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  1. Good to know I'm playing it right .. Thanks👍 and I just see it as good Business, nothing personal 🤣
  2. Just picked up Outer Rim, and after a couple of solo runs to get my head round the rules before taking it to a group an odd thing occurred I ended up potentially with the chance for Greedo as Crew (some freebie or something i think, cant remember exactly), while also having the Greedo bounty. I looked through the rules but couldn't find anything, are you suppose to Automatically attack and take your bounty, or are you allowed to hold back on claiming it if you think the crew ability works well with your set up? My thinking is just because you know the police are looking for someone, doesn't mean you have to hand them over haha
  3. Ahhh, that is one thing yes, it had been a while since playing Fallout, that will slow things. and then the only other time were saying is ... when indicated by a deck (then make 1 of the choices) and after agenda deck is fully drawn thanks folks
  4. Tried a Co-op game for the first time tonight, and for some reason found it confusing as ****. We seemed to be caught in between our Faction shooting down the track and the game being over in about 3 turns with nothing being done by any of us (assuming you draw an agenda card at the end of a players turn as normal), Factions going nowhere (assuming you only draw an agenda card if directed from a deck), also Critters etc. wouldn't be moving if don't draw agenda cards. What are we missing here?
  5. Yep just me and a couple of friends play 1.0 ... as its me that provides most of the stuff for us all, we won't be moving to 2.0 anytime in the near future
  6. How are you aware of the Specific FFG production costs? Yes the conversion kits will have a shelf life and they wont make many, so less numbers equals less production costs ... or as we see with most companies, tiny productions runs to keep prices high with reprint runs if needed. Your a co-founder of a company?, Know FFG specific costings?, irked when people think FFG are greedy? hmm which company is it you work for i wonder? and Small gaming companies dont have many options, but FFG is NOT a small gaming company, in fact it is ranked as the 7th most prominent In The World!! .. https://www.ranker.com/list/board-game-companies/reference. (worth noting Asmodee, now merged with FFG is number 3 on that list as well) and if you understand business and costings, you should should understand the "Buying Power" that gives FFG but regardless my opinon, and I know Im not alone, Too Much, I'm Out
  7. But we are not talking about the ships?? .. we are talking about cardboard squares
  8. As I stated ... There are enough people that will buy Anything FFG put out .... these conversion kits could be $100 each, and there are those people that would still buy them without a second thought, coz they Need the real thing, the best, the whole collection, you see it with Online games as well. Then as I also stated earlier with printed out PDF versions you would still need ship stands, which can be sold in packs to generate money. If it wasn't for the App. they could have sold the conversion packs cheaper by focusing on the ships and a few basic upgrades, then sold actual Upgrade Packs, just being Upgrades these of course could have be fairly cheap. All this would allow people to have spread the cost, a much more attractive way for most people of spending money
  9. They would still make money, there are enough people who will blindly buy anything new without a second thought, and worship FFG like gods who can do no wrong, these forums show that. but there also those that have limits and can't afford to do that, but have still stuck with the game as much as they could. and what Thank You have they received for that? .. "Gimmie More Money", don't get me wrong I'm not surprised, LFL has shown with its attacks on any General Star Wars fans that dislike TLJ it doesn't actually care what fans think anymore, **** maybe they are just trying to make up for the shrinking film profits and losses on Rose Tico figures haha But trust me, some money is better than None if this turns away a large enough group of players. I have no interest in tournaments, never tool part, never intend to, X-wing is a fun game among my friend group, so I for one wont be moving to 2.0 and starting again with a $250+ price tag, and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that way.
  10. Haha a "Thank You Letter" If FFG wants to truly Thank their customers for their long-time investment then they could easily make PDF versions of all conversion kits available to download for free, those that wanted perfect quality items can still buy the kits, those customers that aren't as bothered, or may have limited money could print out on paper, remember there some players who have been paying since day one, and could now end up spending another $250 to buy all the kits, plus needing the new core set for the rules. The paper would be flimsy, the quality would be no where near as good as the kits, but it would allow FFG players a choice, and a way to continue playing and saving to be buy the physical items over time, **** they could even bring out a Medium Base Pack with maybe 2 bases in it. That is how you Thank Loyal Customers
  11. oh thats great, so i just need to take a laptop or PC with me instead or just keep reprinting it everytime they update or add new cards and Yes i know you can get the Net on a phone or tablet .... I just happen to dislike this growing trend of board games that Need or are best served with Apps., others on here have stated Board Games are a way to get away from online life and I Totally agree I have always been a Huge X-com fan since the days of UFO, but the board game relies on an App. and so that is a major reason FFG has not made any money out of me for their X-com board game.
  12. Why are there no point costs or upgrade slots printed on cards? The X-Wing squad-builder app will track the point value of all ships and upgrades, allowing for fast and accurate squad-building. Do I have to use the squad builder app? While the X-Wing squad builder is best for players who want full control over their pilots and upgrades, you can also play a match using the Quick Build cards included in the Core Set. For freeform building and tournament play, however, the X-Wing squad builder app is an essential part of the X-Wing Second Edition experience. seems a bad move leaving points off, even Star Trek attack wing with its different card costs manages to be able to print it all on the cards, and thats WizKids haha So I Am Assuming this App is going to be free then, if it's essential?? ...which despite what people are saying, it pretty much is if you want to make your own original squads for general, fun, non-tournament play with friends.
  13. Serious have you got a link? coz I'm damned if I can find that on any page I have looked at? haha
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