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  1. But MC is in a corner, and a fleet can only move 1 space at a time. I often find it is a VERY GOOD thing to have the base revealed mid game, let the Empire begin moving its forces, then move the base before the attacking fleet gets there. Then the Empire has to start all over again! The rebel base can be revealed there turn one, if the Imperial fleet lands a troop turn one from Saleucami.
  2. Actually, gaining Imperial loyalty in the rebel base's system will REVEAL the rebel base (Page 11 Rules Reference, second line).
  3. I think you can. The arguments to the contrary are not based in rules from either of the rule books.
  4. I think it is dangerous to place your rebel base in a populated system (Mon Calamari), because there are quite a few Imperial missions that can change the loyalty of the populous systems on turn one. If the Empire gains the loyalty of a system and the rebel base in located there, then the rebel base is revealed immediately, regardless if there are any units in the system. This could make for a very short game. I think the location for the rebel base should be the remote systems, just like the movies.
  5. Thank you! So awesome! Such a great suggestion. We've only played two times thus far, but I put it all into OP tonight. Check it out! https://theedge.obsidianportal.com I kept everything short and sweet...and easy to get data from. I saw a bunch of sites filled with data, and even though that's cool, I feel like it's better to keep everything super fast... it's only a tool right? Should be something players take a couple minutes to check out. Great use of OP. It is quite a bit of work to upkeep between sessions. Looks great.
  6. Good point. Were I narrating a gun fight with storm troopers and the scathing tirade finished one off, I would likely say they were distracted by the tirade and have them catch some blaster fire to the face from a character shooting...
  7. .....or can you? You sound very creative and a RPG is a place of imagination. A collaborative effort between GMs and players could generate many of these items you speak about. Some experimentation on how much they help and some tweaking and presto, you have items your players can take or some ideas to run by your GM. Your ideas sound very interesting. I am going to look into making some items for my players if they are interested.
  8. Page 230 in the CRB starts a long section on Starship and vehicle combat. Page 224 has a blacked out text block on "Starships, Vehicles, and Scale" at the bottom of the page. Page 225 has a blacked out text block on "Starships and Personal Scale" at the top of the page. Page 238 and 239 have relevant information. If you are running combats at both the personal scale and vehicle/ship scale at the same time it will be beneficial to understand how they both work and how they are different. I had to read those sections multiple times and run it a few times in a game to get a handle on it.
  9. Thanks for sharing. That clears it up a bit.
  10. Some people may be able to pull it off but the times I have experienced this with D&D it almost always goes poorly. The times I have experienced it as a player, the GM took up way to much of the parties time with the GM character. Several times the GM character would do awesome things and save the day as his henchmen (the other players) just watched. I think doing this removes player agency which weakens a game. There was an interesting thread where this theme is examined. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/106890-collateral-in-star-wars/ Just my 2 credits. Ian
  11. I think in the case of piloting a ship through an asteroid belt you are using maneuvers to move from point A to point B. The fact that you have to make a piloting roll does make the maneuver an action, it simply makes it a maneuver with consequeces of failure . This is referenced in the core rule book on page 240 in the first paragraph. Page 240 "When a ship passes near or through one of these treacherous obstacles, the pilot might need to make an approprite Piloting check, even if he his attempting a starship maneuver that typically wouldn't require one." This is also true for planetary vehicles and I have also used it in foot chases such as the one at the end of Act I in Beyond the Rim, in the foot/grav sled chase through the wheel. A few posters have mentioned skills in the Pilot Talent Tree that change an action into a maneuver. The skill Full Throttle lets a pilot take the FULL THROTTLE ACTION as a maneuver. Full throttle is an ACTION that has a specific set of results and is not the maneuver FLY/DRIVE. Fly/Drive is the maneuver being referenced when discussing vehicles moving from point A to point B. I see no reference in the rule book about changing fly/drive maneuver into an action. I could have missed it. Ian
  12. I use Obsidian Portal. It is free and you can pay a small yearly fee for some upgraded stuff. The free one is perfect. you can check out what I do with it in my signature. I use it to keep track of characters, NPCs, locations, adventures, game scheduling (including email reminders), adventure sessions, group forum players can use to talk about campaign. It is web based. It has worked well.
  13. I started the chase just outside the hanger door where the PC ships were docked. I used the map in the book showing that area with the ships docked. I printed it out and blew it up to page size so I could reference it during the chase and have something for the players to look at. The chase started at medium range with the Yiyar clan in a grav sled (Speed 1) with the droid in the back. I determined that unless the Yiyar were stopped they would make it to their dock in 4 rounds through the occupied concourse. The book basically give you 3-4 obstacles. I used one per round. I had to keep track of the relative distances between the bad guys and members of the group. It worked well. Here is an aid I made for my game so I could keep the action smooth during the chase: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g9438r1bz57adsb/BTR-Playaid-ChaseACT1.jpg In my game my Gand pilot comendeered a grav sled and the Trandoshan with the Vibro-axe was delivered via the sled into the back of the enemy sled. Two of the characters took long range shots across the concourse at the enemy sled hitting several Rodians. My droid hired gun used a jet pack to fly over the enemy sled shooting and missing every time. My Klatoonian Bounty hunter chased the fleeing sled (barking) and was stunned unconscious. The grav sleds collided outside the restaurant with people milling about with the Yiyar bailing out of the sled to avoid the Tandoshan with the huge vibro axe. Most of the Rodian's escaped, including Yav. Too Low was not so lucky after losing his head. The crew recovered the droid and made it back to their ships and left prior to security arriving, and narrowly avoiding the incoming freighter. They caused 1,500 credits in damage and an innocents leg was broken, so not too devastating.
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