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    wabbitking reacted to Benjan Meruna in HWK-290. A mistake? Or just that good?   
    "Quickly, children!  Into the fuel tank!"
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    wabbitking reacted to OriginalDomingo in HWK-290 Design Pics   
    This is my version of the HWK-290.  I based this off the cut-away pic of the Moldy Crow, but enlarged the cargo hold to account for its surprisingly large encumbrance capacity for a Silhouette 3 ship.  Very little amenities on this ship.  I hope you enjoy these.
    HWK-290 (Black and White):

    HWK-290 (External):

    HWK-290 (Internal):

    HWK-290 (Schematic):

    Our PC ship, the Void Crow, is a modified HWK-290:

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    wabbitking reacted to i.jenkinson in Favorite Starfighter For Pirating?   
    What a pirate leader is going to want is a fighter that is cheap to buy, easy to find, easy to maintain, cheap and plentiful parts, and is effective at its role. A well funded and equipped military can afford to have hanger queens that are constantly down for maintenance but every 12 hours a ship is down for maintenance is potentially a profitable mission that it cannot go on. For pirates profits are what matters. Two F14's that you can bring along on every mission is better than one F22 that can only come along every other mission. Also low key is better, you don't want the Empire or Rebel Alliance sniffing around trying to figure out how you got your hands on a front line ship that you shouldn't have.
    Hyperdrive equipped fighters are a debatable point. Hyperdive equipped ships will be more expensive to buy, more expensive to run and have worse performance but will mean you don't need a carrier to transport them and give you more flexibility.
    If you were a pilot it's a different matter. What matters to you is purely performance as the techs and quartermasters deal with all the boring bits. So the better the performance the better. Plus I expect pirate starfighter pilots to be quite individual and want the techs to mod the hell out of their rides.
    What ship in the Star Wars universe is cheap, easy to maintain, relative high performance and easy to mod? The M3-A Scyk. Load it up with ion cannons and you have a flexible star fighter to fun down those targets that are too fast for your actual main combat ships and to provide cover.
    So a pirate band would probably be a "mothership" that has the cargo and carrier capability along with some modified freighters or Gozanti like ships that do the actual pirating.
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    wabbitking reacted to Desslok in Getting my head around Retrofitted hanger bay. . . .   
    Cutaway simulation of the Farstar landing process:

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    wabbitking reacted to nichendrix in C-ROC Gozanti-class Light Cruiser Vs. Consular-Class WTH?   
    Oh, my mistake, but in the end, as you also pointed out, there are quite a number of inconsistencies in vehicle/ship stats between the books. 
    Since you prefer the comparison method...
    One interesting thing that I just noticed is that in Dawn of Rebellion there are stats for the Broken Horn, which are far more adequate to represent the C-ROC Gozanti. I don't know if you know but up until now, just 2 C-ROC Gozanti were ever shown in the SW Universe -- one is the he Borken Horn and the other the Merchant One -- both were shown in the Star Wars: Rebels TV show, both belonged to smugglers, both were stated in the starwars.com Databank as being lightly armed and relying on speed and shields rather than in their weapon systems and of these two ships The Broken Horn has quite a great amount of screen time.

    It is interesting how they have completely different stats, I think that the stats for The Broken Horn portrays very well the in universe capabilities of the C-ROC Gozanti and of Gozanti's in general, it also puts it on par with ships of similar size and role (armed medium freighter) like the Wayfarer, the VCX-100 and the HT-2200. If the Gozanti's are downgraded to the same level of the Broken Horn's stats, the regular stats for Consular's would be more than appropriate.

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    wabbitking reacted to LibrariaNPC in Starfighter Creation Thread   
    Alright folks, I'm back!
    I've hit a point in my report that I could take a break and stat up some ships. I just put the finishing touches on the TIE Avenger, and will begin posting everything shortly.
    I don't feel as though they are perfect, but that's what feedback is for!
    But first, here's my "Treatise on Uglies"
    A Treatise On Uglies
    “Uglies” are ships that are built from various parts that one would have on hand. You will be hard pressed to find one in the open market, but you may find a good number of them piloted by pirates or other groups who are unable to afford “proper” craft. That isn’t to say that Uglies are worthless ships, but rather they are unreliable due to their nature.
    The two biggest advantages to an Ugly are also their biggest drawbacks: they are cheap and have unknown capabilities.
    If one wishes to build an Ugly, they will need, at the very least, a hull from one vehicle, the engines of another, and parts to “complete” the ship.
    I will be honest, I doubt there will ever be clean mechanics for this, as many Uglies defy all normal rules. That said, here’s a few guidelines to get started.
    First, choose two or more ships to put together. Determine where the different parts would meet; for example, there are two combinations of Y-Wings and TIE Fighters based on which wings and cockpits are being used.
    Second, assign the statistics of the vehicle. Use the following concepts:
    Speed: Use the Speed of the ship that you’ve pulled the engines from. Reduce it if the vehicle is much heavier and/or is forced to split power to systems it never had.
    Handling: Take the lowest Handling of the two vehicles. As most Uglies are variable, some can be more agile (at the cost of other abilities), but most are less agile, and therefore subtract another 1-2 to Handling.
    Hull and System: This one is up for debate as you have two options. The first is to use the Hull of the “primary” ship (i.e. the fuselage); the second is to guess a number between the two Hull values. System Strain should be the lowest of the ships involved, with another -1 to -3 taken away due to the “quality” of the vehicle.
    Cost/Rarity: The cost is always variable, as you are basically purchasing a collection of flying scrap with some working components. The ships are worth as much or as little as you please, but can have that can rise up to 90% of a single ship’s cost.
    Encumbrance, Passengers, and Consumables: Again, this is variable, but use the values of the cockpit of the ship you are using. Make adjustments as needed.
    Hard Points: Once built, Uglies do not have any Hard Points.
    Weapons: Weapons are one of the most versatile part of an Ugly, as there are no “defaults.” The easiest weapons to mount are those on the parts of the ship you are using, but others can be added, even if they are “too big” for the ship. . .at a penalty, of course.
    Other Abilities: Uglies are prone to having a good number of tricks available to them in exchange for reliability issues. A simple way of doing this is to remove a system it would normally have (such as weapons, shields), weaken a system it would have (engines, maneuverability), reduce armor/Hull, or cause a setback die to all checks made with the ship in exchange for something it would normally not have. Examples have included powerful shields, heavy weapons not available to a ship of its size, or engines that can outpace a TIE Interceptor.
    The following Uglies are “Tried and True” and tend to not vary very often from one to another, even though they are not factory built. They have guidelines and tend to do the job that they are required to do: be cheaply produced fighters that can be built in your own backyard!
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    wabbitking got a reaction from Sithwolf2k in Automatically filled Dark eldar character sheet   
    I know I was making a joke.
    I still say the twist catcher is the best ship role for dark elder though, the rest of the crew probably don't give a crap about what they do to the mutants.
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    wabbitking reacted to The Grand Falloon in Lightsaber vs modern ballistics   
    Acoording to RAW, it blocks any ranged attack, but only redirects blaster fire.  So blasters, bullets, Force Lightning, rocks, Ewoks, Force-thrown cars, casseroles, the dishes that you bought your wife in the pattern that your ex-wife liked, insults, and the hopes of a nation.  It's all covered.
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    wabbitking reacted to swiftdraw in Why are Lightsabers so Easy to find??!!   
    I find this hilarious because thats how my Outlaw Tech found his, though it was in Mon Espa, not Anchorhead. He was looking for a cutting tool to get through blast doors and the D% die was very kind. Its now the business end of a device that he cobbled together as a breaching tool and/or precision cutting device. He is the only one of the crew who knows what it is, being a Clone Wars vet and all, but he constantly lied about when asked by the junk dealer and crew if he knew what it was. Oh of course he did, its a part of a high powered industial laser cutter that somehow got out of it's housing. He rolled pretty well on his deception rolls on that bit.
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    wabbitking reacted to Maelora in COMPNOR what is it used for?   
    Sorry to be facetious, but that sounds like the old Edwin Starr song:
    "COMPNOR! Hurh! Good god, y'all! 
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing!
    Say it again!"
    Could make a pretty good Alliance protest song maybe...?
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    wabbitking reacted to TheWanderingJewels in PC TIE Pilots   
    TIE  Fighter Video for inspiration

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    wabbitking got a reaction from Angel of Death in Tax Fraud in The Far Future: Starting A Fake Loyalist Chapter   
    NECROMANCY!!! if this wasn't a black crusade forum I would cry heresy!
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    wabbitking got a reaction from pearldrum1 in Keeping the Community Together   
    It is as old Papa Nurgle says death decay and rebirth.
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    wabbitking reacted to HappyDaze in Vehicles and comrades   
    And with a sentinel, your comrade runs at its feet like a dog chasing its master.
    I really wish non-infantry types had the option to not have a.comrade but gain something else in place of the comrade.
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    wabbitking got a reaction from Gregor Eisenhorn in Keeping the Community Together   
    It is as old Papa Nurgle says death decay and rebirth.
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    wabbitking got a reaction from Gridash in Keeping the Community Together   
    It is as old Papa Nurgle says death decay and rebirth.
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    wabbitking got a reaction from Robin Graves in Keeping the Community Together   
    It is as old Papa Nurgle says death decay and rebirth.
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    wabbitking reacted to Hygric in Weapon Upgrades   
    Cifer said:
    We're playing the disciples of Chaos here. "Because it's a horribly stupid, impractical and silly idea" has never been a reason to not do something.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a champion of Slaanesh wielding a belt-fed harpoon gun... "COME HERE BOY!!!"
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    wabbitking reacted to Lightbringer in Calixus Sector: Not enough Agri-Worlds?   
    Hard to say, I can't imagine anyone's ever actually worked out the mechanics of it!
    I don't know if you really need a 1:1 Hive world/agri world ratio.  Even though Hive worlds have massive populations, efficient agricultural methods, especially on a planetary scale, would probably be able to feed trillions of humans. 
    I remember reading on the CIA world factbook website (always an uplifting read) that even though British agriculture employs less than 2% of the population, it provides 60-70% of the food for the nation. So a population of a handful of billion, with advanced agri-tech, high efficiency xeno crops and the economies of scale acheived by farming an entire planet, may be able to feed a dozen normal worlds, or a handful of hive worlds.
    Yes, there'd be food shortages and food riots and the like, but these would be more a product of transport difficultuies than a lack of actual foodstuffs.
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    wabbitking reacted to Robin Graves in Planet conquering tips and strategies?   
    And how they get sacrificed: "Submerged into molten gold!" kinada awesome in a sick way.
    Hashut! Zashut! Zhar-nagrund!
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    wabbitking reacted to Mjoellnir in Chains of Judgement RT Stats   
    Hello, while trying distract myself I came up with stats for the vessel from Broken Chains. They should be legal (unless I forgot something) except that I had to swap one of the dorsal weapon slots for a prow weapon slot. I needed the modified drive to fit everything into the ship. So if you think that your traitors should repair it and hire a crew, have fun.^^
    Chains of Judgement
    Hull: Raider
    Class: Iconoclast destroyer
    Dimensions: 1.3 km long, .4 km abeam at fins approx.
    Mass: 6.1 megatonnes approx.
    Crew: 16,500 crew, approx.
    Accel: 7,2 gravities max sustainable acceleration
    Game Statistics
    Speed: 11 Manoeuvrability: +25 Detection: +10
    Void Shields: 1 Armour: 14 Hull Integrity: 28
    Morale: 101 Crew Population: 100 Crew: ???
    Turret Rating: 1 Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Dorsal 1
    Space: 32 Power: 45 (10 unused)
    Essential Components
    Strelov 1 Warp Engine, Modified Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive, Belecane-pattern 90.r Gellar Field, Single Void Shield Array, Combat Bridge, M-1.r Life Sustainer, Cold Quarters, M-100 Auger Array.
    Supplemental Components
    Dorsal Mars-pattern Macrocannons, Prow Voss-pattern Torpedo Tubes, Murder-servitors, Brig, Medicae Deck.
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    wabbitking reacted to TorogTarkdacil812 in Other races?   
    Any love for Dark Ratlings?  Tcho-Tcho style
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    wabbitking reacted to Athanatosz in The servo arm breaks the game.   
    Enemies can have powerfield weapons. Sometimes they can destroy it. Some times The heretech can gets a sidequest to repair it. Some times enemies can have haywire grande... You now the drill....
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    wabbitking reacted to SCKoNi in My players have pissed of the Eldar   
    Its the classic foolishness of the Eldar, they just don't get how good they got it sometimes. <Sigh>... well you know how it is cousin, entropy comes for all. They'll understand, don't you worry. <Gently pats on giant, heaving, pustule-covered shoulder>
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    wabbitking got a reaction from Marcus102 in Tax Fraud in The Far Future: Starting A Fake Loyalist Chapter   
    NECROMANCY!!! if this wasn't a black crusade forum I would cry heresy!
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