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  1. Do you find the list has the speed to catch aces when you remove jake though? I'm super interested in the list as I just wanna play X-Wings like everyone else under the sun. I got a Regional coming up at the end of July with no real desire to play Scum or Imperials.
  2. Here is the full list in case you are interested. 35 Poe Dameron (31), VI (1), R5-P9 (3), Integrated Astromech(0) 36 Red Ace (29), Comms Relay (3), R2-D2 (4), Integrated Astromech(0) 29 Kyle Katarn (21), Jan Ors (2), TLT (6) 100 Total I run Integrated Astromech over Autothrusters simply to save points, it is quite hard to squeeze all 3 ships into 100 points. In spite of the lack of Title and Rec Spec, this list has not yet been defeated. The ability to give the T70s Focus and/or Evade tokens on demand makes the list very powerful an flexible. Poe can tangle with most enemy Aces while Kyle and Red Ace are both PS6 which can be handy as i can move and fire them in whichever order I need. I haven't face any lists yet that make use of ordnance alpha strikes. These could be problematic as they can dish out damage faster than the astromechs can get the shields back up. Still, I daresay I will run into 3 torpedo JumpMasters soon enough. I would love to hear your feedback after running this list against the Trip U-Boats. I hav a sinking feeling it just doens't have the ability to soak up that much damage to remain effective.
  3. Why is FFG at fault for a store selling it too early? Why not just patiently wait for the scheduled release date like everyone else before making assumptions?
  4. Amazing stuff! As a player trying to get back into the game, I am very tempted to pick up a mitt full of A-wings and going for it. Now to just get over that initial purchase price of that 5 A-wing crack swarm list..yeesh!
  5. Hey gang! I have been out of the game for a bit of time now, but I am looking to buy back in and play me some X-Wing! As the X-Wing is my favorite ship, I am looking to build a list around them, but still try to be as competitive as possible. So here is what I came up with. I think the initial buy in may be a tad on the expensive side, but it seems for Rebels its hard to do competitive and cheap very well in unison. So without further ado! Poe Dameron (31) Predator (3) R5-P9 (3) Autothrusters (2) Wedge Antilles (29) Push the Limit (3) BB-8 (2) Integrated Astromech (0) Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Twin Laser Turret (6) R3-A2 (2) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Total: 99
  6. It's just a friction lock. Sand down the male part (ow) Ok, done. Now what am I supposed to do about these dial pegs that won't fit. Please send help...
  7. When you consider that most Ace lists tend to run a number of upgrade cards from a number of different expansions, I would argue that in the enivornment now, swarm lists would probably end up being cheaper then most competitive 3 list builds.
  8. That is a worth while suggestion, however I am concerned that this will significantly increase my buy in to the game again. Well, I certainly see Guidance Chips being a hot commodity for a while, so the secondary market probably won't be an option.
  9. Hey gang! I was a dummy, and in a moment of weakness and poor forethought sold my entire collection of xwing. Regardless, I am looking to get back into the game, and trying to find a list that can be built on a budget, but is still highly effective. I do tend to like running Rebel swarms lists, and as I haven't been in the game for a few months, I am not sure if they still have a place in what seems to be a game ruled by aces. Regardless, I like Xwings and I like Z-95, so this is what I built! Blue Squadron Novice, Targeting Astromech, Integrated Astromech Blue Squadron Novice, Targeting Astromech, Integrated Astromech Bandit Squadron Pilot Bandit Squadron Pilot Bandit Squadron Pilot Bandit Squadron Pilot Thoughts??
  10. Wouldn't this be as simple as the TO, or some other trusted individual taking a notepad, the dice in question and tracking results after rolling them 20-30 times? If they are as weighted as was accused, the results would look skewed rather quickly.
  11. No worries! I probably needed it! Hope to see you at Regionals again! Let's hope our game is a tad bit closer!
  12. wow, that 4 shuttle list with tacticians looks interesting.It was. It was a tough fight.I had a hard time and was my first lost in game three. He flew it well and in our first game he had all my bwings stressed. It's good jousting list imo. It can withstand some of the punishment of the B, and once he had a couple of bs with multiple stress left me actionless and with the awesome bwing dial didn't leave any great options Did not want to face it again and had to face it again In top cut I thought he had it second game as he killed a bwing and z, but i managed to get two shuttles off the board before time I think the four shuttles is a great build against bbbbz. After facing it both lists want to joust All ps2 so regardless if you kill a shuttle it'll still fire back With so many large bases once in close he just shoots at different bs at range two giving two or three bwings stress. No kturn, no barrel roll or target lock. Really makes the bwing helpless My second game against it learned from the first one Looking back both were great games It was a great event. You had me absolutely numbered in our game (I was playing the Kath+Aggressor). I have never been trounced so quickly in my life. Thanks for that!
  13. Dorksim

    Where to find MSRP

    Well then perhaps I am raising much ado about nothing. I figured being a small market out here in Eastern Canada was screwing us. Ahh well, thanks for the heads up all! Much appreciated!
  14. Dorksim

    Where to find MSRP

    For what it is worth, the small fighters are sold at $20 CAD, while the starter is sold at $50 CAD. It is really quite frustrating
  15. Dorksim

    Where to find MSRP

    Yeah, I know Meeplemart is an amazing deal, but I would like to try and support my local FGS. Canadians do normally get screwed when it comes to the USD->CAD conversion when it comes to consumer products, so I just wanted to see if that was the case here as well.
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