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  1. Sadly this commander would be hard countered by all generic or just no squads. Would need a secondary ability so it wouldn't be rendered useless in certain situations.
  2. Overload pulse is awesome for burning off tokens. That is where I have had the best success in killing a Starhawk.
  3. Fleet Ambush, then a blue of your choice. I like infested fields.
  4. Just a quick plug for truthiness. Thanks for all your work on this project!
  5. Yes. But I think they could push it even further. You 'can' play triple cymoon, I would be okay with not being able to play triple Venator. They did this a bit with the Starhawk already but I would rather it was a Republic thing more than a New Republic thing.
  6. My wish for GAR is very expensive super ships. They were purpose built and crewed by lifetime trained, soldiers and crewman clones led by Jedi. After the Clone War the Empire went to cheap TIE fighters, why not cheaper capital ships as well? They had to build way more of them for the pacification of a galaxy so corners were cut? As we have said the tech in star wars doesn't change much, just tactics because of different leaders. Let the Republic line ships be awesome, but make us pay for them!
  7. @Crabbok has a ton of videos on youtube. He is a great resource, and one of if not the strongest advocate we have for this game.
  8. Sun Crusher is worse. They should have stuck with Onager SD, that would have been better.
  9. To those worried about how the took care of crewing the ships, and why they all fell so easily. The conference table did say they had no way to crew them and that they didn't have the people for it. So I am sure most if not all the ships were empty and needed to be guided out by the flagship with the comm tower. This would also be why the SDs were worthless in that fight.
  10. I wonder if you could play with the huge size and use two medium bases instead of large bases. It would still make it bigger than a large, while creating some design space.
  11. Do shapes matter when purchasing soap on a rope?
  12. The weapons were; QBT, QTB, SW7 Ions, Krennic and Vader for rerolls. I was able to push 10 damage pretty consistently. 5 reds gets an accuracy pretty regularly but if not you use Jendon to flip a blank to accuracy which QTB turns into two, SW7 turns the excess blue accuracy into damage.
  13. Currently 5-0. Always played at 400 points. Last list was Assault prototype, Vader, kitted out, alongside Jendon, Strom, and a comes net Gozanti. Poor guy brought a B wing bomber list backed up by Neb Bs. At the end of round three it was over. Each Neb got destroyed in one shot. He never even got to shoot at the SSD. Second game different opponent had one ship left at the end of the game no damage cards on SSD and a dean gozanti. I have decided my SSD will take a short break while these new players get some XP before I bring out the instrument of the Rebel demise again. But it is a joy to see on the table.
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