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  1. Does anyone here have any idea or suggestions on what the imperial bounty on force users and Jedi are? I know a Jedi should be worth alot more then a regular/untrained force user but that's about it.
  2. the way I see hive society the nobles are extremely decadent fancy impractical outfits exotic imported off world food surrounded by bodyguards lackeys and people who can do neat tricks to impress the other nobles and their lackeys duels of honor and assassination and general intrigue common. army: most likely experienced in antiriot and urban warfare (due to training and actual combat) main incentive to join besides jingoism is general better living conditions compared to alternatives even if army is a unified whole the nobility will most likely to have own standing forces/ militias command will have varying levels of competence due to nepotism and cronyism. police: brutal no sensitivity training understaffed overworked and most likely corrupt if you want a crime to be solved you better be rich or a noble otherwise screw you most likely equipped like modern swat forces trained to stop riots and keep everybody working. working man: working in sweatshop conditions and in many cases the factory has a priest to give sermons about how they're working their sin away for the afterlife while they are working manylive in giant company towns owned by the nobles or merchants many hives have the bread and circuses root of rome minus the bread and have free carnivals blood sports and other things to keep the populous happy others don't make them free but still have them food mostly consists of corpse rations or other nutritious but bland food with various canned and other preserved food added but due to the population size food shortages and the soon to follow food riots are a ever present danger slavery is also usually legal in some form weither wage slavey indentured servitude or chattel.chattel slaves are commonly given cheap bionics in the form of buzzsaws scissor blades or jackhammers either to aid them in their work or equipping them as gladiators with weapons you literally have to disarm to disarm. crime criminals of all shapes and sizes gangs prevalent especialy in the lower/underhive various drugs made from various funguses and moss and chemicals Obscura(meth) being one of the most common weapons and stolen factory goods and food are common blackmarket items they're are also cutter gangs( think organ harvesting but for bionics) and protection rackets are fairly common( and in some cases give better job at protecting then the police) underhive: filled with small towns/cities mostly controlled by gangs or people who hire the gangs surrounded by urban wilderness mutations are common so is death food water and power are scarce with many villages build around a old water pipe or broken wire that has yet to be shut off food mostly consists of various rodents and other scavenging animals fungus and if all else fails human flesh.
  3. Sergeant Merrick from dawn of war 2 is a sergant major so we know that's a rank so I assume major is also a rank.
  4. It is as old Papa Nurgle says death decay and rebirth.
  5. well the Warhammer license isn't getting renewed so most likely yeah its dead. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/9/a-new-path-forward/
  6. Hm where to begin they smashed, traded and used soulstones as trophies and in rituals. They have killed a farseer and infected an autarch with nurgels rot which killed him. Creating the stats for her wont be a problem im asking help with her gear and maybie some special abilities. If you guys could help me with that i would be thankful. The soul stone part I can understand but why would they be upset about one of their friends getting such a great gift not only does he/she get to work in such a beautiful garden forever and have the possibility of meeting Grandpappy Nurgle himself but he/she is also reunited with Isha I just don't understand.
  7. Saint Pius was seven feet tall killed men by the hundreds and if he were here he would consume the traitors with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his...What do you mean that sounds like a psyker hes a Saint he cant be a psyker you heretical trash BLAM!!! anyone else have any theological questions? no? Well lets go gut some traitors boys charge!!!
  8. well theirs morathi she the dark elf kings mother and slannesh worshiper not exactly the minion type but may be a useful "ally" especially to get the dark elves to help you. other then that they're are various chaos lords and beastmen.
  9. if this is 100 percent Warhammer fantasy screwing with the giant chaos rift at the north pole if only because it will quickly become daemons daemons everywhere. 1st priority is to get the friendly neighbor hood chaos barbarians on your side ally with archeon if possible kill if not if a shock and awe assault is out of order (even though a quick one to rile up the local chaos tribes to your banner would be useful) I'm assuming bombardment from your ships is too(even though some places need booming if this isn't going to be a whole campaign) I would suggest wiping out the skaven as soon as you find out about them they are the biggest threat to Warhammer besides chaos, destroy skaven blight and the council of 13 and they will soon tear each other apart even as you flood their tunnel with nerve gas.take as much info from the vampire counts as possible before destroying them(possibly recruit kemmler) mainly because chaos zombies are awesome. I don't know enough about the elves to come up with a good attack though distracting the high elves with a war with the dark elves would be difficult it might be useful to hold both of them up until the empire is destroyed don't forget the empire isn't the only country in the old world their is also cathy the china expy we know little about other then they are ruled by a dragon emperor (may or may not be a actual dragon and that tzeench worship is legal albet one that isn't all human sacrifice and rebellions. ps watch out for the giant hole the ogres worship it has teeth and may be some form of tyranid.
  10. NECROMANCY!!! if this wasn't a black crusade forum I would cry heresy!
  11. I was looking through wikia when I found a bunch of planets with the source being a pdf called guide to the calixis sector I was wondering if anyone could direct me to it.
  12. In lords of nal hutta it says that the empire put restrictions on slavery( excluding hutt territory) these restrictions were bad enough for many hutts to sell of there slaving operations to less well informed people before the law was in effect. Now I know the empire used a cap ton of slaves including wookiees so It couldn't be a blanket ban and the legends material I found is conflicting. So what I'm asking is do any of the game books elaborate on slavery in the empire? if not what do you think it is it just a full on ban and the empire is on mass ignoring its own laws for everyone to see ?Do the slavery laws affect only certain species(outlawing or allowing specific species) does it only allow the government o keep slaves, what do you think?
  13. One dumb thing I have wondered, for a long time, and this has reminded me to ask, lots of things reference the "dynasty", and them taking the Rogue Trader, at their head, down, before that august idiot ruins everything for them, but who are these people, who can do this thing? For example, my "insert here" Rogue Trader is Aedan Qel-Drake. He has no living father (Antoss passed away; that's why Aedan is RT), no uncles (Actian qel-Drake wasn't child-prolific), and on. If it's a hereditary title, for the most part, who are these distant hangers-on, who can topple the one with a ship, and possibly while he's still on it, far away from them? Who leads when he's gone, if he has no children, yet? I'm just curious on it, because while the dynasty might seem a bit like a giant company, with shareholders, a board, and what have you, I've never really seen it that way, at this level. While the Rogue Trader's actions could **** them all (hello again, Aedan), if they crush him, assuming they even can, they still would lose the power of their Warrant, wouldn't they? I know the Inquisition can attempt to rein Rogue Traders in from overstepping their bounds, and the aforementioned Callidus response, if they feel like investing that much into it (still a trump card I'd hold, if a game I ran ever started going to "should we play BC?", but so far beyond the edge of the Imperium, that gets trickier, and they are the Inquisition; I'm not sure how a lesser organization would manage. I always assumed if a rouge trader had no kids it would go to the nearest relative usually some distant cousin but if he leaves it in his will to someone it goes to him, and if he has no heirs living or relatives all assets revert to the state and its up to them what to do with it and who to give it to. if its a opponent your looking for its probably some second cousin or a delusioned imperial officer or beurocrat who thinks if he kills you he'll inherit it.
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