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  1. yes thats right you dont have to move if you dont want to or you can move to somewhere where a combat isn´t iniciated
  2. Thanks for answering so fast, i only have one last question regarding the expansions. Is there any units layout or something just to get a bit closer to what´s going on in the series (i.e. the starks start in riverrun, lannisters in kingslanding, etc.) thanks
  3. 1 if i am defending with the tyrells against an oponent who is supporting himself, can i use the queen of thorns card to remove the support order? if he is being sipported by anpther player, can i remove the other player´s support order? 2 i have the second edition, and i want to know if the expansions for the first edition can be played in this version because i would like to follow the story of where the show is (i have read all the books but the friends who i play with haven´t and, if what i belive is correct, the two expansions for this game, -affc, adwd- are featured in the books and it would spoil them). thanks
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