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  1. Matroskin

    A “better” Han Solo...?

    Here's a shot of mine. Took some work to remove the Trenchcoat. Liquid Green stuff (comes in a paint tub) for the hair helped a lot. did a little shaving of the neck (a little saggy), worked the upper back/ neck when getting the vest sculpted so he didn't feel so hunched over. Sanded/filed the sleeves a little bit. Reworked Leia's pose too, didn't really like the "lunging" look she had.
  2. Matroskin

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    Thanks for the update! I did encounter a few issues, figured it's mostly bug swatting... 1) I created a rebel list, saved it. made a few changes, saved it again. Backed out to the main page (Thanks for making that a possibility), showed two instances of the list (the edited and pre-edited one). Deleted the first one. Then, I went to the Imperials... this is where it got weird: First, the existing rebel list populated the roster. I could delete and add Imperial stuff though. Then I named and saved the list. Went back out to the main page, and only that new list was there (overwrote the original)? >> Two issues: List building retains last thing built, and save function not fully up to speed. 2) Using the preview function-- when I press the copy, I see the note pop up that list was added to clipboard. But when I try pasting it somewhere else, it doesn't come up (what ever the last thing I copied is still on the clipboard. I can select the text and copy it. I've also had some issues with the preview function on a iPhone-- not being able to see/ pan around etc. 3) List saving-- related to first point, but I don't see where the lists are being saved, other than the last one I created. If I log out then log back in, I don't see previous lists. I really love what you have going on, and appreciate the work you've been putting into it! The clean interface as great, and the ease of use is awesome. I realize that many of these problems are just the nature of programing and debugging and trying to add features. All this testing on my end is through Safari on MacOS
  3. Matroskin

    Cant find: immobilize rule

    From Page 33 of the RRG (version 1.1.0) It is also on the insert that came with Boba Fett.
  4. Matroskin

    New units spoilers

    Look closely, both 1 pip cards look like they are restricted to giving orders to "1 Special Forces or Operative Unit". So, though generic, your army build may dictate if they are usable. Will be interesting to see how the 2&3 pip cards are handled. I would assume they give orders to 2 & 3 units respectively, but will they have rank restrictions to?
  5. Matroskin

    Can you order boba fett?

    It means that the orders are not given by Boba. If your command hand is comprised of Generic Command cards, unique ones specific to the Commander, and unique ones specific to the Operative–– only the Commander can issue Generic command cards. The operative can be issued Orders as normal (meeting unit type/ range to issuing commander). Same deal when Luke & Leia issue orders to each other. The big thing to realize, is that Operative Orders are only used by operatives (and so far only issue orders to themselves). "nominate" is referring to the one issuing the order, not receiving the order. In the same vein, say you have two commanders and play Assault (3pips), you nominate 1 commander to issue the orders, and then check distances from that commander, not either commander.
  6. Matroskin

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    Nice! I like the layout, and the very clean look. Very intuitive, like chieftom22 said. at first, seemed a little awkward with the "+" button on far right, and the "build" section on far left, but I quickly adjusted to that. I like the simplicity of adding upgrades, and how as I add upgrades the options disappear. Also like how you can see options but they are ghosted out if you cannot take them. I like the auto-stacking that occurs when you duplicate/ create copies. And how but adding an upgrade to a stack them removes that one instance from the stack. For tweaks/ suggestions... One left side (build column), would like to see the upgrades indented a little bit, and perhaps see the unit portrait increased in size a little bit. This would help visually see the hierarchy a little better. (And I like the rank icons on the portraits- nice touch). Environmental gear image is missing (in every area-- the card selections, and small icons in the build area. May be nice to have a "+" button in the command deck build area as well. I know it's in the far right column, but I didn't see it there at first. Something I noticed when I was rearranging my units-- if I move something "up", and the item above it is a stack, I need to keep clicking up until it passes all of the stack. IE-- I added Han to my build, then wanted to move him above the Rebel trooper stack (of 5), realized I need to keep moving him up until it actually was above the whole stack. (And trying to move a stack doesn't really work-- I'm guessing since it's trying to move just one unit.) Would be nice to 'leap frog' a stack. Anyway, great job with the first release.
  7. Matroskin

    Detonate rules RRG

    You may have an older copy. Here's the latest: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/6d/2d/6d2d4718-30af-443b-883e-7eadd6c9d06d/swl_rules_reference_110.pdf It was posted on 16 July. FFG plans on updating the RRG periodically as new content comes out or rules get tweaked.
  8. 1) Under "Detonate" pg 26-27: When a charge or condition token detonates, units cannot spend aim tokens to modify attack dice, regardless of whether a unit placed that token or used an ability to detonate it. 2& 5) Wounds pg 53-54 - When a mini suffers wounds equal to their wound threshold, they are removed from the battlefield. So single word models will not be "wounded" for purpose of the Hunter keyword. Hunter will work against commanders, operatives, and multi-wound minis such as the Wookies, royal guards, etc. - in regards to the detonating mine-- look back to the RRG pg 27: The attack is coming from the mine, not the unit that placed/ detonated it. Remember, that a mine could be placed by one unit and detonated by another, which would cause problems if different units had different upgrades that could modify attacks. Looking at the card, it does say "wounded trooper unit". But "wounded" seems to apply to a unit only when 1 or more minis has a wound token on it. 3. Not 100% sure--- "overhang" only appears in the RRG in regards to troopers climbing/clambering. RRG Pg 19 (basically, fro they have enough space to fit on the surface. Vehicles-- seems like the ruling there is, can it sit flat (or at least less than 45°) (usually in regards to compulsory moves). 4. take shortest path as possible. If they must clamber, then do so. If an indirect route is better (moves further) then take that route as long as it's going towards the table edge. See the RRG pg 41 under "Panic"
  9. Matroskin

    Moroff the better...

    Why settle for just a Gigorian, when you can have a Nautolan as well?
  10. As noted earlier, I used the NSB6- Ball Bearing and R622CS-N. Countersunk Ring Magnet from KJ Magnetics. I realized that I actually put the ball bearing in the head, and the ring on the neck. Here's some images: Cutting off the top of the neck With the Ring attached-- used a bit of Greenstuff final view Ball bearing. I think I went with putting the ball in the head since it easily fit here, and only had to carve into the neck portion. Assembled. Strength test. Holding it by the head and it stays together. One of the tricky parts was figuring out how much to shave away on the neck to get the ring in place so that the overall height w/ the ball would be the same as if I did nothing to it.
  11. Yes, I have. I'll have to post pictures at some point... I used KJ Magnetics as well NSB6- Ball Bearing (mount to the "neck"-- removed part of the plastic to fit it in place of the 'ball' https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=NSB6 R622CS-N. Countersunk Ring Magnet (Mounted to the "head") https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=R622CS-N-N52 They did an article a few years back on modding X-Wing minis with magnets. https://www.kjmagnetics.com/blog.asp?p=star-wars-x-wing Has a nice chart to help know what kind of magnets to use. For the AT-ST, the ball is not a magnet, the countersunk ring is. If the ball were a magnet, then you'd have to line up the N-S polarity correctly (which I don't know how'd that'd work with a sphere). Anyway, with the ball& ring, I'm able to rotate the head anyway I'd like, it's strong enough to not fall off accidentally.
  12. Focus on the Objectives. If your opponent is focused on eliminating troops or playing too defensively, it opens you up to win where it counts. Putting thought into the "Turn Zero" has helped me-- evaluating what the opponent has brought, and choosing a setup that helps me (or at least hurts me less) more than the opponent. Such as, if I see a AT-ST w/ Mortar, I'm going to try to get Limited Visibility if I can.
  13. I noticed that both units are "Emplacement Troopers". I wonder how this new designation will work with objectives and "trooper only" commands. Will it be a sub-set of Troopers (like ground and repulser vehicles) or a new thing?
  14. Thanks for the articles. Nice primer/ guide. One thing I noticed-- I was going through Rules-- on page 38/ Ranged Weapons, it specifies that a ranged weapon cannot be in the same attack pool as a non-ranged weapon. So your example of using Wiess to use the 3 guns+fence cutters on a single target wouldn't work. (I had been wondering how to put as many AT-ST weapons on a single target too. I just happened to catch the rule about the weapon pool after reading your article).
  15. Matroskin

    Printer friendly version of the rulebook?

    Removed the background from the pdf. https://www.dropbox.com/s/99ptfzvdn0ci78h/swl_rules_reference_11_eng-NoBackground.pdf?dl=0 Hopefully this helps!