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  1. Amazon shows the playmat in stock on February 28th. -Cal
  2. Thank you very much for the clarification. Its very much appreciated. -Cal
  3. Played a game last night and Killgore and his scheme entered play. On a subsequent round I was in Alter-Ego. Obviously he couldn't attack so he schemed. Question: Does he scheme on his side scheme or the main scheme? I was unsuccessful in locating anything that advised one way or the other. -Cal
  4. If they ever release the play mats... -Cal
  5. It seems ever since Asmodee took over the Upcoming page Has been largely borked up and inaccurate. I usually roll some chicken bones and go with those results... -Cal
  6. I have a buddy of mine who plays Scum pretty exclusively who is looking for players in the Cape Cod area for weekly casual games. Shoot me a PM if interested. -Cal
  7. Out. This seems to be a good stepping off point. Aside from 1-2 more ships there's not much they can really come out with that I want. -Cal
  8. Caliber42

    Wave 14 Wish List

    I figured it could represent the time where he wasn't an Imperial any more but not quite a Rebel either. The time he was searching for Rahm Kota. I'd be just as happy if they made him Imp and Rebel only. I'd love to see a Proxy crew card... -Cal
  9. Caliber42

    Wave 14 Wish List

    Rogue Shadow - large-base cloaking ship, playable by all three factions. -Cal
  10. My buddy and I have taken this into our own hands and had matches that were "1 named pilot only", or "only ships from the original trilogy", as well as a combination of the two. We'll usually play two matches using builds we think are strong "meta" types perhaps but then end the day with something different. -Cal
  11. TIE Shuttle takes away your missile and torpedo slots, so you can't use LRS with it. Perhaps I should get better at reading cards. My mistake. -Cal
  12. Ryad (Stealth Device, /x7, Outmaneuver) Vessery (ION Engine, /D, Tractor Beam, Outmaneuver) Scimitar Squadron (Title, Rebel Captive, Long Ranger Scanner, Weapons Engineer) Lots of fun. -Cal
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