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  1. Kaudia

    Old X-Wing Cost

    Thanks for all of that... For casual home competition... What do you think of a title card for the T-65 that reads: You may reduce your ship cost by 2 points. You must upgrade your ship with another <astromech>, <modification>, and/or <elite> (if able) card.
  2. Kaudia

    Old X-Wing Cost

    That may be more urban myth than anything. I mean it makes sense, but I don't know that FFG has actually ever said as much. Cool. Thanks!
  3. Kaudia

    Old X-Wing Cost

    I heard on a podcast that the reason they didn't go with 20 was so that no one would fly 5 x-wings. I thought about reducing the cost by 1 then requiring the ship to have an upgrade of some sort. If I did so, (for house rules) should I do it for all released T-65 x-wings?
  4. Kaudia

    Old X-Wing Cost

    Hi. Just wondering... This is probably a Major Juggler question, but what "should" the old Rookie Pilot T-65 X-wing cost in terms of points? Thanks in advance
  5. Wow. Really? Makes sense, but my opponent will never agree. Lol
  6. Ok. What other abilities that Etahn A'baht change them? Just curious.
  7. What does the new FAQ do to the HLC? I'm not understanding the change. Thanks in advance.
  8. But it isn't just a few points. Taking Rexler means spending enough to get a generic defender with a HLC that will do more damage overall. And that's only even close to a viable option because PS 8 (10 with VI) is so valuable right now. After that it just gets worse, saboteur/marksmanship/etc waste valuable upgrade slots for limited results, the crit e-wing is extremely expensive for what you get, etc. No, I understand it very well. In fact, it's the reason I don't like Han very much, it's too easy for him to get some bad crits and lose a lot of power long before the final damage is dealt. The issue here isn't that crits are useless, it's that lists built around producing lots of crits tend to spend too many points on the crit gimmick and, as a result, end up doing less damage overall than lists that just maximize how many hits they inflict.And then you have to consider the situations where crits are of marginal value. The humble z-95 escorting that Falcon is immune to crits on 75% of its HP, and even the one hull HP that can take a crit effectively ignores a lot of them (munitions failure on a ship with no missile, PS 0 on a bandit, etc). So most of the time all of your crit-causing abilities are blank cards against that z-95. Meanwhile a list that focused on maximizing hits instead is going to kill the z-95 faster and win the game. But the issue here is that a dead ship is much better than a handcuffed ship. A lot of the time the crit gimmick list is still playing the game where a maximum-damage list has already killed everything and moved on to the next game. You're making the mistake of emphasizing the occasional situation where the crit gimmick works and not asking yourself what endgame state you'd be in with a different list.Ok. Well. I've now played three times using this "gimmick" and had three victories on vassal. Two against super chewies and once against blue thunder. It could be luck, but I don't think so. I've had a really tough time beating the YT's in the past. This time it was much more competitive even if I had lost. The damage is still there with the added flavor of critting. Maybe I just "made it work." To me, your argument of the Z-95 not taking crits is moot. I want to crit Chewie. That was my goal in this list. Not just win the game. I think if Chewie falls, the lists crumble. The faster Chewie falls, the more my ships can concentrate on others. By the way... I appreciate the dialogue, sincerely, but my original Q was "What is the best way to crit Chewie?" It's a tactic I wanted to try. Might not be everyone's favorite idea, but I like to mix it up.
  9. Can you shift your target lock from one ship to another as an action?
  10. Sure, it can cause problems, but how many points do you pay for those problems? This is the usual problem with crit lists, you spend enough points on the crit gimmick(s) that you could have just brought more red dice and killed your opponent faster with face-down damage cards. As for working against the rest of your opponent's ships, not really. Falcons are an ideal target for crit gimmicks because they have a high proportion of their HP in hull instead of shields, and don't roll enough green dice to consistently dodge your crits. Against other ships, especially rebel ships, those crit gimmicks don't do much. A b-wing ignores crits 75% of the time, a z-95 is usually dead anyway by the time you can get a face-up damage card on it, etc. In my opinion, the few extra points that this idea costs are well worth it provided that I have enough red dice. I plan on having 10 red dice over three ships (Lambda, Defender, Phantom). My friend, you and I have very different views of what crits can accomplish. I know you have to chew through shields, but once you get to the creamy filling (twinkie reference), you can absolutely benefit from all the problems and possible extra damage that crits cause as well as the straight up 7/33 chance of dealing another damage. I have played the Super Chewie build several times and lost more than once with only one damage left to get on him. I am not saying your argument is not well made (by others as well), but I like the handcuffs you can put players in during the end game with crits more.
  11. How about: Yorr with saboteur Brath with predator Echo with ACD as flanker
  12. Yeah I plan on it... But critting Chewie can cause a ton of problems and make him a MUCH softer target... Not to mention, a crit making list would benefit my ships against the rest of the ships in an opponent's list. Jobu... She doesn't.
  13. Overall looking to hit Chewie harder. Would appreciate your help. Just a few of mine... Does saboteur have the ability to crit Chewie? Vader as crew? Also, What about Kath Scarlet's ability? Does it trigger when Chewie does his thing? I know it wouldn't crit him, but I suppose the stress would help. Just wondering. Thanks in advance!
  14. If I have AS and PTL on Etahn with Engine upgrade... Can I barrel roll, then PTL Boost (pick up stress) and then reveal a green maneuver to shed the stress? Just curious. Please explain?
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