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  1. Update! Enemies Without and Enemies Beyond have finally been added, along with the vehicles for all applicable Dark Heresy 2E sourcebooks. With the addition of the last two books, and the announcement that the Warhammer 40,000 RPG series is officially ending, the Warhammer 40kRP Armoury is now complete. There's still a few things that I'm planning to add - mainly in the Character Options tab - but I've reached my initial goal of having all gear and equipment catalogued. (Any future versions of the Armoury will still be released under my usual rigorous schedule of "whenever I can make time for it".) If you have any corrections to make, or if I overlooked something in one of the books, you can post about it in this thread or email me using the address at the bottom of the Keywords tab.
  2. Yes. In fact, I've just created a new thread in the DH2E forums for the first release of version 6 of the Armory: Warhammer 40kRP Armory All future updates will be posted in that thread, so once the next release is ready I'll make a post about it there.
  3. Good news, everyone: the 40kRP Armory has been updated to include Dark Heresy Second Edition! www.mediafire.com/folder/i3akv9qx9q05z For those of you who aren't already familiar with the Armory, it's designed to be a compiled quick reference for equipment across all six 40k RPG systems - you can use it to find basic information on gear that matches what you're looking for, then refer to the source rulebook for the full description. Credits: unnownrelic and eBarbarossa for their previous work on the Armory, and of course FFG for creating some of my favorite roleplaying games.
  4. It's Update time again! This version took a while because I had to add the stats and weaponry for a whole mess of new vehicles - 59, to be exact - but now the Armory is completely up to date with all indexable info that isn't part of Dark Heresy 2nd Edition. (I'll probably have to actually make a decision on that before the next update.) Also, the "Vehicle Weapons" tab has been removed and replaced with the "Vehicle Upgrades" tab. All the weapons are listed under the vehicle entries in the main section anyway, so if you want to mix and match weaponry from different vehicles it's still pretty easy to find whatever you're looking for. Daemon Engine weaponry is now listed under the Exotic category of the main "Ranged" and "Melee" tabs. I ended up leaving Daemon Prince special powers out because they're really more like mutations than actual weapons. That being said, it's admittedly kind of an arbitrary decision; I might change my mind between now and the next release.
  5. Update! I kinda dropped the ball on the timing for this one; it's actually been completed for a while, but I had planned to use this post to announce the release of a different project, which probably won't end up actually being a thing because of reasons. Anyway, this release adds the Tau Character Guide, Tome of Decay, and Shield of Humanity books - and something new (see below). Still haven't decided what to do about DH2e. I'll probably figure it out by the time they start releasing non-adventure splatbooks. Actually, all of the daemon weapons that were listed in their own separate tables (including the ones from the BC core book) were left out of the index. Probably because there wasn't a good way to list them concisely. Well, now there is! This version introduces the "Templates" tab, which adds various tables for generating modified equipment - random treasure from Stars of Inequity, daemon/rune/legacy weapons from various Black Crusade books, and equipment patterns from Only War. Daemon weapons are identified as such, along with the daemon's WP and the weapon's binding strength/attributes, in the "Notes" column of the weapon entry. For example, the Manreaper is described as "Daemon Weapon (WP 57 Bind 3 - Accursed, Herald of Decay)", followed by its other special abilities. (If you want to figure out what those attributes actually do, there's a table for that on the "Templates" tab). Oops. Fixed.
  6. Oh right, the other threads; forgot about those. Done.
  7. Since the original editors have vanished into the Warp, I've updated the armory to include all books and errata that weren't in the last version. For further updates, refer to my signature or just go here.
  8. Since the original editors have been eaten by Tyranids, I've updated the armory to include all books and errata that weren't in the last version. For further updates, refer to my signature or just go here.
  9. Since the original editors have departed for regions unknown, I've updated the armory to include all books and errata that weren't in the last version. For further updates, refer to my signature or just go here.
  10. Since the original editors have been abducted by the Inquisition, I've updated the armory to include all books and errata that weren't in the last version. For further updates, refer to my signature or just go here.
  11. Both of the previous updaters have apparently disappeared, so I guess it's my turn now. All previous disclaimers still apply. www.mediafire.com/folder/i3akv9qx9q05z There's been some changes with this version. Data grouping (the + on the left) doesn't subdivide by sourcebook anymore, because having all those fiddly little buttons worked a lot better when there were only 15 books to deal with. This also means that sources and page numbers are now listed per row. The new system has some problems of its own, mostly because certain categories are obnoxiously long - looking at you, Exotic Weapons - but I think it's still an improvement. The other significant change is that several sheets now have data filters enabled. For example, you can set a filter for "does not end with -" in the RoF column to only show guns that have a full auto fire mode, or "contains Tearing or equals " (with the second box left empty) in the Special column to show the results under their usual headings. It's pretty handy. Credits: unnownrelic for getting this thing started, eBarbarossa for keeping it going, and FFG for making some pretty cool games.
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