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  1. My fear is that it will be sold out by noon at every shop around me, and it will be out of stock on ffg's site by two pm.
  2. I'm having difficulty understanding the card Anticipate. I must be missing something, because for a 2 resource card it does appear to be of any benefit. Thanks!
  3. There is a Tournament tomorrow in Montclaire, Ca. Gameology 9742 Central Ave, Montclair, CA 91763 (909) 626-6926 Games begin at Noon, so get their early. 5 dollar entrance fee, standard FFG Tourney rules apply. The owner has the winter kits. Hope to see folks there.
  4. We could even get a Conquest 2nd Edition, with brand new Warlords.
  5. I'm going to assume that Calamity is not going to work against Token units..right? Cuz otherwise that Ork Shaman better pack off to another sector...
  6. I honestly love, love, LOVE the explanation of what WotC is. The more you know....
  7. Blackmane stared at the datapad long and hard. He grunted, then handed it to Company Librarian to etch the runes of acceptance upon the device. One of the braver Squad Leaders stepped forward "Commander...?" Ragnar tilted his head and addressed his Great Company. "Brothers...we have four years to make this **** work." A howl of acceptance roared through the battle barge.
  8. Battle Report Planet- Barlus Combatants- Inquisitor 6- Space Marines Zenclix- Eldar/ Dark Eldar Victory-Space Marines ++Transmission 74729785/ Z546/ Traxis Response Order XXVIII++ My Lords, Victory has been achieved on the planet Barlus. Brother Archivist Pontius has noted that the Xenos threat came from two distinct factions. This information will be transferred to the Inquisition when they arrive. Rumor Control- Word has reached us that Ragnar Blackmane and his company are to be arriving within a fortnight. We believe that this is nothing short of a massive waste of the Emperor's resources. Captain Sicarius believes this will be a short and definitive exercise, and that utilizing the Space Wolves unadvised, since the war will be over before they can possibly assist. In the Emperor's Glorious name, ************ 74906, Ultramarines. Thought for the Day- Pain is an illusion of the senses, despair is an illusion of the mind. ++End Transmission++
  9. Where or to whom do we send the Battle Reports to? This thread, or are you going to create another one. Thanks
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