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  1. I'd say Dark Heresy. The average Imperial citizen (and by extension, the average acolyte on recruitment) will have very little knowledge on how the Imperium works. They'll know of the Emperor, their rulers and the law. They'll know the abhour the mutant, hate the xeno, and to burn the witch (or at the very least see that they are captured and handed off to the Imperium). Beyond that the Imperial layman will know very little, and that's something you can use to your advantage. Put simply, they won't see the Necrons/Dark Eldar/Chaos Cultists/Whatever coming without some very good investigation on their end
  2. Awesome, thanks guys. This gives me a lot more to work with than I had before As for the Halo Devices, it appears that Halo Devices are 'just' strange and powerful items from the Halo Stars, and not necessarily tied to a single race
  3. Is there a source that contains rules for the weaponry and equipment of the Yu'vath? I don't seem to be able to find one
  4. What exactly about them not having access to their gear is making you iffy about it? The apparent helplessness? What I've done with my group in Tattered Fates is, they got the opportunity to get some of their gear back. Nothing too powerful, just a side arm or two and a melee weapon (for instance, the Guardsman got his bolt pistol and Fatebringer back along with his sword, the Tech-priest got her Naginata, flametongue and las pistol back, and the psyker got her axe and laspistol), and they got those by rooting around in Vault 13
  5. I'd give Haarlock a shot. A lot of people here recommend running it in a 2-1-3 order (so, start with Damned Cities). Myself I started with House of Dust and Ash and have just started Tattered Fates as I don't intent to run Damned Cities. It was a little different for my group as I didn't tell them we were going to do the Haarlock legacy, and they only had forewarning about HoDA. What about the beginning is giving you problems? You may be able to work around that
  6. I like the sound of Master Voracean, I think I'll go with that
  7. Maybe. I was hoping for something with a little more presence and some deeper meaning, like Intendant Recusant out of Ascension (Intendant meaning General Director of a theatre company, and a Recusant being a person who refuses to submit to an authority or to comply with a regulation)
  8. I need some help with going about naming Slaugth. Their 'names' seem to have some relevance to the task they're undertaking, for example Miss Book with the Psalter, Nonesuch with the auction (Nonesuch meaning 'model of excellence'). However, choosing a name that isn't too obvious is proving a challenge. The Slaugth I'm trying to name is heading up an Amaranthine Syndicate operation tied to the Beast House, supplying a low-hive pit fighting organisation with fighting beasts, as such the name could be something to do with trapping, but I'm lost as to what to name them.
  9. Psykers and Spectre Cell 17 aren't required if the Adept does try to find out alternate methods, however it's always a good idea to have a plan B, or several. And then plan(s) C, D etc Personally, I like to run low Inquisitorial involvement campaigns (i.e., they have a handler they report to, they get debriefed by their Inquisitor, but otherwise are left entirely to their own devices, and if they mess up, they're likely dead before they can be reamed out by the boss), however if they just sit around for a while it may be an idea to have their boss check in, and then take command (with suitable reaming out/punishments for the Acolytes). It's an extreme measure, however if done right it may encourage them to take initiative, be more flexible in their morals (if they refuse to seek out forbidden lore because heresy), however be careful to include enough chastisment from their boss to disuade any notion of 'It doesn't matter if we mess up, because the boss will come bail us out'. If you do decide the situation demands an Inquisitor and they do slide into the thinking that the boss will be able to help them out, throw them in a situation where he can't. Tattered Fates is a perfect example, and as a matter of fact if they really screw the pooch in Damned Cities, that could be a good way of getting them into Tattered Fates
  10. It is noted on page 55 that one member of Spectre Cell 17 has a force weapon, and though they are not necessarily allied with the acolytes, I am very much doubtful they will simply permit a daemon to escape. If done right, that could cause some interesting encounters If you don't want to involve Cell 17, there is the option of the Adept persuing some forbidden lore concerning other methods of combating daemons (occult rituals etc)
  11. I will gladly help, though I'm not sure of how much use I will be. I can give ideas of adventures, though my skills as an author are questionable. First idea that's popped into my head is the Slaught. The Haarlocks appear to be one of the only powers they are afraid of, so the battles against them could be interesting
  12. Before I go any further, I should clarify that the PCs involved are interested in turning the psyker into a full-fledged tech-priest. My current thoughts on the matter are that I will permit it to happen, purely because it is a very interesting roleplaying opportunity for the characters, and an interesting challenge for me as a GM, plus it opens up a lot of interesting campaign options (the Logicians or Phaenonites would likely take a keen interest in a Tech-priest psyker). In terms of how I would do it, I'm torn between ramping up the cost of various tech-priest talents and skills (Elite advances), or creating a set of alternate ranks, with a hefty experience, and perhaps monetary, cost. Either way, there will be plenty of insanity points to be had by the psyker. In terms of cybernetics, most augments etc will not adversely effect the psyker's abilities, however a certain selection will. Most augments that directly effect the brain will have a toll (such as Rite of Pure Thought, a few augments out of the fan-made Macharian hand-book, which I strongly recommend, it's a massive boon to my campaign), either in terms of limiting the number of powers that can be learnt, forgetting how to manifest certain powers, or lowering the Willpower bonus they can use/amount of power dice they can use. The choice between simply doing Elite advances or creating alternate ranks to me is fairly simple. I pride myself on putting a lot of effort into my campaigns to make sure that 1) the players are enthralled by the setting, 2) no matter what the players do, I can readily adapt to their actions (You easily thwarted the big bad? Good on you. Unfortunately, all these other groups which have been written up and planned are rushing in to fill the power vacuum) and 3) Re-usability (i.e., multiple campaigns on the same planet/in the same star system). However, the choice may vary for other GMs. I will be working on a set of alternate careers, including XP cost to access (and monetary cost if applicable), as well as other conditions, and what affects certain talents, traits and augments/implants will have on psyker abilities (if any).
  13. It'll require a little refinement. I'll keep working on it and post here if I figure something out. Thanks for the input everyone, it's been a massive help
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