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  1. I would suggest taking a look at a few video games if you got a chance. The first one that comes to mind is Tom Clancy's The Division. One of the primary tasks in that is to go accomplish missions to establish a base of operations. As you bring them online they give bonuses to characters. Also another aspect is the fact that you need to recruit someone to run the different sections of the base while your players are busy being big **** heroes. Basically support staff but youcould have it where these NPC's help guide the players in their missions. Another video game that comes to mind is a pretty old pair of Star Wars games The Rebellion (not the board game) and Star Wars Empire at War. These can give you ideas as to how you would like to develop other aspects such as: How do we get the materials a to build item b? What kind of structures does a base Really need? How do these other aspects (Edge and Force) factor into the world of Age? Also it gives you some insight into FFG as both those games FFG has drawn inspiration from.
  2. So I have a recommendation for the ground part in two parts. The first is that the ground battle happen in space. You are using a Gonzanti which is an Imperial vessel and you could easily use subterfuge to get it close to another vessel and board it to sabotage or even steal. This would give your crew ground battle in a star ship environment. I am sure this is something you considered though. The second part is try trading up in scale if you can. By this i mean have your team lead a ground expedition where they recruit a populace to man a starship on behalf of the rebellion. This would probably require very little in the way of normal blaster fire combat but would allow your characters to shine in their specialties. The medic aiding those sick, the engineer repairing or helping to maintain systems for the city, the commodore making speeches, the saboteur showing the populace how to defend themselves through indirect means, and the Pilot showing off. A big part of the Rebellion isn't just material resources it also people as well. If your group is going to be a rebel cell they need a support structure and have recruited their own support group is a good way to a) introduce memorable npc's and b) fill out the ranks of what your group thinks it needs and having some people on the periphery to fill in the holes they don't see coming. So I would make a part of the campaign of looking at a big new starship and then work on the means to steal it right out from under the Empire using the help of your support staff. Another suggestion I have is that you simply give your players one of the scariest ships in my opinion (though there are those on here that will disagree due to better familiarity with the system) and that is the Skipray Blastboat. This is a heavily armed ship that can easily hold the crew for their missions. The Gonzanti can be the base of operations but they launch their missions in the Blastboat. Just some suggestions good luck with your campaign.
  3. I was thinking of doing something similar but splitting the difference. Allow characters from any system to play what they want. The system though is everyone has duty but only one or the other from the other two systems Morality or Obligation. Only exception is Force users would be required to have Morality regardless of system. The only catch is how I reward those who are only using AoR characters? Or does that seem fair still especially if I only allow them to benefit from one system (like raising Obligation or lowering Morality).
  4. In Dark Forces Jedi Academy video game we see an example of a dark side spirit possessing an individual. Now if you want interpretations remember that there is the interpretation that the Force is completely ambiguous. For the Force there is no light or dark side those come from the individual and how they use the Force. Now another interpretation could be Qui-Gon's interpretation of the final line of the Jedi Code "There is no Death there is the Force." His interpretation is that when a Jedi dies he becomes a part of the living Force and in doing so may through sheer will come back and influence or inform those still alive. Now if you look at the Sith Code their final line is "The Force shall free me.". Now one could argue that this is through just manipulating in the physical but there could of been those who interpret it into death as well. So I think Force Ghost is just based on the character interpretation.
  5. Was there a discussion of Kylo Ren's similar force use in Force Awakens? I am curious about that one because it could of been a destiny point + improve reflect if we use Donovan's interpretation.
  6. I am just curious after watching through the seven movies it doesn't seem like the Jedi and even the Sith did not develop that many individual powers. I count on average between 1-4 powers for the heroes and villains in the movies. Now I am not looking to limit players but is there a limit? Should there be? I mean I get the players aren't Jedi but the Jedi were raised from birth learning the Force; developing their abilities. This was years of their lives to get as good as Obi-Wan or Anakin in the ways of the Force. However, we are talking about characters that at best had limited instruction and usually none at all. I am just wondering if there should be a limit or line?
  7. Today we lost an icon to the Star Wars universe, so I thought it be a good idea to have tribute here to a hero of the Rebellion and remember that she brought hope to a galaxy far far away......
  8. I know that they classify it as an MC75 Heavy Cruiser in the book and in the movie on Wookieepedia but when I saw it I thought it was a Subjugator class refit or Providence class refit from the Confederacy. If I remember right those class of ships could hold hammerhead vessels for launch. However, it makes since because some of the smaller ships may not have as powerful hyperdrives so being able to jump in with an entire fleet of a cruiser and few corvettes makes a lot of tactical sense. Remember the Alliance was just getting traction so their fleet was probably not in the best repair. Of course that is just a theory as well as if you go off of the old legends that the Mon Cal would make each cruiser unique build so maybe that one was another one of their custom ships.
  9. So your argument is the fact that you can roll force dice to add to successes on skill checks and that these get ridiculously unbalanced? Absolutely correct except for the fact you have options. First, while there is no roll requiring a discipline check to activate such a power does not mean there ISN'T a rule that says this. Depending on the situation of deceiving a Hutt was one example I saw earlier in this thread. As I believe Donovan has first mentioned used the fluff of the situation. Unless this guy/girl has figured out some way to get an upper hand on a Hutt (without pissing the Hutt off) this should always be a challenge dice situation. Second, add in setback dice and I mean a ridiculous amount of setback dice. Why? First, negotiations with a Hutt the Hutt always feels superior. Second, more than likely it is happening on his turf. Third, add a setback die for every rival in the room in the employ of the Hutt. Fourth, add a setback die for every minion group in the room in the employ of the Hutt. Does the individual have understanding of Hutt physiology? No, another setback die or upgrade to the challenge die. Does the individual have previous dealing with Hutts or how Hutts operate on a psychological level? Setback die, or upgrade challenge die. Now why all these setback dice? A Hutt is a scary individual and a Hutt's Kajidic is even more frightening so most of the rivals and minions if they even THINK their boss is getting the short end of the stick is going to introduce the player to the business end of a blaster. Is this a bit extreme? Sure but based on your repeated statements of HIGH power characters regardless if they are force or non should realize what Qui-Gon said in episode 1 "There is always a bigger fish." I would apply multiple setback dice also because these characters sound like they are relying on the Force a great amount meaning they are not gaining Knowledge which is a tenant of the Jedi code and in fact multiple non-Jedi traditions. If all they do is wave their hand and things go their way then give them things that can't be affected by Force powers. An example from my game: I play a Guardian Soretsu/Armor Master I fix ship things and I hit things with my lightsabers that what I made myself. I am only sitting at 300xp and a FR 2. We were on a space station and a experiment got loose. I being this guy who thought he was going to be the hero stood his ground and whacked this thing with his lightsaber. No effect with 4 successes and my crit activating (this was including enhance dedication so now down to FR1). I managed not to get my head knocked off my shoulders jumped back and tried Bind on the sucker to no effect again. Upon realizing my Forcer powers or weapon was going to do nothing to this critter I made my retreat. Force Powers can be great and if used to ill effect an unbalancing thing in a game but they can also be softened and even countered. Walked into a trapped room with Cortosis walls and ysalarmi crawling around in the piping no force no lightsabers. For my character no problem as I could use mechanics to jury rig my way out. Probably most fun I had RPing my character cause I pretty much became a guy in shiny armor that could the whole time going "Holy bantha poodoo I been cut off from the Force!" either aloud or in my head. Just my two cents though so take it with a grain of salt.
  10. Rogue One also had a transport tank on Jedha you might want to consider statting. Just a suggestion, some other folks were looking for a good troop ground transport for their imperials.
  11. I disagree with this rule for privateers or pirate groups because of the fact that I am thinking of the of "Master and Commander" movie where they only left a small detachment on the ship when they went to raid another ship. Mainly because the ship has to be able to sustain a large group of people not just food but also power, water, breathing air and space to hold that many people. Military vessels would have better sustainability because they would have tender ships and support vessels.
  12. Quick Question/Request: Could you elaborate the role of the factions and who they are I was trying to follow but think I got confused. Thanks. I am currently pitching this idea to my players but RL going to influence this so we will probably start from scratch instead of infringing on your game. Also thinking of adding the element of Rebellion Board Game so that they can actually see 'where' there influence goes. Nothing solid yet just trying to get some clarifications is all. Really enjoying the unfolding of the story and game so far.
  13. I did some digging around and back in Star Wars Galaxies MMO there were named lightsaber crystals as rewards. Also I know that KotOR also had named lightsaber crystals for the player to collect. I think that might be something that could make for a good story hook is not named swords but seeking out lightsaber crystals that are named. I am currently developing a small adventure pack. I am calling it "The Lost Holocrons of Ossus" blending together some aspects of the KotOR comic and the current game. Plus some other Legends type material to round out the story. It is going to be a 5 parter with the players gathering up the Holocrons and then ending up on Ossus to find even more Jedi artifacts. Thinking maybe some named crystals as part of the final reward.
  14. Anybody else like how we get cover art work for books even if they are in development? I always love that about the announcements.
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