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  1. Focus on the Objectives. If your opponent is focused on eliminating troops or playing too defensively, it opens you up to win where it counts. Putting thought into the "Turn Zero" has helped me-- evaluating what the opponent has brought, and choosing a setup that helps me (or at least hurts me less) more than the opponent. Such as, if I see a AT-ST w/ Mortar, I'm going to try to get Limited Visibility if I can.
  2. I noticed that both units are "Emplacement Troopers". I wonder how this new designation will work with objectives and "trooper only" commands. Will it be a sub-set of Troopers (like ground and repulser vehicles) or a new thing?
  3. Thanks for the articles. Nice primer/ guide. One thing I noticed-- I was going through Rules-- on page 38/ Ranged Weapons, it specifies that a ranged weapon cannot be in the same attack pool as a non-ranged weapon. So your example of using Wiess to use the 3 guns+fence cutters on a single target wouldn't work. (I had been wondering how to put as many AT-ST weapons on a single target too. I just happened to catch the rule about the weapon pool after reading your article).
  4. Matroskin

    Printer friendly version of the rulebook?

    Removed the background from the pdf. https://www.dropbox.com/s/99ptfzvdn0ci78h/swl_rules_reference_11_eng-NoBackground.pdf?dl=0 Hopefully this helps!
  5. Matroskin

    Intel Sweep - My Thoughts on My First Tournament

    Except that Son of Skywalker gives the order to Luke only. (Like Return of the Jedi is Luke +2units). Remember to check how many units (or specified units) are on the command card.
  6. Thanks for sharing the video-- I've appreciated how you guys present your battles in a way that's easy to follow and understand what's going on. One thing rule thing I'd point out-- after Vader was defeated, I noticed that you immediately promoted the Stormies to Commander (and didn't active them until the Commander token was drawn). Promoting happens during the end phase [page 20 of RRG]. (Otherwise, it's entirely possible that if you promote a unit after the commander token has been used, that particular unit wouldn't be activated). A rule that didn't affect anything in your game, but to be aware of for future matches.
  7. Matroskin


    Not quite. 1) Troopers shoot-- counting all hits, rerolls from Aim, applying surge (if applicable) 2) Vader applies any Dodge or Cover-- so the dodge token is spent here. This would cancel one hit per token spent. 3) Vader rolls defensive dice. One Red die per hit remaining. 4) Because of Deflect, any surges are converted to blocks. Deflect also applies hits to the attacker for each surge rolled. For example: Vader moves into the open and takes a Dodge token (from either the action or force powers) Troopers activate, take Aim and fire Say they roll 5 hits after aim token is spent Vader spends dodge. 4 hits remaining Vader rolls 4 dice-- 2 surges, one block, one blank. Surges are converted to blocks and deflected back. Vader blocks 3 hits, taking one damage, and the Troopers take 2 hits.
  8. Matroskin

    High Ranking Defectors

    Tagge + Admonition
  9. Thanks. I'm using Safari (desktop, MacOS 10.12.6), and the left arrow doesn't appear, though I can click in the space where it should be, and that works. It does show up on Firefox. Didn't show up in Chrome. Tried clearing caches, that didn't solve problem (neither did reloading). I just checked on iPad (iOS 11.2.5) Both Safari and Chrome work. On iPhone, Safari works. Not sure what would be causing it. I wonder if others are encountering the same issue or not...
  10. Thanks for the work on this! One thing I've noticed, or maybe I haven't figured it out yet... Is there a way to remove a single deployment card without resetting all the cards? I recall having been able to do this in one of your older iterations. Now, all I see are 1) Restart and Choose Faction 2) Clear Deployments [clears all deployments] and 3) Clear Command [which clears all commands]. Is there a way to select single cards to clear? For em, when designing lists, there's always going to be adding/ removing parts of a list at a time, and I'd prefer not to constantly have to restart it (especially with command cards. thanks
  11. Oh brother, with all the hype today about ISDs, I was looking at your list with that in mind...
  12. Disposable Capacitors are only Small or Medium ships. (gives you 9 points to play with...)
  13. Matroskin

    On the Boat!

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ Happy Monday!
  14. Matroskin

    Armada: Ok for a School Gaming Club??

    Have you tried the skirmish version of Imperial Assault? Games can be played in ~1 hour, and don't require all the bookkeeping and weekly commitments of the campaign. (I play both versions with my kids.) Seems like our after-school, the time (2-2.5hours) might be an issue for some. In terms of attention span, that'll depend on the kids. (Mine are in elementary, and and struggle with the depth/ pace of Armada-- though I was able to get a complete game in with one a few weeks ago. Certainly starting with lower point games would help with learning the basics and getting a feel for the game. Once you get a hang of it, pace can increase. At my venue, I'm amazed at how quickly some guys can move through the turns.
  15. Or... maybe they'll announce it today...