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    MrDomino reacted to ScottieATF in SWLCG Regionals   
    I think that is missing the biggest issue in placing a Regional, can the area support it?  Are there enough players in the area to warrant a Regional being placed in that location?  FFG shot themselves in the foot deciding to divide up Regions and place two events max in each.  They tied their own hands in regards to ensuring that areas with a player base capable of supporting an event got one by being forced to allocate them in regards to geography, and not in regards to where the player base actually lives.
    The Vegas store had only one local player attend their SC and last year had so many issues with the way they ran their Regional that I know many players in attendance emailed FFG in regards to how poorly the event was handled.  How does that venue look at all attractive to host a Regional at?
    It makes FFG choices, in many cases, seem very abritrary and out of touch.
    Though I do wish you luck in hosting your event!
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