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  1. You also gain an extra defense token. You can spend a token (discard) even it would have been locked down by accuracy
  2. You remove a total of 2 Suppression tokens. So it could be 1 token each from two different units, or 2 tokens from one unit.
  3. Here’s the relevant rules from Standby (pg55): and bullet points that relate as well--- So, to work through what you have: 1) Krennic plays "Deploy the Garrison”, issuing an order to Vader 2) At the start of the Activation Phase, Vader preforms free Standby Action (per Command card) If... 3) Vader activates. If he moves or attacks or force chokes, he looses the standby token (per rules). Thus, he would not gain any other bonus attack. However... 3) Vader waits until an enemy unit moves or preforms an attack within range 1-2 of him and is in LOS. Then, Vader may spend the Standby Token. He may then move and use relentless, or he may attack (saber throw or melee). 4) Later in Round, Vader activates. He may then go through his normal 2 actions. Including an attack action, since the previous attack came out of activation. Krennic’s card is the only way that someone can (currently) gain a standby outside of their own activation. Opens up a lot of interesting possibilities-- including being able to trigger extra attacks. Note, that receiving a Suppression token will remove the Standby token-- which has been one of the banes of its usefulness. However, with Vader, he cannot receive Suppression-- so this does become powerful. You may only get a Saber throw (3 dice) attack out of the standby, but it’s better than nothing. (Unless you end a turn in melee with someone, then issue Deploy the Garrison on the following turn... Hope this gives more clarity...
  4. I started with the Z-6 Trooper base. I think I clipped off part of the feet, and added some wire/pins to extend the feet. I used wire to build a frame for the head, as well as extending the arms (I think I clipped those just below the elbows). From there, a lot of green stuff. And some plasticard. And patience. Seriously about that-- I’ve learned (the hard way) to do a small bit, let it harden, then add the next layer. Otherwise I tend to squash a sculpted part with a finger or something. Used a small electrical wire (I think) for the power cable running from the backpack to the gun. Also did a bit of photo research. Having as many images as I can find helps with these sort of creations. It was fun to make, and fun to get him on the table. Although, it really is a case of “modeling for disadvantage”. There have been games where the entire unit is hidden behind cover... except for is head poking out.
  5. That’s for the Stationary Keyword. And for units with a maximum speed of zero. I suppose the E-web could disembark with its Speed-1 move (non-standard) and move again (standard move/ plodding restriction). I guess with the disembark move, you would not be able to use reposition. So disembark and be pointed the way you intent.
  6. If the vehicle preforms one move action... then disembark (1 action) and able to preform second action. If the vehicle preforms two move actions, the disembarking unit can only disembark (uses two actions... similar to a climb move).
  7. I went with Black for my Imperial Commanders/ Operatives. Khaki for my Rebels (tied into some of the earth tone themes). But for all my other units, I used different colors for each unit (for Imperials something like dark-dark grey, mid grey, almost white, pale blue...) That way I can distinguish between units on the table. Does help when multiple units start bunching up-- I can more easily call out which unit is activating (or identify which units are being shot).
  8. I’m pretty sure you are correct. Given what they are showing, it looks like they are set as a mini-campaign. Also, notice the AT-ST head on the Battle Cards. I’m sure that’s meant to identify the cards as part of that specific scenario. Now, I’m sure in casual play you can introduce elements from this cards, but I wouldn’t think they are going to be tourney legal.
  9. doing some quick measuring off of the images. She stands ~25% taller than the width of the base, so roughly 1.25” (not including the base). A little short for a Stormtrooper. Come up to about chin/nose height of a few models. This is just estimates...
  10. And yet... the Darksaber is unique. So, it’s possible (at least future proofing) that they could add Bo-Katan, and give her a Darksaber upgrade as well.
  11. Well, the Official Rules just posted this: Glad they already jumped on this one before it became an issue.
  12. Yes, you are correct. In Legion, the rules push for more abstraction/ simplicity / faster gameplay. As a result, there are a number of things that don’t always make ‘logical’ or intuitive sense. With range-- you measure from the Unit Leader to the nearest mini. Whatever that range is, is the range that all weapons use when declaring an attack. It’s a lot simpler than measuring every model I the attacking unit to the ones in the defending unit, and determining whose weapon can reach/ target a specific mini. Now with Line of Sight, only the minis in an attacking unit can contribute dice if they have LOS to any mini in the defending unit. Once you get through some of the counter-intuitive parts of the game, it really does speed up the game play, and you learn to just roll with how the rule set works.
  13. I think all the Rebel units, and most of the Imperial units have one Leftie as well.
  14. Like others have said-- Go through the Attack step carefully: Roll Dice (Which includes re-rolls & surge modifiers)-- then Cover/Dodge-- then Modify Dice (Apply Impact)-- then Defense. Something we are aware of but often miss-- Line of sight (on defender) only models that can be seen can be wounded (and LOS is from any model in the attacking unit). we’ve probably removed too many models because we forgot this. Something I’ve noticed watching a number of batreps-- When all Commanders are defeated, the Unit being promoted to Commander happens at the End of the Round. A lot of times people want to make that change right away. It’s important to note that-- it affects Courage rolls for that round, as well as the remaining Token Pool. After the promotion, the new commanding unit takes the Commander Rank Token for their Orders. Cover only ever goes up to 2. So: no cover, light cover, heavy cover are your options. You can reach heavy cover from a number of situations (ie Suppression+ Light Cover). If you have Heavy Cover, plus Suppression, you still only have Heavy Cover (reducing hits by 2). Then, anything that reduces cover is applied. So Sharpshooter 2 automatically removes any cover bonus a unit may have. We’ve learned in our games to read the rules. Play and have fun. Re-read sections in the rules that came up. Play some more. Try looking up rules that may apply to my new list and combos. Play some more.
  15. Some Observations: The Medic can only restore minis lost that turn. It can only restore a total of 2 wounds per game (Capacity 2). (Will be interesting to see if we ever get a Treat 2+ character in the game) If it restores a defeated Wookie, it comes back with 2 Wound token on it. Medics will be a nice way to keep units in the game longer (or full strength a little bit longer). Almost like a mobile Emergency Stims. Like mentioned before, single model units (Leaders/ Operatives or other troopers down to their last mini) cannot be brought back after being defeated. Doesn’t work on Emplacement Troopers. (got Ninja’d by quite a few of you...)
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