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  1. Man, you shouldn’t call Janice from accounts out like that...
  2. That’s profiling... and profiling is wrong. I hope the Clan representation balances out... I don’t know if I want to play the most popular Clan come PAX. I might have have to switch to the Ponies.
  3. Build these (or your own) and play them. FFG One Core Suggested Deck Lists Make sure you like the game before you invest more heavily. Also, Incase it’s not obvious. Make sure your opponent is also playing a One-Core 30 card deck. Level playing field and all that jazz. I enjoy the game, I hope you will too!
  4. One of the cool things about the Keeper and Seeker roles... you aren’t required to use them. In Organized Play events you have the option of using the Clan’s Keeper/Seeker Role, or not using one at all. I, personally, think they are an interesting addition to the game. I’ll be curious to see if they add additional non-elemental roles. Possibly a Tainted/Corrupted Role Card or something similar. I’d prefer something like that over the re-introduction of the Shadowlands as a playable faction in the current format. Cheers!
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