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  1. And here it comes ! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/4/10/guardians-of-the-deepwood/ have you seen this ? ... now we have the models ... waiting for next ones
  2. Hello ! I read your great ideas guys, congratulations and thanks for such awesome creative work ! Sorry about no contributions by my side. I only want to say that the above list fits perfect with Latary lore and other game units. Amyhelin Scout Deepwood Archer Darnati Warrior Storm Sorceress Leonx Rider Forest Guardian Pegasus Rider Dragonfly Patrol Dryad Warden I almost can see them in green plastic fighting on my board ! I will continue expectant ... thank you all !!!
  3. Hello ^__^ Really nice project ! Thank you all !!! Absolute agree with that vision !!! <3 I love this prespective of asymetric armies, I think they add more strategic options and interest into the game! Simply I want to emphasize that it will be great if all this ideas fit into the wolrd of Terrinoth, into the Lore and considering all other things allready done in other games. As you all have allready write Latari known units are: Deepwood archer Darnati warrior Storm Sorceress Lenox Rider Pegasus Rider Forest Guardian (for example in Rune Age & Runewars) I think this units are the "must-be" in this faction ... then there are 3 more missing And maybe some of the veterans may remember old Diskwars version (1999), this is what they say of Lathari elves army: The scrouge of Llovar is at hand, and The Great War threatens to destroy all that is good and all that are kind. High Lord Triamlavar in the Elven Capital of Lotharia has heeded the old alliance of Eleves and Men, and has sent his own sons into battle. The armies of the Lathari Elves are Waging War against the forces of darkness. Under sun and moon, in wood and on plain, their arrows whisper and their swords sing. They are Alluria, The heart and the strength of the forest. The Lathari Elves are fast, with many ways of attacking at a distance. In the basic army set, you receive three fixed flats with 4 Deepwood Archers, 4 Deepwood Warriors, 1 Riders of the Wood and 1 Windrider. Ok, I know I know, this is "Boardgame archeology" but it maybe it will help to inspire us ;P I like the combination between nature/animal creatures and elves, it fits the wood Elf theme faction. My proposal is to include : Dryads Wolves Spirits/faeries Thank you all !!! I will follow this topic
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