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  1. The best deck builder for iOS, built by the same guy who brought us the tournament organizer app. Net Deck is off the App Store as of yesterday afternoon. Just adding my two cents: Netrunner Deck Builder, best app for Android imho, can't fetch the images from NRDB anymore.
  2. Go check www.netrunnerdb.com Then feel free to rage. Edit: ninja-ed
  3. Seconding Alsciende here: there's a line between what is legal and what is right, and shutting down a whole site only to prevent use of the images, imo, is not right. I'm looking forward to an agreement that allow NetrunnerDB to survive without any copyrighted infringement, but this requires FFG to state clearly what isn't licensed to use, in order to avoid similar situation in the future.
  4. SIGNED NetrunnerDB is a solid site, with precious features and much data stored within and extensively referenced in various communities (Reddit, bgg, etc...). I understand that copyright issues needs to be solved but, honestly, a whole site takedown is not the right solution. By the way, I just gave a try to the new version of CardGameDB today... It's literally unusable with small screens, and it doesn't provide nothing more than NetrunnerDB, while presenting more setbacks in various areas. Seriously, if that is the official deckbuilding tool there much work to do on it. A few hints: - import is only by plain text (export is also on OCTGN format, though), and often it fails with "Data column(s) for axis #0 cannot be of type string". No user readable error messages? Seriously? - Information about cost/strength graph must be filtrable by card category: I want to se the strength of my ICEs paired with the cost of ICE rez... Not Ice rez+Asset rez+Operations - Maybe I'm not that savvy, but... is there any use for the influence pie chart? Maybe part of your agreement with Alsciende may be to have his consulence on how to improve CardGameDB? ;-)
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