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  1. So got my new california expansion and I don't seem to have card numbered 189, does it just not exist or am I just missing it?
  2. Happy to answer =) 1. Kirton Games, South West England. 2. Haven't flown TG for a while (used to fly TG & R7-T1 Thane to good effect) but I don't think I missed it (I did kill Fenn out the rear gun at R2 through a rock when he rolled blank, blank, blank, evade & got direct hit, sometimes its better to be lucky than right!) I mostly managed to get R1 front shots off then disengage and turn around for another head on pass, Braylen stressing the enemy meaning they disengaged as well. 3. almost entirely offence, probably used it on D twice all day, I was rolling a LOT of no blank attack rolls it seemed with Norra so adding the extra result was big most attacks. 4. Biggs was a super star in nearly every game, he tanked a lot of bombs game 1 against K wings, even having a cluster mine dropped on him & Norra he avoided damage from the bomb to force sabines ability to kill him saving Norra from an extra damage. I managed to keep him alive the entire game in round 5! against paratanni he tanked Fenns first attack & then the other two could barely get damage on him so he stuck around for a while. Barely used the droid all day but it did save him in one game, generally I find Biggs can survive 2 rounds easily and usually makes it to the third round of combat before finally popping. 5. I used the three biggest rocks, the plan being to set up one flank as a jousting lane and then just jam the middle to prevent those shadow casters from freely moving through the middle. Worked pretty well and I actually hardly went straight into a joust all day, preferring to set it up and then turn out turn 1/2 and build focus on Rey, give my opponents chance to make a mistake and it worked well in three of the games, faced 4 FCS & tractor beam Bs in round 5 (yes I 100-0'd this list!) and managed to jam the middle with rocks, set up on the opposite flank to the opponent (no way I was jousting it!) and draw them through the rocks, forcing the formation to split so I only had to deal with 2 Bs at a time, Biggs was superstar this game, he ended tractorred on rocks twice, rolling over both on his next move and never took damage from them!!
  3. So the regional went well, went 4-2, finished 35th out of 100, was second lowest of the 4-2's on MoV, but that's to be expected when 60pts of your list is expected to die pretty much every game. VI & Rey on Norra were the Superstars, the two games I played against all low PS ship builds I won and still had TL & focus every turn so didn't lose out compared to PTL Norra, the other 4 games however it was instrumental. Faced a Paratanni & moving after Fenn was huge, allowed me to avoid that R1 kill zone & I managed to get 2 stress on him using Braylen then killed him out the butt gun with a Direct Hit! then Asajj fell quickly to R1 Norra sledgehammer attacks, Using Vectored Thrusters to avoid Asajj stressing me. Played against a shadowcaster & Bossk list piloted by Scott Reed which I nearly took apart but got impatient in the final rounds when it was Norra vs Bossk & lost it in the final moments, This was a failing of my tactics rather than the list. Beat Dual Shadow casters being run by Craig Reed next round again with norra being slippery dodging those mobile Arcs & the stress/ Tractor abilities & Braylen laying down a pile of stress to make it easier to avoid them. Over all the list out performed my expectations and with some more practice (only played 10 games pre-event) I think I can get it to a point where I'm doing well with it. VI Norra caught a lot of people out, troublesome lists were those with K-wings bombing shenanigans. Didn't struggle with Paratanni or Shadowcasters, Didn't play against any Imperials all day but I'm pretty sure I can do well against most of the Imp aces style lists as Norra arc dodges them & Braylen lays down the stress. Over all the tournament had a well rounded field, top 16 was 5 Imperial, 5 Rebel & 6 Scum, with good variety in the Scum lists, Imperials all had a defender in them somewhere & rebels had a surprise Snap Wexley, Norra & K-Wing list that made top 4 in the guys first big tournament! A great day over all and the Arcs were great fun!! made my head ache by the end of the day, but good fun!
  4. I'd argue that getting above 7 is important, especially with a lot of shadow casters, being able to dodge the stress or tractor beam at start of combat is huge. Then there is PS8 imperial aces who if you can kill before they fire then Biggs sticks around for longer (& with the stress bot you can kill them fairly easily) Not to mention Miranda who can dance around my entire list if I'm at PS7. I have been sceptical of VI and gave it a good load of thought before I decided to stick with it, it has been instrumental in me beating shadow casters and gives me a decent shot at getting out of R1 of Fenn. I'm actually happy it is considered the sub optimal choice, it means my opponents will be less practiced against it.
  5. I've been running Braylen/Biggs/Norra last couple of weeks, have 4 wins out of 10 games but learning to use the list so expecting to lose (& learning a lot in the process). list is; https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v4!s!207:58,21,69:41:25:;4:-1,77:-1:20:;204:27,-1,201,3:41:26:&sn=Annoying%20Barcing Haven't played against Paratanni yet but have played against defenders and it seems to own them, played against a couple of Ketsu lists (one with Kath & one with Dengar) and removed both from the board easily. Norra at PS9 with barrel roll is amazing (& could have won me a game if I'd have just gone for a 3 bank & barrel roll instead of the 2 bank regen) Rey crew allows me to get my TL & focus easily, just need to delay the start by slow crawling. Braylen stresshog is a real beast in this list & the flechettes are there to make sure I can double (or triple if I miss) stress most ships, or if the opponent has no 4 or lower hull ships can be launched at R3 to cancel range bonus dice and get a decent chance at 3 hits. Biggs just does Biggs things! haven't taken it to any tournaments yet but have regionals this weekend so hopefully it treats me well!!
  6. Funk got it spot on, Palob is simply assigning himself a token which is different to performing an action.
  7. in fact the first three words apply to both questions, if you changed two focus to evade you would be doing it more than once in a round
  8. all good, I only saw it the second time of reading, hence the "did he not" in my post, I wasn't 100% sure if I'd imagined it or not!
  9. Did he not say it was Ioned? if it didn't start adjacent & only moved forwards a couple of mm though that would explain why it didn't clear
  10. I played in 2 store championships this weekend with Scum, the second was Escalation but I used the core of my 100 point list & just added more Z's in for the higher point games. I went 6-2 with one of those losses being in the final on Saturday & 4-0 Sunday with no KO & winning the event. the list I named Pirates & Thugs & is; Binayre Pirate Binayre Pirate Syndicate Thug Ion Cannon Turret Unhinged Astromech BTL-A4 Syndicate Thug Ion Cannon Turret Unhinged Astromech BTL-A4 Palob Godalhi V.I Blaster Turret K4 Security Droid. I found it very effective, Palob is amazing, he really makes your opponent worry about what actions to take & most peoples response is to just TL instead of focus or evade, that's fine, they then have no tokens to defend themselves with! the Y-Wings cause serious hurt & with that astromech they are super speedy & it really seems to catch people off guard how quickly you can engage at range 2 & start to lay the pain & deal some Ion. Edit; Spelling mistakes
  11. I get asked fairly often by new players if your ship "slides" along the maneuver template & so if your template is right next to an asteroid you hit the asteroid, rather than the ship "teleporting" to the end of the template. Its a fair enough assumption
  12. In all honesty its a boring as hell squad to fly, your maneuver choices simply don't matter. Flown by even an average player this list is brutal, its just so tough to kill, especially in a tournament setting with time limits.
  13. less scum dials & more cardboard templates.... Worst idea ever. Since in sanctioned events you have to use scum dials its essential you get plenty in the most wanted pack.
  14. I've been running Chewie Dash the last week or so, Its working VERY well, currently 6-0. 1. I refer to it by Pilot names. 2. I haven't tried the Leebo chewie combo yet so can't really say much for how effective it is. 3. I find it very useful, I probably only use it 4-5 times per game but if you manage to build a corridor up one side of the map & either draw your opponent into a joust if its in your favour (Dash behind Chewie means its hard for them to get into his R1 bubble.) if against a swarm try to draw them into the rock field by setting up facing them in a joust but then turning away from the corridor & flying along your baseline. 4. ALWAYS the HLC outrider, ALWAYS. 5. Lanmdo is too un-reliable, need a focus, he'll roll double evade (not bad, just not what you need) he will also double blank at critical moments, when he's good he's good, when he's bad he can cost you your ship, especially if you're using PTL to get another action as well. 6. Haven't tried Leebo crew, my thinking is the same as yours, not much Ion around atm so might be worth it as a cheap engine but I prefer PTL & Kyle crew. Hopefully that info helps!
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