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  1. I really had to rush through the rules to play for the first time as a Keeper for my firends. But I got a load of questions that I had a hard time answering. They might be in the rules, if so I have missed them. So basic I understand that an explorer can do 2 steps one action. 1. can the explorer do it in ANY order? like :step, explore, step or explore, step ,step. Or has it to be step, step, explore? To clarify: as soon as you've explored/done an action your round is over? 2.1: Encountering a puzzle, evrytime you try a puzzle you are stuck right? You cannot move or anything? After tryinga puzzle (wwither you have discovered it or not) your turn is over right? 2.2: if you solve the puzzle have you used an action, or can you enter the rome and "explore"? 3. Enchountering locked doors: So lets say that the first round you stand in a hallway at the ned of your turn. Next round you, for your first step, try to enter a room. Its revealed and locked. Have your turned ENDED or can you do anything esle? Did it cost a step, or did it cost an action to try to enter it? 3. Unlocking doors, its similiar. I guess that unlocking a door with a key kost one action right? and you enter the room (for one step?) or is that action both unlocking and taking the step?
  2. Just to add, if you switch the first clue to find in the secret passage with basemantstorage it all makes sense, but the rulebook says otherwise...
  3. So I was seting up a scenario: The inner Sanctum and had: 1b 2a 3b 4a as choosing. The first clue that the investigators are to find is in the Study, right next to the chapel. But the room has "locked cabin" on it. so you need the key. Except for the clue the magic Phrase is placed under. The key is in the secret passage just 2 rooms away (but on the other side) So the explorers will neen to go down through the ladder leading to the Chams so they can go around, get the key and the first clue. But the chams is locked with MAGIC LOCK with the 2nd clue to find under it.... SO in the event that the investigator goes down in the ladder the room "locks" right... or do you get "outside" the chasm? not able to enter it? If not the investigator is stuck.... They can't find anything to help them. Another tecnichal problem is after you find clue one they tell you to place another ladder marker there... what for? to were?
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