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  1. Are you a casual L5R player? You love the game but you're never going to be a hard core Grand Kotei contender? Then join the Dojo of Honorable Bushi! Play CASUAL games with other NICE lower skill players! We make it easy for you to find and play people with similar skill levels. Starting June 28, you can also optionally participate in the ELEMENTAL CYCLE Achievenent League! It's totally low pressure. Play as little or as much as you want! Click the link to join us! https://discord.gg/FmXw8GX
  2. We played with the Terrinoth magic rules for the first time today. The RAW specifically address how to spend threat generated when casting a spell. But our players had different interpretations of how to spend ADVANTAGE generated on a magic roll. One guy said that the rules only discuss soending threat so you cannot spend advantage during magic checks. The other guy says he believes that you should be able to spend advantage when casting spells because the Terrinoth rules don't specifically say you can't. Then we also debated about using advantage to recover/cancel the two strain generated when casting a spell. For example, can you can't a spell, generate two strain, roll 2+ advantage and then recover the two strain of casting the spell? We are house ruling that you CAN spend advantage but we are saying that you can only spend one advantage to recover strain incurred by casting a spell. What do you all think?
  3. That's the funny part. I got zero success but one ADVANTAGE. Im a veteran Star Wars RPG player so I'm pretty familiar with the system. But this one stumped me. Theoretically, the goal was to sneak undetected into a position of advantage against the enemy. So failing means my goal was not accomplished (no successes) but I'm not sure there would be any PENALTY applied because I actually rolled one net ADVANTAGE! Now that I'm discussing it here, maybe I should have resolved it like this: I tried to sneak around into an advantageous position undetected. At the last moment, the enemy spots me and turns to face me! (But I give him one setback die on his next action because I surprised him). That could work nicely. I failed to SNEAK undetected.
  4. I tried to sneak up behind an enemy and ended with a net zero success and one advantage. We weren't sure if that meant that I was SPOTTED or if I just wasn't able to get myself into postition like I had hoped. We opted for the latter. Any thoughts?
  5. Anyone who wants to play, just PM me with your email address and I'll add you to the Google Hangouts chat thread. We need one more player to start a fantasy adventure.
  6. Hello, I'm a veteran PBP rpg player. I'm experienced with the star wars FFG rpg system and I'd like to play a Genesys adventure play by post style. I'm 43 and a professional with a family. But I have the ability to post 1-2 times a day. Id like to find maybe 1-3 adult players who would like to play. I can't commit to be the GM but I've considered seeing if there's interest in playing a NO-GM adventure where we all just share narrative control and introduce plot twists and action points based on the outcome of our dice rolls. Uh oh! A Despair!? Looks like the Big Bad Guy is going to make a surprise early appearance. Something like that. So, I'm agreeable to do a traditional Genesys game or try the no-GM variety. I've used Google documents before for this and it works great.
  7. Thanks Paladin! Glad you enjoy the group.
  8. If you like L5R but want to play with friendly, casual players who are still learning the game and just there to make some decks and have fun, then we have the place for YOU! https://discord.gg/FmXw8GX Come and join our casual club where you can always find casual pickup games with players from all over the world. You can even join in on our 100% voluntary Casual Play Achievement League! You can play zero league games or 100, it's totally up to you!
  9. Feel free to subscribe to WNY LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS LCG Facebook group to stay updated on tournaments and league play. I believe the first Tournament is Dec 16
  10. Weekly league play at Dave and Adams on Sheridan Ave, Williamsville NY. Monday nights, 5pm. Send me a PM for more info.
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