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  1. Have a great time! Where are you having the campaign take place?
  2. https://en. wikipedia.org/wiki/The_birds_and_the_bees
  3. Being in year two of my weekly deathwatch campaign I can tell you that roleplaying as a space marine is an amazingly rewarding and varied experience. Rivalries creep in, brotherly competition, massive differences in command styles and mindsets from different chapters. In my crew, just look at these few characters from the Roster and consider how much difference there is. Space Wolf Rune Priest Iron Hands Forge Master Black Templar Assault Marine Salamanders Librarian The Black Templar despises witchcraft and has had to learn over the course of the campaign how to deal with the fact that he has to work with them every day as brothers. This has led to much conflict and massive character growth, at this point he isn't sure that he will ever be able to go home to his chapter because of the experience. He just doesn't have the same level of Abhorrence he once held. Salamanders and Space Wolves are renowned for their compassion for humanities masses. The Iron Hand is the total opposite, and as his madness has grown from his transformation into the Machine, his disdain for humanity has only grown more prevalent. This has led to many heated moments when the fate of worlds hung in the balance. Yet his skill in battle and his unerring logic and tactical acumen has won him a great deal of respect from his brothers. The Black Templar keeps a kill tally that continues to climb higher and higher, and is somewhat boastful of it. This is a source of some consternation for the Space Wolf, as he knows that he has a more impressive record in battle, but doesn't want to antagonize the Templar by letting him know. So he must endure the boasting our of respect for his brother. The point is that not a single one of my characters acts in any way like a Cookie Cutter Robot Monk, but they have stayed true to the reality of what makes a Space Marine. The stereotypes and tropes that follow are no better or worse than the Drunken Dwarven guy or the Tricky Halfling Thief, or the Rogue Trader with the Hat that is also a Weapon of Mass Destruction. It's all what you make of it As for the players having Agency, that's easy. Give them a ship and have them operate autonomously on extended missions. In my campaign the players rotate as squad leader each mission, the title is (Precoris) or first among brothers. I gave them a Watch Captain in the beginning when they were learning, but he died very early in the campaign and has been replaced with a Captain who does not accompany them on their ship. Instead important missions and hot spots are relayed to the ship and the Whenever the Kill Team needs to pick a new place to go they first pick what Salient to go in, then they pick from a variety of mission dossiers which one they feel is most important to them. Then they go there and get involved. Sometimes one mission trail leads into another one and they will often just follow right along with that trail until the thread is finished. Usually that is only the prepublished campaigns, but some of my homespun web has kept the players busy for some time as they attempt to unravel the layers and layers of plots and enemies that beset them...
  4. Just realized that I hadn't been active on these forums for some time! For all the talk of Deathwatch dying off, my weekly campaign is going strong into it's second year of service. My players have leveled off at a steady 5-6 each week and much fun has been had by all. It would be nice to see new material from FFG, but ultimately what makes these games great is the capacity for us to create. The Jericho reach is a great setting and my players are hovering at the cusp of Famed renown and Rank 5. Characters have died, dozens of fate points have been burned along with thousands upon thousands of individual enemies of mankind. Here are a few highlights A Riptide was used as a shield A Great Knarlock was briefly used as a mount (Domination) A hive ship was boarded An Emperor Class Battleship impaled a Tau Carrier and dragged it halfway across the Jericho Reach Ebongrave was deposed A Master Level Warrior Alpha was killed in one hit 500+ Kroot and Tau were killed in under 30 Seconds Castobel was saved A Necron Tomb was Obliterated Aurum was cleansed of Genestealers and Joined the Crusade. The Ghanathaar plot has been uncovered I love Deathwatch, so do my players. Even if we never get another book, there is enough here to keep us going for years to come.
  5. I doubt it will include non-flavor speech. That defeats the purpose of a communication officer. I think it's their job to relay all that info.
  6. Navis Scion is an awesome class to play! I highly recommend you also double as the ships Seneschal in name at least. Makes for great opportunities for roleplaying!
  7. This game is gonna rock so hard! Can't wait till Q1! I might have this game in time for my birthday
  8. No...not amazon. This comes from my buddy that owns a store that stocks FFG products. And the order sheet that he uses claims an anticipated launch day of Jan 15th
  9. Oh no...rumor has it that this won't be released until Jan 15th!!!!! Such sadness...
  10. The kill team in my campaign boarded and destroyed a small Tyranid Bioship. It was a hellish ordeal for them...so good!
  11. Well considering you just posted here...you have 100% of the required equipment to play this game. Unless you and your three other friends do not between you own a laptop, a decent phone, a cheap tablet, or even a desktop that you could just move to the table if you really wanted too. If so, I feel super bad for posting this. Have things gotten any better in Uzbekistan?
  12. This game will still rock. It isn't real time. There is pausing and all kinds of stuff for the timed areas. It's no different from a board game with a timer for turns. As for the app...it's going to teach people how to play so you don't have to have a giant rulebook and have way more cohesive enemy strategies than some stupid card randomization system. I was nervous at first but now I am totally sold and ALL FOR IT. Bring on the XCOM!
  13. It is odd that they went radio silent all at once. I hope Asmodee doesn't ruin everything awesome that FFG has been doing. For instance...I would be super sad if they killed their 40k RPG games.
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