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  1. I had a Campaign all set up for a group of friends to be played over skype and roll20 but they have since bailed out to play DND so if anyone is interested I can run it.
  2. My whole group bailed out on me but my campaign is still viable if you can get like 4 people (including yourself) Skype is ActualFidelCastro
  3. sure, in fact today is the first session so when thats done ill post the results
  4. well, for the past week i've been writing up source material about a khorne worshipping cult that functions much like the blood pact from the Gaunt's Ghosts novels and they are going to be descending on the sector capital before the onset of the warp storms that will engulf the sector in turmoil and blood for the better part of the next 4 centuries at which point the only war portion will start. So for the next couple of sessions the players are going to be learning and in a way living through the background of the sector's fall into chaos. The Greater Daemon will be making its first appearance by the end of this section and many of the enemy factions will also be introduced.
  5. so i've decided to start the game out with Dark Heresy and move on to Only War
  6. i didnt give em a break....to be honest i fully expected them to die i was getting annoyed at several of the players and this was meant to be a campaign reset situation. However the ringleader is actually a really nice guy and a great roleplayer, sometimes a bit too good he rolled to look around while the primarch was unveiling his master plan and used his mechadendrites to interface with a cannon in the room and shot him with it and while i could have made some bull about a power field or dynamic intervention or something i didnt cause at some point you have to stop beating the dead horse and get a new one.
  7. lol Dorn didn't die he cut his hand off and is protecting the Emperor on Terra ( which is his job anyway) disguised as an Adeptus Custodes, Also Ferrus probably isnt dead either..........cause he's part Necron.....
  8. Yeah that's what I was thinking also in fact I was bouncing some ideas around about a cult led by an apostate confessor from the Word Bearers
  9. so in response to the idea of a greater demon i actually made one already using the Dark Heresy generator( he cant abide hearing its the end of the world as we know it by R.E.M. XD) that i had planned to use for a major recurring enemy during the Dark Heresy and possibly Deathwatch sections of the game as I think that in Only War it would be kind of overpowered. Also for the Rogue Trader section don't the traders sometimes bring Deathwatch Marines or is it any kind of marine as long as their chapter owes the Trader house a favor?
  10. So I was working on an upcoming joint game meta campaign that would follow a crusade taking over a fallen sector using only war then exploring it in rogue trader, afterwards protecting it using Dark Heresy/Deathwatch and finally damning it in Black Crusade and I was needing some help with fleshing out the sector with planet names, guard regiments, crusade forces, etc. I was thinking of calling it Sector Cadmus.
  11. I agree but this primary had been enslaved by the Enslavers so even though his body had the capability to dodge it the Enslaved would have trouble using his power as if it were its own thus rendering his unnatural speed to a 3x instead of a 5 and that campaign ended during that session because of several issues I was having integrating the story into 40k fluff reasonably.
  12. This sounds really good, but what's the purpose of the Tyranids? I dont know if you've read the 5th edition Tyranid codex but in it they talk about how extremely scared the Tau are concerning Tyranids. Also generally the more factions you throw in a game the harder it is to keep track of what the kill team is fighting, so you might want to trim out the nids unless you have plans for the kill team to return to this watch station.
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