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  1. TezzasGames

    When did wins stop counting?

    X-Wing: Simple scoring (now) that perfectly suits a very competitive game. Believe it or not, I don't find X-Wing to be an engaging casual game. A lot of casual 100 point Dogfights can be 'effectively over' in 15 minutes, or less. The only reason that tournament games last longer is because players are trying to gain or preserve their MoV. Armada: Convoluted, artificial scoring that does not suit a competitive game. Armada is best suited to be a casual game. You can usually play for at least an hour and enjoy the experience, possibly with a beer and pretzels. Competitive Armada has three main issues: 1 - Game length. There's only so much time in the day to play numerous Swiss rounds. 2 - Artificial (non)engagement, where sometimes players just want to stall in a corner - and can, because of the six game turn limit. 3 - The scoring system. It's terrible. There is something fundamentally wrong when a player with three wins, finishes in second place to someone who lost a round. I've seen the problems with Armada from the perspective as a player and a TO. It's sad because the game is awesome, but it just doesn't stack up as a top tier competitive game.
  2. TezzasGames

    Finally a coin worth winning

    You're never satisfied! I wouldn't complain if I won a Challenge Coin for making the Top Cut! Someone tell me, please... what does a Top Cut feel like?
  3. TezzasGames

    Australian National Championships about to be streamed

    Streaming for the Top 16 will begin very shortly!
  4. TezzasGames

    Third-party Dice - a potential alternative

    Please supply your data to support your claim that FFG's dice are 'generally not random'.