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  1. Thanks, i got a bit better with practice and took some of your advice when putting them together. I think if i shade any in the future ill do it in a light grey as opposed to the black shading i used here but I just finished my core set stormtroopers. I know i will need some more ST squads but **** i dont want to look at another trooper for a while. It was much faster after just lining them instead of the wash. Still got my speeder bikes and vader before ill have them all done. Hard to see but i opted for a base coat of Vallejo Bleached Linen and highlighted with pure white. hard to see in the light and its still subtle on the minis themselves. Might opt for a bit darker of an off white next time.
  2. Thanks for the reply, ive been painting a bit and trying to get into the groove of it. Though the first two i ended up with a wash that tried to mimic nuln oil, was vallejo glaze medium and pure black paint watered down a little bit. Was thinking of trying to lighten them up a bit though im starting to wonder if the wash was overkill on a white mini. Sorry for the poor picture quality im still learning. Its been a good year or so since ive touched a brush.
  3. Ive been watching your videos preparing to paint my own core set. I'm trying to learn zenith lighting never done it before, any specific advice? Also with the stormtroopers do you leave the primer you use exposed? I was under the impression that that was a no no.
  4. Yeah the two builds there were just taking all the most expensive core options to see how expensive i can make an army out of the core set.
  5. So I am brand new to star wars legion and miniature wargaming in general. I played my first learning battle last night, made alot more sense after rolling some dice and had a load of fun. (Managed to pick up the core set for 40 bucks on black friday sale from my FLGS. Anyway I wanted to experiment more with more of the rules and upgrades as well as get my full enjoyment out of it. Given that i'm the only one in my friend group who owns the game, all the minis are mine and unless they invest in their own is going to make acquiring enough pieces a bit more than I want to spend right now to maintain two functioning armies. According to a point buy calculator i found the imperials can get an army up to about just over 500 they tend to be expensive, and it looks like rebels can get almost there but not quite. So in an effort to not just stomp rebel players every time and being 1 corp unit short on both sides for a standard game, what should i do to keep it fair. I was thinking to do a 400 point game, or maybe 350. Keeping it small and allowing both players to field all of their units but not all of their upgrades. Any suggestions for playing with only the core set until i acquire enough pieces for 800 point armies? 525/800 Darth Vader 200 Force Choke, Saber Throw, Battle Meditation, Stormtroopers 44 HH-12 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes, Concussion Grenades, Stormtroopers 44 HH-12 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes, Concussion Grenades, 74-Z Speeder Bikes 90 Long-Range Comlink, 467/800 Luke Skywalker 160 Battle Meditation, Jedi Mind Trick, Targeting Scopes, Rebel Troopers 40 MPL-57 Ion Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Targeting Scopes, Concussion Grenades, Rebel Troopers 40 MPL-57 Ion Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Targeting Scopes, Concussion Grenades, AT-RT 55 Long-Range Comlink, AT-RT Laser Cannon,
  6. I think the RPG space marines have always been stronger than the tabletop space marines. Been kicking around ideas for how to play them short of basically just taking a human and shoving them full of cyberware. Wargame they would be what, have "And they will know no fear" and basically be immune to it. And have a bit higher brawn and power armor.
  7. They look really potent for only a few characters to get them. Would have to tone them down or something, or base it off the templar talent. Right now i think you listed them as 20xp in liber heresius, but they feel like they basically are signature abilities.
  8. Realms of Terrinoth is out now, might be able to rebrand the abilities in Liber Heresius as Signature Abilities with the same mechanics. You start off with 1 ability and can upgrade it in various ways. Every 50 exp you get an action point you can spend on upgrades. Each ability also has 3 tiers, basic, improved and supreme. Basic is free, improved is 1 ability point, supreme is 2. The list in the book does a pretty good job but could be more options that are unique to the setting.
  9. No worries it has been a very awesome read. I'm actually running a game this saturday i have converted shattered hope for my players using your dark heresy guide. Of course not actually owning microsoft word makes it a little hard to put the right formatting in there. I opted to stat the pregens as seasoned characters with 50 exp after creation to make them a bit more unique for new players. Figured i'd share it for the community. The Adventure: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lmpeGc-tQQ8MLztQrmrdgUJl8wy2ME73Oq2JzV6C6fM/edit?usp=sharing Pregens: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9gtbtgcfm49gvbt/Pregens.rar?dl=0 Original Adventure: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2008/10/31/free-demo-shattered-hope/
  10. Question: In the core book it says to use discipline for fear checks but you have resilience listed as the primary fear skill. Was wondering if it was an oversight or intentional.
  11. You still gotta get past the vehicles armor but sure makes sense that the object being thrown takes damage as well. That would imply also using the force to throw objects at people. I'd probably lean towards intent and if the method was designed to kill, subdue or simply cause pain and terror. But i agree with those posting above, lightsabers would be far more terrifying than being thrown against a wall.
  12. Thanks for the feedback just some stuff i wish was a little more clear in the power description because who doesn't like force pushing people into walls, or off cliffs. And yes that was very helpful So far it looks like discipline vs resilience to throw, success allows you to throw someone. Damage dealt will be based on the person being thrown, or the object he collides into whichever has a smaller silhouette/mass. Of course requiring relevant upgrades to move
  13. Thanks, and yeah we have a soldier: vanguard, spy: scout, engineer: saboteur , ace: driver and guardian: soresu defender (F&D career).
  14. We just finished the beginner box, moving on to operation shadowpoint which we are about to begin. Tips for an AoR campaign? Running it, adventure choices, pitfalls to watch out for or stuff to make it more exciting. Just seeing who has been around the block and what they recommend for such a game. Currently the party motivations fall heavily under sabotage, intelligence gathering and rebel combat victories. And we have one force sensitive in the group.
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