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  1. Skipray blast boat and scimitar assault bomber for empire. Yt2400 and the Mil'til assault bomber. Am hoping for a 3rd faction, with Y-tie ugly , tie- y ugly and a large transport like the action IV or Baudo or Barloz. Then expanding with the yt1760 , vcx 350.
  2. Whisper12


    Everyone likes an ugly. Tie ball with y wing engines.
  3. I'd rather see the scimitar assault bomber in it with maybe a customs frigate,
  4. I think the list of ships is huge. Corellian gunship would be interesting as well.
  5. More transports would be nice. Action IV, Barloz, Lady Luck and also the skipray blastboat.
  6. Whisper12


    I hope that ffg release an uglie's pack. Different cockpits, engines etc. that all snap together.
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