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  1. Thank you much. A suggestion for the FAQ: Just add the word bonus to the sentence on page 93 under acquiring new specializations, paragraph 2 "In addition, each specialization has career bonus skills." That will clarify it and would line up with the layout and wordage of the specializations.
  2. So when I buy a new Spec (I am outlaw tech and want Mercenary Soldier) Do I get all the career and bonus skills or only the career bonus skills awarded by that spec? Pg 93 says each spec has "carrer skills", I take this as both the career skills and career bonus skills that are listed under the Mercenary tree. I suck at searching and couldn't find any clarification.
  3. This is nice. It goes in your core box. http://go7gaming.com/lgc-002-game-box-insert/
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