or cards with damage like preemptive strike, energy barrier, momentum shift, tackle, and counter punch (hero dependent).
  3. While I agree in principle with the idea, I think that rather than change all the IGs with errata just make a mod slot that accomplishes something similar. Enhanced Targeting Computer. Gain calculate action. After you perform a lock action, perform a free (possibly red) calculate action. (you could do gain a calculate token If you think lock plus 2 calculates is too powerful, but I’m not sure it is, particularly if you are paying 3-4 points for it.) Why this way? Well you can cost it appropriately and it helps other ships that need a little more action efficiency, particularly low initiative missile and torpedo carriers. It becomes a little bit of a guidance chips, but not overwhelming great, but more flexible as you can use it on defence also. As it gives the calculate action it also combos with C-3PO in resistance for interesting coordinate shenanigans.
  4. That moment when you realise Delta-7B is not hyperspace legal.
  5. Having played this combo at the Australian System Open it is totally not worth it. You are missing nothing and preventing anyone from trying it again is essentially addition by subtraction. Then again, back then Separatist swarms weren’t so popular...
  6. ID X T


    I am pretty sure the two sets of numbers on the energy/shield dial is just Left side: current, Right side: maximum. They are all the same tools, but each ship has different values. It will just make it easier to not go over your limit when you regain them.
  7. Advanced Sensors prevents you from doing the linked action, so this would not work. I am still unclear on the interaction between Experimental Scanners and Dutch. Experimental scanners says you cannot acquire a Lock at Range 1, but Dutch ignores range restrictions. Usually a “cannot” trumps a “can”, only Dutch is not a “can” effect but instead an “ignore”. So at least from my understanding an E-wing could get a Lock from Dutch’s ability. But to be fair, i’m still not sure.
  8. ID X T

    One Ship Fleets

    The 4 force point Kanan is interesting, sadly he can't use his ability on himself, and he ostensibly has nothing else to protect. In some ways thing a larger bid is actually better. For example, Han with his engine upgrade and a large bid (30-40 points) is a fairly robust point fortress, because they can't get half points off the bid. The larger the bid the less points you need to kill to win the game, assuming you are reduced to half points at some point in the game. This might be the reason we won't see a I6 Defender pilot. Lightside forbid we ever see Vader in a Defender...
  9. Your proposed solution just restricted much of the design space with both bombs and mines and also prevented them from modifying the bomb effects easily should they become overpowered. If you really care, make a label and stick it to your bomb templates with the effects listed.
  10. It won't, it is ridiculously small at X-wing scale (think of it as the size of a car, compared with a fighter jet). They would have to introduce Tiny bases.
  11. Ha, I am actually a Kiwi, I was just following the Aus X-wing page due to the issue with damage decks (seems to be an issue for NZ and less for Oz), so the issue with Launch Parties already came up there. I am pretty sure stock of all the Second edition stuff is with the distributor in NZ already, so I wouldn't worry too much. Pretty sure it should be the same for Oz. We often get deliveries of X-wing product straight from China, instead of having it come from China to the States back down to us. The only X-wing related delay in NZ that I know of was Wave 14 which was a week late. Where are you based Spacebug?
  12. That would be because FFG only include locations given kits by Organised Play in the US or in Europe. For everyone else like New Zealand and Australia they are controlled by Local distributors. For the record Store Champs and Regionals have never been listed on FFGs website for NZ and Australia, so the same would logically apply for the release kits. The Local distributor in Australia, Let's Play Games has already stated they have 75 kits. New Zealand are getting some through their distributor but they might be delayed.
  13. We just heard in New Zealand that FFG has significantly under printed the T-65 damage deck and distributors in NZ and Australia have received only half of the damage decks that were ordered. Apparently FFG has said they won't reprint it.
  14. Most improved Scum pilot has to go to Graz “The Hunter”.
  15. Imperialterrain.com have partnered with Battle Kiwi and are selling the kits in North America. Though I had a look and some are currently sold out. But maybe keep an eye on it, or ask when they might get more.
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