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  1. I loved SWG, played it so much and was very invested in it and when the announcement was made it was horrible for everyone
  2. True, they have the Covert Missions set up for pre order on the website so anyone who has not noticed the game cancellation and pre orders wont be able to cancel then it looks like
  3. Team Covenant just pulled a **** move, they will not accept cancellations on the final set
  4. Yeah, its pretty much dead, no new models, worlds tourney ended after this year and lack of real non physical support
  5. They are definitely cutting the fat, last weeks job losses, Imperial assault and now Destiny... just wondering whos next for the chop Im wondering if the hedge fund who owns FFG/Asmode is thinking of selling it on
  6. Just like Imperial Assault before it, Destiny has been killed off - plus all the lay offs last week https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/1/14/the-saga-concludes/?fbclid=IwAR3dKMWjSrAcHsxvyH5YkB4Erv11Zv9cdQJhRm1XpXYMb2BwLy6iTsGRtxY
  7. It met its destiny at last https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/1/14/the-saga-concludes/?fbclid=IwAR3dKMWjSrAcHsxvyH5YkB4Erv11Zv9cdQJhRm1XpXYMb2BwLy6iTsGRtxY
  8. Sadly when Legion was announced and released, IA was played less and less where i am until it died - due to circumstances i have not played for over a year - . For the past few weeks ive been sorting out and making sure everything is complete before i ebay mine this weekend
  9. Heres the stream at the question and them dodging the answer if it does not start its at 1m01 - just put the 2 parts together https://www.twitch.tv /videos/410494917?fbclid=IwAR3CLXpk_H-inIRrxzKlvwgD0rQKUwFW3g62aW94dxRncWQ86600wDAo-VE&t=00h01m01s
  10. So just waiting for the Order 66 article saying "Its been a great time making IA but sadly PEW PEW!!!!! arghhhhhhhh Even if there was a 2nd edition you would expect a physical release to go alongside, especially the new card bits and a release to go alongside. Sadly around where i am Legion killed the small base it had, as soon as that came out it was hard to get games
  11. Shes one of the main villains in the series, hopefully she will be in it longer as she was woefully underused
  12. Wow, just checked out the likes to dislikes on the Disney YT 3.4K / 4.3K
  13. Gwendoline Christie will resurrect chrome-armored Captain Phasma as one of the villains on the show, set before the events of The Force Awakens Rachel Butera will be voicing General Organa
  14. What are the ships at 42 seconds, i tried putting up a pic but it did not want to attach them lol
  15. Last announcement for new models was only the 5th May 2017.... *looks at current date, ohh
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