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  1. I think I need to buy a third and maybe a fourth raider. I know she is unique and only works on one but to run raiders in the 200 point format just might be sweet.
  2. The other thing to remember is the reduced point format, taking a cheaper Raider vs. a Gladiator could give you the space you need to stretch for that Victory SD instead of double Gladiators or a Quasar.
  3. I am so pumped to get her on my raiders! I have loved those little buggers but they have always popped so quickly on me. This is the upgrade I have been waiting for. It makes me hopeful for the rest of the upgrades in the new campaign to breath new life into our ships. I personally wanted this type of release more than anything else. New plastic is great, but new ways to work other ships is just as good. I may have to print this card out and start using it right away. Oh Iden, I may have a crush......
  4. Mine is 4.4cm in diameter and 4 mm thick. My coin......yeah,.....the challenge coin I got.........
  5. I had a similarproblem for awhile. I know I have gotten much better, sometimes I still fall into it but I have realized that game communities are small and I always had the most fun playing with people who enjoyed the game even when they lost, so I strive to be one of those. It makes everything and every game so much better. I found that if instead of pointing out my mistakes and instead applauded my opponents ability to take advantage of said mistakes. It helps me focus on the positive. Not easy always, but we can do it!
  6. First game happened. 4 CR-90s and two nebulan bs, luke, and one other x-wing squad. Against 2 victories and an ISD. rebels were second player, imps took superior positions. Both CR-90 Bs were destroyed in but Redemption gave out enough bonus engineering points to enable regular damage card discards for all the cr90s on the table. The rebels had gained enough victory tokens to make up the points lost from the destroyed ships, Luke was really a superstar, though it helped that there were no squads to contest his runs on the enemy vessels. The rebels solidified their victory on the last activation of the game where an attack on a badly damaged victory brought it to 1 hull remaining, and a ram at speed 4 with a final position at 3 pushed the final damage in and caused the only actual loss of material for the empire. Enough repairs happened by the end of the game that the Empire had no damage on the other ships. Rebel ships on the other hand took a beating but they held on. A huge number of damage cards were discarded during the game, I am comfortable saying 14 cards were discarded between both players. Dodonna aided in this discard pile ending the game with only about 6 damage cards left in the deck. Next game I will be playing with all of wave one availabe. The list has been chosen and will be posted soon. Do you have a favorite wave 1 list?
  7. I have recently gotten a friend of mine into the game. He hasn't bought any of the stuff, so we just play with mine. Not a problem, I got plenty. I was trying to find a fun way for me to play and I decided to try a new 'campaign'. Starting with the Core set I am going to only intigrate each release one at a time. Not to wild really I know, but my wild card is that I can't 'unlock' the next expansion until I have managed to trigger/use in game every card from each release. This way I will make sure I use all my stuff at least once. I am playing the Rebels and my first list has 2 nebulan bs and 4 CR-90s escorted by Luke, and one other squad. I even managed to equip every card in the core box with only one repeat for 400 points. My opponent has no restrictions outside of the models I own. I am excited to work through the history of Armada. What ways have others kept things interesting? Would anyone be interested in hearing how this little project goes? Most of the lists are not necessarily intended to be great, but I do intend to have some fun!
  8. 1. Thank you! 2. HOLY CRAP!! 3. How do I print this off?
  9. I am not savvy enough to know how big the circle is supposed to be. Could you tell me the diameter in cm or in. Please?
  10. I tried but couldn't ever comment. Wonder why? Probably a tablet not actual computer problem. I will have to try again.
  11. Played a single game with every game piece for a faction I owned.
  12. Yes. I like the idea of Vader not taking any damage for anyone else. Also the norm when he goes out in a fighter is that he has other pilots protecting him, wether or not they are effective in that task is a different story. Counter 1 seems like plenty especially with his ability to count crits when attacking. Add in rogue becomes icing on the cake. Like I said before 21 points feels cheep but when compared to a few other ships may be about right. IG-88 might be evidence to raising his cost by one to four points, but after what I saw from him I would gladly pay 25 points for this version.
  13. Played a Siege of Lothal themed game today. Let my opponent use Vader with brace/scatter rogue and counter 1. It really felt like Vader! 21 points might be to few, maybe somewhere in the 23-25 ish zone would be perfect. Either way he really did feel terrifying. And the damage out put!! Fun game ended with imperial victory by 6 points!
  14. Well if the game is ever 'complete' then we as a community could go back and through the wiki perhaps produce a document that erratas or updates whatever we want. I would be thrilled with a campaign box that had different options for existing content. Even if that ment the old content became less used, so long as we/ffg can find that balance where both are useable, even if one becomes more popular. Options are good, and we don't need to introduce a completely new character or ship to get those options.
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