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  1. This either comes from or is just really similar to talking about poker. Few people remember the hand that was good enough that they had, but will never forget the hand their opponent had when they sucked out on them.
  2. scum have 5 aces in maneuverable ships. they are IG-88A, IG-88B, IG-88C, IG-88D and Dengar. *edit* to add dengar because jumpmasters are pretty awesome dial-wise.
  3. here's how i would have handled it: call TO over to show current situation. inform him that you will keep this up to gain the modified win. if your opponent concedes to the modified win, you'll buy him a beer, soda, whatever small 1-2ish dollar trinket as a show of good sportsman ship in letting you guys have a break from a stalemate with you with the upper hand. if the TO is cool with the modified win instead of a concede go for it. it is his call. if he says no, then keep a bumpin or just come to an agreement that this turn takes the remaining time of the game and the 2 of you go have a smoke, a sammich or something, but go together so while you guys are trusting each other, you are also verifying that neither is altering the deal. good sportsmanship like this goes a long way with other players. if it was the second game, thats the perfect time for an extended break that usually only a severely quick tabling can gain you. what say you all?
  4. i have 2 of my friends help me train for tournaments by playing against me together. 2v1. 200 points vs 100 usually ends like you expect. but sometimes, just sometimes, the kill me a little slower.
  5. kryss

    Outrider engine

    Favourite quote of the week... Going in my signature... I feel honored to be in a signature!
  6. kryss

    Outrider engine

    butts, he's talking about butts.
  7. no here's his crew card Action: assign 2 stress and then tantrum the room
  8. I read it as rhyming with croutons
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