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  1. Well, staying on the frontier was the group's choice, rather than going back to civilization frequently; hence why I didn't feel all that bad about them not having better oppertunities to gear up. But now that the psyker's gotten that far ahead due to the nature of the class, I'm probably either going to 'encourage' them to get to some kind of civilized or forge world, or have them earn their way to the posessions of some lost prior Rogue Trader expedition or some such.
  2. Thank you for all the input so far, the main note I'm getting, from my perspective, is that i've left the other players under-equiped relative to how far along the game is. They've spent most of their time on frontier low-tech systems/worlds so i've clamped down on what's 'impossible' to aquire and maybe been to stingy on oppertunities to roll aquisition tests. The one thing i don't really understand though is the comparisons to the heavy bolter; the heavy bolter does 2d10+2 damage with 5 pen (so, since there's very few targets with total AP lower than 5, essentially 2d10+7 before armour reduction), with tearing quality. The range of damage therefore is 9 - 27, with an average of somewhat above 18 due to tearing. Storm of force, according to the errata 1.4(which as far as I know is the latest), does 2d10+ 3PR, not x2. currently my astropath player's PR is 7 and can push to 11 thanks to warp conduit. using 7: 2d10+(3*7 =) 21, for a range of 23 - 41, average 32. using 11: 2d10+(3*11=) 33, for a range of 35 - 53, average 44 While it can land more than one hit on a target, the heavy bolter also has a limited firing arc. If I try to use flanks of surprise, the storm of force just creates an absolute deathzone in a huge area around the Astropath The rest of the group is comprised of -Missionary with a buffing and melee focus -An archmilitant focusing on accurate-type weapons/building to be a 'sniper' -An explorator who wanted to go for an odd build and focus on agility. Between high dodge skill and typical techpriest AP she's the 'trap-spounge' of the group. Offensively pretty much just carries a heavy weapon for suppressing fire. The only other factors I can really think to mention is maybe some blame could be put on the group's tactics (they tend to just scatter to the nearest cover in combat, even if its the weakest, rather than try to pull into narrow cooridors for the explorator to hose them down or the sniper having room to kite), and my Astropath being peternaturally lucky with phenomenon/perils, which is maybe skewing my perspective of how dangerous psi powers are to use. From what I've learned from all your posts, it seems like the best option is to look for ways to get the others more on-par using equipment, then seriously up the power of the enemies I throw at the group.
  3. I've been running a Rogue Trader game for a while now, but now i've run into a situation where I'm at major laggerheads with one of my PC's over. As the characters have been going up the tree the Astropath has been getting more and more out of hand powerwise. We've been debating for a while if or what to do about it, occasionally reaching some compromises (we agreed to ban out the talent that allows a psyker to have a 'signature' phenomenon, for example so that it's at least possible for a roll that doesn't come up perils to have an impact on the game) However, now that said Astropath has gotten Storm of Force things have tipped immensly and I'm at a loss as to how to balance encounters. I'm having difficulty figuring out what kind of opponents I can put them against that will challenge the astropath yet not leave the other characters futile in what they can contribute. I could of course throw in psychic-dampening enemies/weapons/equipment to even the scale, but there's only so many times I can do that before it the player is going to wonder what the point of picking an astropath was at all if i'm just going to keep taking away the toys he spent xp on. While the player has agreed with me that Storm of Force could probably stand to lose some power, we're stuck at how and how much to take off it. So that's my question to the community; how do you deal with astropath powers (aside from just making up contrivances to take them away all the time) in your games? Do you feel they're balanced and my other PC's are just doing something wrong? What kind of enemies do you use in your campaigns against parties with an astropath PC? Do you use any house rules for dealing with powers such as Storm of Force?
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