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  1. I didn't - That's the screen shot from the Rebels episode...
  2. https://www.whothefisdrewcampbell.com/single-post/2015/04/22/Idiots-Array
  3. Maybe I've been out of the loop, but is this "OK"ing 1 and 2 ranged range rulers?
  4. OMG the sky is falling! /sarcasm I think this wave looks sweet. Quadjumper looks like nothing we've got. KR's shuttle was going to happen, Sabine's TIE is slick as hell... TIE-only upgrades for the Rebels?
  5. Because the U-Wing and TIE Striker will be announced later.
  6. They didn't... They even tweeted that TC might be filming...
  7. Lantillian ShipWrights GX1 Short Hauler First Appearance: West End Games - Otherspace adventure module
  8. Wait... So do I gain two total or three? (Assign one, gain two - or - assign one, get an extra?)
  9. Have had nothing but good experiences with them.
  10. Interesting... That's exactly what happened with mine... Wonder if its just a flaw in the packaging design.
  11. Exact same bit... Only difference is mine is actually touching the main ship.
  12. I'd read some reports that a slightly bent wing wasn't a big enough defect for FFG to replace. It's not actually snapped or anything, just a little annoying.
  13. Hey all, I know this isn't terribly uncommon, but my Raider came with a bent wing (it wasn't packaged correctly, so the top half of the starboard wing is bent in, touching the main fuselage). I can bend it back to the right place no problem, and could put something there to hold it in place for however long... Should I try heating it with a hair dryer or something? Any advice would be most appreciated.
  14. Hopefully this doesn't mean we won't be allowed to paint our bases (for tourneys, of course).
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