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  1. High Ranking Defectors

    Tagge + Admonition
  2. Thanks. I'm using Safari (desktop, MacOS 10.12.6), and the left arrow doesn't appear, though I can click in the space where it should be, and that works. It does show up on Firefox. Didn't show up in Chrome. Tried clearing caches, that didn't solve problem (neither did reloading). I just checked on iPad (iOS 11.2.5) Both Safari and Chrome work. On iPhone, Safari works. Not sure what would be causing it. I wonder if others are encountering the same issue or not...
  3. Thanks for the work on this! One thing I've noticed, or maybe I haven't figured it out yet... Is there a way to remove a single deployment card without resetting all the cards? I recall having been able to do this in one of your older iterations. Now, all I see are 1) Restart and Choose Faction 2) Clear Deployments [clears all deployments] and 3) Clear Command [which clears all commands]. Is there a way to select single cards to clear? For em, when designing lists, there's always going to be adding/ removing parts of a list at a time, and I'd prefer not to constantly have to restart it (especially with command cards. thanks
  4. Oh brother, with all the hype today about ISDs, I was looking at your list with that in mind...
  5. Disposable Capacitors are only Small or Medium ships. (gives you 9 points to play with...)
  6. On the Boat! Happy Monday!
  7. Armada: Ok for a School Gaming Club??

    Have you tried the skirmish version of Imperial Assault? Games can be played in ~1 hour, and don't require all the bookkeeping and weekly commitments of the campaign. (I play both versions with my kids.) Seems like our after-school, the time (2-2.5hours) might be an issue for some. In terms of attention span, that'll depend on the kids. (Mine are in elementary, and and struggle with the depth/ pace of Armada-- though I was able to get a complete game in with one a few weeks ago. Certainly starting with lower point games would help with learning the basics and getting a feel for the game. Once you get a hang of it, pace can increase. At my venue, I'm amazed at how quickly some guys can move through the turns.
  8. Or... maybe they'll announce it today...
  9. New preview article for Special Forces TIE Fighter

    Collision Detector +Dash Crew on B-wIng could be interesting, if anything, from the ability to land on a rock and still shoot. Still, competing with FCS or Adv Sen.
  10. Tomax Bren Support build

    Funny, I've been playing around with looking at ways to use Tomax as well. Was going to post this list, then I found this thread. Anyway, I came up with the same build for Tomax as a supporter... Tomax Bren (31) TIE Bomber (24), TIE Shuttle (0), Cool Hand (1), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1), Fleet Officer (3), Systems Officer (2) Gamma Squadron Pilot (27) TIE Bomber (18), Extra Munitions (2), Plasma Torpedoes (3), Concussion Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0) Gamma Squadron Pilot (30) TIE Bomber (18), Extra Munitions (2), Advanced Proton Torpedoes (6), Concussion Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0) Academy Pilot (12) The bombers move, take target locks. Tomax follows, Fleet Officer for their focus, Cool hand for his own, losing the stress. Academy for blocking/ nibbling/ being ignored. In an ideal world, you'd get the plasma torp to fire @ range 2/3 and get the other bomber into range one APT. with the Mk2 engines & Systems Officer, you can even pass a target lock, freeing the a bomber to barrel roll or take extra focus. There's wiggle room here to for swapping out other missiles /torps. thoughts?
  11. What's left to spoil? (Wave 8)

    My thought on the Thermo Detonators-- When you drop the TD (like a bomb), add 0-3 Thermo Detonator tokens to the bomb. At the end of the Activation phase, remove one token. When there are no more tokens, then the bomb explodes. I could be a way of dropping a bomb that doesn't explode right away, and could create a new way to control the field.
  12. That's a bummer. At least we have two things to consider... 1) FFG awesome support-- they'll send a replacement. 2) Sorastro's painting can now include a section on working with green stuff and sculpting!
  13. What's the Font

    Here's what I can tell (based off of the embedded fonts in the Armada FAQ: Aero Matic Episode-1 Revenger sure where this one is used) TeutonFett I'd have to look closely to see exactly which ones are used on the cards themselves... but this gives you something to start with.
  14. Phantoms +Ions+ new Decloaking

    thanks for the reply. For all the complaints about Phantoms being nerfed, this is one area where they benefited from the changes.
  15. This came up last week in a game. This was the first time since the new decloaking rules were introduced that we encountered a ionized cloaked phantom. In the past, if a Phantom was cloaked and ionized, it was unable to decloak by virtue of not having dial to reveal. Now, the new rules make no mention of the movement dial before decloaking. It does clarify that if stressed, you may still decloak. The way we played it, was the Decloaking took place at the start of activation (still ionized). Resolved the dials, including the ion effects. Is this correct? We're still trying to get used to the new sequence with the Phantoms (it really does seems to balance them better). It was tough to luckily land a ion on the Phantom, only to have it still get away (some predictability, but not perfect in terms of nailing it down).