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    S&V Shipping?

    I've not heard back from MM, but I just got the UPS email telling me about the shipment from MM. Using the UPS tracking number it looks like MM processed the non-pre-order items (0.5 pounds for shipment). Hopefully, this doesn't mean that they will mess up the rest of my order.
  2. Caadium

    S&V Shipping?

    February is what I've been expecting. I actually only placed the pre-order yesterday, which is why this was presented as a question. On MM page, the order shows as shipped. I've got a message into them.
  3. Caadium

    S&V Shipping?

    I've got a screenshot of the order, with status clearly "shipped". I'm struggling to get the forums to accept the link to Google drive tough. If it's an error, I just want to know so I can move on to sad panda phase.
  4. Caadium

    S&V Shipping?

    Someone needs to either tell me that miniature market is lying to me, or confirm I'm not crazy. Work has ceased until then. Ill try to figure out how to get a picture here to show a screenshot of my order.
  5. Caadium

    S&V Shipping?

    I just got an email from miniature market that my S&V order shipped. I've not checked around, is this an erroneous email, or are they coming much sooner than I'd expected? Anyone able to shed some light on this?
  6. Caadium

    Ig-2000 dial?

    Ffg was kind enough to give it a high enough base cost that you'll only be able to put 2 into any 100 point list.
  7. I see Sablegryphon's Lambda school 101, but not 102. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/98558-flight-school-lambda-102-outflying-an-x-wing/?hl=lambda
  8. Flying A wings in formation with a Z is not only tricky, but reduces a key strength of theirs; mobility. Without formation, the chain fails.
  9. Or 9 for us representing the West Coast.
  10. It frequently is. For example, on an X wing it isn't there to be used every round, but there are times that using your action to boost will get you shots that you wouldn't have had otherwise.
  11. Caadium

    E-wing Upgrades

    R2-D2 is great on a ship that has 3 shields and 5 natural green moves. If the points are there, R2-D2 + AS + PTL makes for one pricey but tanky ship.
  12. To put all the above together, with 1 dodge dice, B-Wings don't dodge ion well. Once ionized, all the B's great dog fighting doesn't mean anything; just get out of it's arc and focus fire it down. With your ships, a classic Dutch, Garven, Biggs, Rookie squad should do well. Dutch ions a B, the action passing let's you hit them hard. Biggs keeps Dutch alive long enough to get that close. The round after you ion 1 b, the !s focus fire while Dutch ions another b for next turn.
  13. I've enjoyed opportunist. It's not hard to build a squad that fires before the a, thus setting up opportunist. Once aces is out you can do this for 21 points, or for 24 you can add outmanuevre to hit like Wedge. To take it 1 step further, for 5 more points (the price of Wedge) you can have an A that hits like Wedge but with one 6 dice, range 1 attack in the missile tubes.
  14. Last night I had fun with the following Imperial Crit Squad: Maarek with Predator Rexlar Brath with Predator Soontir Fel with PTL
  15. Only as much as Outmaneuver makes Wedge obsolete. Or, Predator to Howlrunner. Or even Draw Their Fire makes Biggs obsolete. There is a history of making EPTs that function as limited versions of named pilot abilities. These are just the first ones that come to mind.
  16. Caadium


    I like the original but I might tweak it a bit for more survivability. PTL on Etahn allows for offensive action stacking while Biggs lives & turtling options when needed. On Corran, I understand the benefits of Marksmanship, but FCS sets up the second attack so I might consider PTL again to better stay alive, or similarly R5-P9 on one of the Es (Corran can use it when he's not shooting, or Etahn turtled up might not use his focus). The core concept though has some serious appeal for me.
  17. Have you tried it post? Seems like it could handle the Phantom. I've not had the opportunity to try it or look for possible wave 4 tweaks to it.
  18. Pre wave 4 I liked: Luke with swarm Biggs Roark with ion Rookie.
  19. Since you have Gunner I'd consider swapping Advanced Sensors for Fire Control Systems. With the 2 points you have, I'd give Fel a Targeting Computer. Now all of your ships hit a little harder.
  20. Caadium

    B-Wing Expanded

    The pilot I submitted to The Metal Bikini for their recent contest was in this vein, but still done as a single attack roll. I agree that some mechanic around firing multiple weapons at once is coming and a good fit for them.
  21. Caadium

    B-Wing Expanded

    Guided torpedoes. This was what I thought of.
  22. If Roark uses his ability on a ship that has Swarm Tactics that ship can buff another ship to PS 12. If Roark is within range 1 of the ship that he buffs up, could that ship use Swarm Tactics to buff Roark to 12?
  23. Caadium


    The usefulness of focus for defense is based on agility value. So, shouldn't the usefulness of R7 be affected be attack value of the ship shooting at you? Yep, both the attack and defense value factor in when comparing R7 and focus. I did some math, and here's what I got for the average damage on a 2 agility ship, with attack dice focused in all cases. (Disclaimer - I'm not a mathematician, just a guy with a spreadsheet. I was pretty careful, though.) Average damage with: 2 Attack vs. 2 Defense Def unmodified: 0.85 Def focused: 0.475 R7 reroll, Def unmodified: 0.558 R7 reroll, Def focused: 0.306 3 Attack vs. 2 Defense Def unmodified: 1.53 Def focused: 1.07 R7 reroll, Def unmodified: 1.05 R7 reroll, Def focused: 0.668 4 Attack vs. 2 Defense Def unmodified: 2.26 Def focused: 1.77 R7 reroll, Def unmodified: 1.55 R7 reroll, Def focused: 1.12 So for an X-wing with R7, it looks like focus is the better defensive action when attacked by a ship with 2 or less attack dice, while target lock is better for 3+ attack dice. But the difference at 3 dice is very minor, and of course, it can only be used against that one attacker. But if you're going to try Biggs with R7, don't waste your defensive target locks on 2-attack-dice ships. Thanks. Tarn & Biggs both have mechanics that prevent the opponent from bypassing a shot r7 could modify. Similarly to that though, I'm curious if you could do a similar breakdown 1 & 3 agility ships?
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