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  1. So recently I am being made increasingly aware of the difficulty of the task making conversion rules. One being soak, damage reduction, natural armor, and spell resistance. Since soak in genesys reduces magic damage and physical damage. It's hard to make conversion from a system that separates them. One of the only ways I thought this could be done is to have separate soaks one for magic and one for magic. Well I wasnt about to do that. The problem lies if you increase the soak based on natural armor or Damage Reduction. That same soak blocks magic as well as physical and isnt a very good representation of the creatures defenses. So long story short, I looked at the pathfinder 2E Bestiary and it seems to move closer to the narrative system than Pathfinder 1E. So I have decided to make conversion rules to go from 1E to 2E. I don't even know if anyone actualy uses these rules but it might take sometime for me to get the 2E conversion guidelines to where I want them especially since my life has gotten more crazy.
  2. That's awesome. Thanks
  3. Awesome and the thing about getting the outline effect on the Dice Symbols?
  4. I never appreciated how awesome this is until I got Photoshop. Awesome work. Somethings I am curious about. I had previously downloaded some files from your cloud that had a tutorial and they showed the backside of the card. Now it's just 1 file? How do show the opposite side of the card for additional information? It seems you streamlined the whole thing just trying to figure out how everything has changed. I am trying to figure out how you added the outer glow effect so the dice symbols have boarders. Also have you thought about making a template for spells? Thanks BTW
  5. Yeah I forgot about ensnare. Thanks. Also there are weapons that have the Disorient quality. As for Unarmed Strike I think Martial Grace is a good fit, just reskin it as Unarmed strike. You have given me some good feed back thanks. So this is the revised version. Stunning Fist Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No Effect: Spend 3 strain and give your next unarmed brawl check the Disorient quality, with a rating equal to your ranks in Coordination. Stunning Fist (Improved) Tier: 3 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No Effect: Once per encounter you may spend 3 strain and give your next unarmed brawl check the Ensnare quality, with a rating equal to your ranks in Coordination Stunning Fist (Supreme) Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No Effect: Once per session you may spend 3 strain and give your next unarmed brawl check the Concussive quality, with a rating equal to your ranked in Coordination.
  6. Right now Monks are the focus. Stunning Fist Tier: 1 Activation: Active (Maneuver) Ranked: No Effect: Spend 2 strain and give your next unarmed brawl check the Disorient quality, with a rating equal to your ranks in brawl. Stunning Fist (Improved) Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Maneuver) Ranked: No Effect: Once per encounter you may spend 2 strain and 2 advantage to have your next successful unarmed brawl check immobilize your target a number of rounds equal to your brawl rating. Stunning Fist (Supreme) Tier: 3 Activation: Active (Maneuver) Ranked: No Effect: Once per season you may spend 2 strain and give your next unarmed brawl check the Concussive quality, with a rating equal to your ranked in brawl. There wasn't a item quality except tractor that immobilizes so I just was more specific for Stunning Fist (Improved). All the tallents require the 2 advantage per usual.
  7. So was thinking about doing this. Unarmed Strike Tier: 2 Activation: Passive Ranked: Ranked Choose one when you take this talent. Your unarmed attacks now deal +1 damage or need 1 less advantage to activate a critical to a minimum of 1.
  8. Yes those talents do have 2 setback, but all the talents pointedly avoid removing setback for combat and magic checks for balance reasons. True there is a limiting factor of choosing a school of magic, but I am not sure it is enough to warrant 2 setback removal and especial adding 2 boost. When all the spells are converted there will be no shortage of spells they will benefit from this talent. I find for the most part when dealing with magic its best to error on the side of less powerful, then if it doesn't feel worth it raise it. Thanks for the advice I will keep it in mind .
  9. So I think talent choices can help here. Magic Scholar Tier: 2 Activation: Passive Ranked: No When you choose this talent pick a school of magic. You may remove a [Setback Die] when casting a spell of that type. Magic Scholar (Improved) Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: No With your chosen school of magic you may add a [Boost Die] when casting a spell instead of removing a [Setback Die]. This is a big deal since removing setback dice from spells is not allowed with talents like Knack for it. If I did this I wouldn't add the ignoring Despair rule.
  10. Removing a difficulty die, that wouldn't work since all known spells have a set difficulty based on the class that is casting it and I think it might be a bit too op for something that is automatic. As far as the boost die idea, I did think of a boost die at 1st but thought it might not be a big enough incentive. The boost idea could work.
  11. I think since a lot of time seems to pass between uploads I think it would be a good idea to let you know what I have been working on. That way I can get feed back. ---Magic Item Charges-- Wands: wands will no longer have charges per-say, but you may spend a Despair for a wand to run out of charges. Staffs: Same as wands except you may spend 3 Threat or a Despair for it to run out of charges It seemed to make the most sense use charges as ammo, since it's one less thing you need to track. The difference between wands and staves; pathfinder staves only have 10 charges and wands 50, it makes sense they staves are more likely to run out. ---Improvised spells vs. Known Spells--- I have deiced for awhile know to make the Genesys spell casting system merge with pathfinder spells. I have come to realize that most people would just try to imitate a known pathfinder spell using the Improvised rules. To discourage this I have added an intensive to people who use known spells. Which is, whenever a Despair is rolled when making a spell check with a known spell the caster may flip a story point to avoid the narrative effect of the Despair. The Despair, however still adds a failure to the pool. This could also be explained that known spells have been carefully studied and crafted and proven to avoid some of the more common pitfalls. Yes I could have made the Improvised spells roll an automatic upgrade to their difficulty, but I don't want the Improvised spell caster to feel like I am unfairly putting restrictions on the spell casting from Genesys.
  12. Bare with me but I think I may finaly have it. Strain exspenature seemed unavoidable but then I came up with this. Let me know what you think. Weapons You may roll a magic die with your attack roll once per encounter per +1 enchantment bonus. With the magic die you spend white pips to add success or advantage to your roll. For example if you have a +3 Longsword you have 3 magic die expenditures per encounter. Armor You may roll a magic die after an attack targeting you once per encounter per +1 enchantment bonus. With the magic die you may add failure or threat to the attack targeting you after it has been rolled. For example if you had +5 Scalemail you have 5 magic die expenditures per encounter. These expenditures may be spent throughout the encounter or used all at once.
  13. *FG Hotfix Update* Added a hotfix patch to the Fantasy Grounds extension. You should be able to drag weapons die from Melee (Light) or Melee (Heavy) weapons now from the combat tracker.
  14. I am still not satisfied with the Enchantment bonuses rules since it requires adding a magic effect or attachment to a weapon or armor regardless of wheather or not the weapon being converted has a magic effect. So back to the drawing board for weapon enchantments. I had posted a solution in this post earlier but decided against it. Just incase you were wondering what happened to it.
  15. Sorry forgot to add the stuff necessary to run all the Fantasy Grounds content. If you are familiar with Fantasy Grounds you will know what to do with these files. If you are unfamiliar you will need to do the Following: 1. Run Fantasy Grounds and click the folder icon in the top right coroner of the banner. 2. Copy all the folders inside of the Fantasy Grounds folder that I uploaded. 3. Paste them into the folder you opened in step 1. 4. Run fantasy grounds, select a campaign and check the extensions you want. Genesys Core and the Pathfinder setting extension are required though. Thanks goes to Finding the Narrative Podcast for the modified Genesys Core. I couldn't have do it without them.
  16. ***Update 0.6*** So I wanted to have more done before updating but it's been a long time and I decided that I need to release something. You will probably find in consistencies with rules since I made changes and haven't found all the places where the old rule remains. It's a cluttered mess to be sure but over time It should get more consistent. I updated the Fantasy Grounds Module, so it should be more complete.
  17. So work on this project was stopped for a bit as I looked at the possibility of converting from pathfinder 2. While it hasn't been released yet it might prove easier to convert. That said I will finish up the core rule book of the 1st edition pathfinder before considering converting from 2nd edition.
  18. It's been awhile but I have been working on it this whole time trying to eradicate old rules left over from all the revisions. But somthing I have been working on is Class Abilitys. Each class when chosen will get a class ability. Just one. This is to put some reigns on the system to be more thematic with pathfinder lore. As an example, I need to define the differences between a sorcerer and a wizard. If a sorcerer can just pick up a talent that lets him use spell books that doesn't make sense in pathfinder lore. I came up with this for the sorcerers starting ability and the Wizard: Class Ability (Sorcerer): Dragon Blood My spend t to reduce the strain required to cast spells to 1 for the rest of the encounter. Like wise the GM may spend d to increase the strain required to cast spells to 3 for the rest of the encounter. Class Ability (Wizard): Spell Books Spell books act like a depository for your spell research. While you can cast any spell as long as you have the right skill, the value of spell books come from scibing them to your spell book. During this process you will have the opportunity to make a more potent spells than you would normally be able to cast if you were to just do it on the fly.
  19. Wow this is impressive. My expertise with spreadsheets is limited, but I can see this must have been quite an undertaking.
  20. Interesting. I have figured out how I want to do enchanted weapons already and looks similar. thx though.
  21. As far as scrolls go I think I will keep the upgrade for a one time use and if you want to add it to your spell book, you could spend advantage on successful check to scribe it to your spell book. Just like in all the crafting rules, you could spend those advantages to be able to get things like an auto advantage, or maybe 2 triumphs for a decrease in difficulty. And if you got a bad roll maybe you are able to try again. Imagine a wizard constantly adding runes and making adjustment to get that favorite spell a bit more of an edge. *Edit An I think I may have just found the solution to spell books as well. Spell books would still have actual spells in them but modified by the owner, so the PC that found it couldn't necessarily do the same thing. Of course there would be checks to decipher their work and maybe the possibility for copying it to spell book.
  22. For now I will probably go with the implement way for tombs, until I come up with something better. Thanks guys gave some things to think about.
  23. That is if you don't have a class skill. What I am talking about is. You have in the Pathfinder Core rules Summon Monster I, which can clearly be cast by a cleric with a divine skill. Now in Genesys Conjure is only allowed to be cast by the Arcana and Primal skill.
  24. So I have been flip flopping on the magic system so much, which is mostly the reason I haven't released anything for awhile. I initially started out as wanting to have individual spells. But as am converting more and more spells I am seeing the wisdom to having a more free form casting mechanic. I think the more spells I convert the hard it is going to be to balance all of it. So I came up with pros and cons to having a Free form casting system. Genesys Magic system Pros: Simplified casting for any spell which is a lot less complicated and makes for quicker combat. A lot Less work. (There are Billion spells in the pathfinder game) Players won't have a Billion spells to sift through. Cons: Some pathfinder classes could be cut off from spells their class would normally be able to cast. No sense of discovery when finding a spell tome with spells in it. "Oh whats this a spell book...big deal I can cast all that crap anyway." If characters can cast any spell what roles do scrolls play Then I thought how can I remove these cons while having a free form magic system and came up with this: Con 1: Pathfinder spells being cut off from certain classes that would normally have access to them. Possible Solutions Add a talent that lets the caster of a spell, cast outside his boundaries with a story point as long as it was a spell that could normally be cast by that class in the pathfinder system. Con 2: Rekindle sense of accomplishments when gain spell tombs and scrolls. Possible Solutions Spell tombs could have specific spells in them that could have certain bonuses to cast them such as: Only costing 1 strain to cast, Roll a magic die with them that increase their chances (see Magic Die below). Magic Die For arcane users, when a character has a spell book and uses a spell they have in the tomb they can roll 1 magic die for every rank in Ancient Tombs. When rolled they may use white pips to add success or advantage. Black pips nothing happens. Thinking about the possibility of adding a tier 5 talent that lets them use black pips as long as they spend additional strain equal to the amount of black pips used. Narratively it could show how wizards who have more understanding of rune markings in spell books and such makes it easier to cast spells. Using black pips could show his ability to improvise and make alterations to spells in the book without to much risk. For divine spell casters that would be simpler is have a talent called Divine Intervention. Which lets you flip a number of destiny dies equal to your ranks in Divine Intervention to add 1 Magic Die to your roll per destiny flipped. White pips are used for those of an good-aligned Deity and black for evil-aligned. This talent could only be used if they are following the tenets of their Deity. Primal spell casters would be similar to divine with maybe a few minor tweaks. Con3: If characters can cast any spell what roles do scrolls play Scrolls can be used to either upgrade the check once and have it consumed or be copied to a spell book which is riskier but pays off with a reward of being able to use a magic die with it permanently. Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.
  25. This is a possible solution as well. ---- [Hard Point Method] Magic Weapons with enhancement bonuses gain hard points equal to the weapons enhancement rating. For example if you had a Longsword that by default has a +2 enhancement it would have a total of 3 HP. Attachments usually require only 1 HP. Attachments that are magical in nature require 2 or more. Magic Attachments Returning Aura: Moderate transmutation Required Magic HP: 2 A returning weapon flies through the air back to the creature that threw it. It returns to the thrower just before the creature’s next turn (and is therefore ready to use again in that turn). Catching a returning weapon when it comes back is a incidental. If the character can’t catch it, or if the character has moved since throwing it, the weapon drops to the ground in the square from which it was thrown. Construction Crafting Difficulty: Hard (fff) Requirements: Telekinesis; Craft Magic Arms and Armor Talent, must be placed on a weapon that can be thrown. ----- This makes it a pretty good solution for all those abilities that are added to weapons and armor.
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