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  1. I didn't - That's the screen shot from the Rebels episode...
  2. https://www.whothefisdrewcampbell.com/single-post/2015/04/22/Idiots-Array
  3. Maybe I've been out of the loop, but is this "OK"ing 1 and 2 ranged range rulers?
  4. OMG the sky is falling! /sarcasm I think this wave looks sweet. Quadjumper looks like nothing we've got. KR's shuttle was going to happen, Sabine's TIE is slick as hell... TIE-only upgrades for the Rebels?
  5. Because the U-Wing and TIE Striker will be announced later.
  6. They didn't... They even tweeted that TC might be filming...
  7. Lantillian ShipWrights GX1 Short Hauler First Appearance: West End Games - Otherspace adventure module
  8. Wait... So do I gain two total or three? (Assign one, gain two - or - assign one, get an extra?)
  9. Have had nothing but good experiences with them.
  10. Interesting... That's exactly what happened with mine... Wonder if its just a flaw in the packaging design.
  11. Exact same bit... Only difference is mine is actually touching the main ship.
  12. I'd read some reports that a slightly bent wing wasn't a big enough defect for FFG to replace. It's not actually snapped or anything, just a little annoying.
  13. Hey all, I know this isn't terribly uncommon, but my Raider came with a bent wing (it wasn't packaged correctly, so the top half of the starboard wing is bent in, touching the main fuselage). I can bend it back to the right place no problem, and could put something there to hold it in place for however long... Should I try heating it with a hair dryer or something? Any advice would be most appreciated.
  14. Hopefully this doesn't mean we won't be allowed to paint our bases (for tourneys, of course).
  15. Thanks! I actually got introduced to the guy that did the SWC7 deck while I was there and we compared cards - Was a lot of fun. So I wondered what you did about a deck box for yours and a rule book. I pulled the rules off Wookiepedia and am thinking I will put something together for my deck when I send it to the printers. Also wanted to do a deck box but I don't have Illustrator. Was thinking of using the silver geometric back of the cards for the main deck box design to keep it simple. Maybe add some Aurabesh to it to give it that star wars flair. Do it! I'm just using a plastic deck box that I got at my FLGS. I was thinking of repurposing a card box, but, of course the size isn't right for the number of cards.
  16. It didn't... The image files from the zip are showing too low? Mine are a touch grainy... Let me see what I can do about that... I'll post here when I've got it done.
  17. Thanks! I actually got introduced to the guy that did the SWC7 deck while I was there and we compared cards - Was a lot of fun.
  18. Okay - Now I'm betting we'll see X-Wing "fixes" in an X-Wing Aces pack that comes with both a T-65 repaint and a black & orange T-70. The SpecForces TIE will most likely be its own blister.
  19. theres that little arrow thing you can hover over to assure you dont fall prey. I NEVER noticed that! Thank you!
  20. We know Poe flies a Grey/Blue X-wing as well from the trailer...
  21. Don't bother stripping them. Just go to town.
  22. Thanks for this... I'd thought David Wong thought that one up. Had no idea.
  23. HT-2200... Only so I don't have to scratch-build one. What would I want that could seriously make it? Cloakshape. Always been a fan.
  24. I wonder if this doesn't have something to do with the GQ Star Wars shoot... LFL/Disney was not pleased...
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