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  1. I hadn't purchased that one, but I did lose The Delve from my Kindle. I sort of expected something like that because it seems to happen with every major content update (not that there's been one in a while). I was just glad I didn't lose saved games.
  2. You're right, Dowydas. They get two shopping steps, one with all the Act I cards and one with 5 Act II cards.
  3. And Drew and Drew


    Realms of Terrinoth Question: Page 108 gives two different Hard Point requirements for the Spikes armor attachment. The table says 2 but the description says 1. Which is correct? Answer: “1” is correct. Tim Huckelbery RPG Producer Fantasy Flight Games
  4. It did occur to me that Legacy of Dragonholt wouldn't be hard to adapt into a campaign for Genesys, especially using Realms of Terrinoth. I've enjoyed playing through solo (on Day 7 now) but also wonder if it wouldn't be as fun in a group, given how much reading there is and how simply encounters are handled. (I could be wrong about that, of course. I haven't tried it yet.) Either way, I think my own game group--which plays Descent the most--would have more fun with it using the Genesys rules. Instead of discovering a piece of information or winning combat just by possessing certain skills, you'd have to pass the appropriate skill checks with die rolls. Dragonholt itself--meaning just the village--is full of history, reoccurring NPCs, and built-in consequences to choices, to say nothing of the six quests you can uncover. Add in Descent minis for combat encounters to combine three Runebound games in one!
  5. Between her name and her Arabian appearance, I always assumed she was inspired by Talia al Ghul from Batman.
  6. Interesting! I wonder how many other heroes trigger hidden flavor like that. I've only seen class-specific effects so far, but I also haven't spent as much time with the app as I would like. Huh. I hadn't considered that, but he does have the blond hair and pointy ears. Maybe he's an orc groupie or something. Has all their albums. Tenzi of the Path could be another doorway to expanding Descent. I believe she's the first non-white human in the game.
  7. That's what's strange about these other Terrinoth game announcements. Some material seems like it was prepped for Descent but for whatever reason hasn't been announced yet. There's the updated artwork found on the app for Brother Glyr, Mad Carthos, Red Scorpion, and Varikas the Dead (as shown on this thread), not to mention four new heroes. To my knowledge, only Red Scorpion's has been officially used so far...but for Runebound, which will also get an update on Eliam now, judging from the new "Unbreakable Bonds" announcement: I'm not exactly lacking on Descent material right now...but it's always fun having more to look forward to! And hopefully these hints do mean more expansions are coming. I wasn't aware of that. What happens? (Or is that asking for spoilers?)
  8. Yeah, there would need to be a rule limiting which monsters the Overlord player could deploy in a campaign like that (replaced by new, more fitting monsters). I don't know much about Terrinoth outside Descent, but Syndrael's background seems like fodder for a Latari campaign: That raises the idea of campaigns more closely tied to specific heroes or races, including bonuses and penalties for using them. Maybe an evolution of the random encounters in Road to Legend that affect certain classes differently than others. How fun would it be to take an all-dwarf or all-orc party on a Latari campaign and have it react to those choices?
  9. Yep. So far I think Runewars has one Descent hero (Lord Hawthorne), so it's easy to see them going the other direction and bringing Ankaur Maro and this newly announced Aliani of Summersong to Descent. It already has Reanimates and Golems, so I'm not sure what to do on the monster front. Carrion Lancers and Aymhelin Scions? It would be interesting to get an expansion and/or campaign pitting the heroes against enemies that aren't necessarily "evil" but on the opposite side of the heroes' goals, like Latari Elves or Daqan soldiers. I suppose there are several ways they could do that: Regular Overlord who is manipulating things (like Nerekhall in a way). New Overlord who leans more "lawful" than "chaotic," with a new Overlord deck to match. Could even take this to the level of a good Overlord/monsters vs. evil Heroes, reversing the system and bringing rocs, knights, etc. to the table. No Overlord. (A box expansion specifically for use with the app?!)
  10. I don't remember Hero Quest working that way. I suppose heroes could compete, but separating the party was usually a good way to die, and it seems like they all had to return to the entry stairs to end the quest. I came to Descent 2nd Edition hoping it was a dungeon-crawling experience like HQ, but I quickly appreciated why it wasn't. That D&D-like element of HQ may have been its strength (and why most of us remember it fondly), but it was at the Overlord player's expense. At least in my experience, that role wasn't much fun to play after one or two times. It occupied a strange middle ground between a neutral, storytelling DM and an active competitor. Officially it was supposed to be the latter, but foreknowledge of the map and monsters gave you zero tactical advantage, given that all of your actions had to be activated by the hero players' choices. The inability to truly compete against the heroes meant you might lean more toward the DM role, but that wasn't much fun, either, since HQ was a board game and not an RPG. You could surprise players with the content of rooms or treasure chests, but that was pretty much it. Descent overcame this problem by picking a side. It's a board game, so they favored active competition by giving the Overlord player more control. Removing the dungeon crawl experience means the Overlord doesn't have to wait for the heroes to do something and can surprise them with his own skills and resources. Even the Road to Legend app retains this element with story and Peril effects, despite there being no Overlord player to enjoy dishing them out. So I think if it's a competition against an Overlord player you want, the present game is set up for that. If it's the dungeon crawl experience you want, the app facilitates this quite well, even if there's still a ticking clock. But I personally don't see how a competition between heroes would work in Descent, given they were designed to balance and assist each other. Monster group limits are built on the idea that the heroes work together to defeat them, and so on. It sounds easier to turn to a different game that is built on full competition and not cooperation.
  11. Announcement page is up:https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/8/1/mists-of-bilehall/ -No new heroes or classes. -3 new monster groups. -3 new lieutenants. -New mechanics for overlord to use. -One-act campaign.
  12. From an old thread: From: "Adam Sadler" Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2012 5:43:23 PM Subject: Re: Fantasy Flight Games [Rules Questions] - Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Hi Triu, The stealthy ability requires melee attacks to roll at least 3 range to hit. Melee attacks usually require 0 range (even with Reach), so 3 is all the range the attack would need. Thanks, Adam Sadler Managing Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games
  13. This is somewhat of a sore topic in my group. We have a regular Descent night but it's only once a month, so we're always torn between being quick and focused (in order to complete the most quests) and relaxed and conversational. When choosing quests, we tend to base the decision on how long they look like they'll take rather than how interesting or rewarding they are, which always feels antithetical to the experience. I don't think we've ever ended the night without finishing a quest, but it always takes 3-5 hours. That's with me setting up before the other players arrive. We also do most of the Campaign Phase at the end, up to Step 5. (We usually complete Step 6: "Choose Next Quest," via social media later.) Having played with other people, too, I can say that I think Descent runs smoother when you worry less about getting every little thing right. Also, if you can possibly play more frequently, there will be less need for any sort of reacquainting with heroes/skills. I'm not a fan of house rules and do keep a copy of the FAQ/Errata handy, but I have had to overcome the need to overanalyze my turns or to retrace/redo steps that were overlooked. It used to be that if someone ended their turn, then said, "Oh, I forgot to apply x effect to my roll!" or whatever, we'd allow it. We were more worried about continuity than anything else. Now, someone inevitably shouts "Rigidity!" and we move on. And I suppose if it gets really bad, you could always bring a chess clock!
  14. Okay, so #2. That's how it's written, but I'm not used to seeing "once per turn" used this way, so I wasn't sure. Thanks!
  15. I can't make sense of Raythen's Hero Ability. Am I just overthinking it? It reads: Once per turn, you may suffer 1 [fatigue] to allow 1 hero on the same map tile as you to reroll an attribute test. He may use your attribute value instead for the reroll. What is meant by "once per turn" in this context? Once per Raythen's turn? (This would really only benefit him, wouldn't it?) Once per every player's turn? (Better, and balanced by a restriction on how many times the same hero can reroll.) Once per round? (Least likely based on RAW, but possibly what was intended.) I thought I'd check here to see if I'm missing the obvious before asking FFG.
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