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  1. Its a tournament on TTS, and they play with everything spoiled..
  2. Traxo

    Dwing's Imperials

    Lovely bunch of peacekeeping Imperials! Keep up the good work! /Jon
  3. Really good and well-done camo.. Looking forward to the rest of your force. /Jon
  4. I agree that the most troopers possible is ideal - but i want some punch in the army too.. and im Feeling im giving away far too much, if im removing the above mentioned upgrades - comms make the Speederbikes activation far too unreliable - the mortar makes the AT-ST too one-sided.. and i wouldnt get the most out of Arsenal 2 - esteemed leader would make Veers far too squishy.. But thanks for your input /Jon
  5. Here is a small preview of a certain Dark Lord on his way to Jorbal - wonder what he wants on that backwater rock? He may, or may not, have taken a bit of inspiration from his sons pose /Jon
  6. Hi there Im going to our countrys first Legion tournament in the start of May, and i have already started theorycrafting my list - i really want to run Veers, since he gives so much more room for other fun things in the list - i have made this as a first draft. 794/800 General Veers [80] Esteemed Leader [5] Stormtroopers [44] DLT-19 Stormtrooper [24] Stormtroopers [44] DLT-19 Stormtrooper [24] Stormtroopers [44] DLT-19 Stormtrooper [24] Snowtroopers [40] Snowtrooper [10] Snowtroopers [40] Snowtrooper [10] AT-ST [195] AT-ST Mortar Launcher [10] 74-Z Speeder Bikes [90] Long-Range Comlink [10] 74-Z Speeder Bikes [90] Long-Range Comlink [10] It has a reasonable amount of activations, fast hardhitters in the Speederbikes, the AT-ST to take care of armor and pop suppression, and then a handful of troops - some to work with the objectives, and the Snow troopers to work as bodyguard for Veers What do you think?
  7. Thanks for the kind words! The conversion im doing now, is more like a change of pose - its still clear who the model is. I might make a fluffy name for Veers, once he is released, and use him as a General of the 805th Engineering division /Jon
  8. Feel free to take inspiration from it - imitation is the greatest kind of flattery Tonight, when i should have painted Storm troopers, i ended up doing a fair bit of converting on the high ranking Imperial on the way to Jorbal. I might just snap some daylight pictures for you guys tomorrow /Jon
  9. Well, im surrounded by young whippersnappers in my area, so i feel old - does that count? But nonetheless, thanks for the kind words! Thanks Makwiesel! The bases are a mostly Vallejo basing paste, small slate for the small rocks and tree bark. Regarding what Imperial is on the way, the "Engineers" of the 805th is wondering too - who could possibly show interest in this remote rock? That's not a bad idea LunarSol! My thought about the cloth on the Speederbikes is that it's some kind of camo-cloaks - hence the desert color. The white and black isn't exactly lowkey.. So i will definitely incorporate it other places. Otherwise, thanks a lot for all the nice comments - im really happy that you like my little force At the moment im finishing the greenstuff work on another 3 DLT troopers - and then its on to painting more Storm Troopers.. I have done some mixing and converting regarding to poses, that im really looking forward to showing you /Jon
  10. Its simply a bit of Greenstuff, Plastic card and a paperclip for the Antenna. Here is a WIP of the mini: Thanks alot for the nice comments people - it makes an old geek like me happy /Jon
  11. Hello and welcome to my presentation of my small (but growing) army When the game was announced, i knew i had to buy it - and i knew i had to limit myself to one of the sides. My good friend and gaming partner is an allround good guy, and always chooses the good guys - and since i didn't want to play mirror-matches all the time, i chose the Empire. With that in place i knew i needed a theme for my force - that theme would be decided by my choice of basing (ie. what planet they operate on), the paintscheme and the units in the army. My friend and i was already in the process of making Tatooine terrain, so i quickly settled on desertbases. Then i knew i wanted a focus of machines and vehicles in my army - that would be my focus point. Lastly i chose to implent a lot of grey in my paintscheme - this was done to make my force unique - but also to couple my ground forces with my vehicles - the grey would be my main color through out the army. Lastly i chose some heavy weathering on most troops and vehichles. First a piece of background, before the pictures of my finished models: The 805th Engineering Division have been stationed on Jorbal for more years than any one care to remember. If you ask the troops themselves, they are pretty confident that the Empire have all but forgotten them. New supplies and gear from the Core Worlds are a thing of rarity, and most troops never live to see the Shuttles fly in. This neglect from high command have resulted in a division, which is fiercely independent. You will never hear a member of the 805th ask for help. They make do with what they have, and is never one to make complaints. Their main focus on the arid rock called Jorbal is protecting the Imperial Research facility there - exactly what is researched is not known, and to be honest, the 805th does not care. A command was given, and a command is followed. The most prized possession of the 805th Engineering Division is its Walkers, Speederbikes and Tanks. This is the vehicles that give the Empire the upper hand against Jorbal's insurgents and numerous Rebel cells - that for some reason often target the research facility. Although these vehicles often looks battered and scoured and often is stripped down to the grey primer by the fierce sandstorms, an enemy should not underestimate them - the inner workings i a wellgreased gear, and its not misleading that the 805th is a Engineering division. The latest rumours in the barracks is that a high ranking Imperial in en-route to the planet on a secret mission - who could it be...? The first unit painted, was my Storm Troopers: Pretty standard, except for my DLT-trooper. I quickly decided that i wanted more unique heavy weapons, so all my heavies are going to have Visors, antennae and Shoulderguards. Then i painted my Speederbikes, to have a go at the grey vehicle colour i had chosen - and to see the grey markings on another type of trooper armour: Some bad pictures - sorry After these, i couldn't help my self, and dove into the challenge of tackling the AT-ST - i knew i wanted two of these, so i was very excited! Really happy with the outcome - all weapons are interchangable, and the Mortar is fastened with magnets. Lastly a group photo of my forces so far: Next up - some more Storm Troopers - gotta have those Corps! Thanks for looking, and feel free to leave a comment below - im really liking the game and the community so far /Jon
  12. Hi there.. I want to show you some of the repaints i have done on the ships for this fantastic game.. I play mostly rebels, and my minis have jokingly been called "Rust Squadron" og "Rust Buckets" - check the pictures below to find out why First up, is my trusty HWK - It doesnt see tabletime often, but i really like the ship.. It is rather well-worn, as you can see Next up, my Blue Squadron B-wing - slightly modded to sit more in the middle of the base.. Then last - the true workhorse of my squad - the Y-wing.. Often played as a Grey Squadron or Horton himself Thanks for stopping by, and be free to comment on my work - i plan on updating this post when i get more work done - i already have a YT-1300 and a couple of Z95's in the workshop - Jon
  13. Hello As the title tells, im looking for the best use of the remaining 42 points while running Super Dash (Dash Rendar with Kyle crew, PtL, Heavy laser cannon, Outrider title and engine upgrade) The list is for an upcoming SC, where i probably will meet a lot of phantoms, fat han, and decimator list.. Thanks for looking, and looking forward for your response
  14. Well, he only played one 100 game yet, and that was with a souped up Bounty Hunter, a souped up Bomber, and two Black Squadron TIEs with Markmanship...... So i think most of his losing is due to overspending on upgrades and such - and dont quite have the hang of maneuvring yet..
  15. Thanks for all the good suggestions so far! You guys are awesome - keep them coming! He only has two normal interceptors - but i know he will buy Aces soon..
  16. Hi out there! I got a friend who recently got into the game, and he has bought a lot of empire - but so far he hasnt won a single game.. Do you guys have a good starting/beginner empire list? It should be relativly easy to fly, but still fun He has the following: 4 TIEs 2 Interceptors 2 Advanced 2 Bombers 1 Shuttle 1 Firespray Thanks! -Jon
  17. Well, a fun rebel list, that gave me a third place at the local Store Championship is this: 2x Gold Squadron Y-wings with Ion Cannon Turrets 1 Blue Squadron B-wing with Adv. Sensors and Ion cannon 1 Blue Squadron B-wing with Adv. Sensors It ends up at 99 points, so you often have initiative.. And its a blast to ionize people around the board
  18. I have done these (only one is painted at the moment) Both was rather simple conversions, which only required me to snap of the peg, file the back even, reglue the peg (with a pin) and reorient the cockpit.. -Jon
  19. YYBB works very well! I, at least, have had great success with that combination.. I recently finished third in a Store Championship with this squad: 2x Gold Squadron Pilot with Ion Cannon Turret 1x Blue Squadron Pilot with Advanced Sensors and Ion Cannon 1x Blue Squadron Pilot with Advanced Sensors Its a really tough list, you have a lot of control, and you have 99 points, so mostly get initiative.. -Jon
  20. Thanks Millenium Falsehood! It really means alot.. Regarding how i modded the B-wing, i have begun work on my second B-wing.. It is now ready for painting: I have deliberatly chosen a different pose for it. I have done this to simulate how the B-wing is a maneuveralbe, cockpit spinning fighter I hope to be able to begin painting on it tonight - but how to paint it? I have thought about painting it with blue details as the first one, but maybe a different color? -Jon
  21. How experienced are you? I am a relativly new player, and really like the dimension Ion Cannon Turrets add to the game.. They are rather easy to use, and add a cool element of control to the game.. The list i plan on playing for my store championship is this: Gold Squadron+Ion Turret x2 Blue Squadron+FCS+Ion Cannon x2 -Jon
  22. It was a rather simple conversion - the clear plastic peg which goes into the engine block snaps off rather easy.. I just twisted it a bit, and it fell right off.. Then i trimmed to remainder, and painted it blog - its barely visible now.. Then i drilled a hole in the center wing, and glued the clear peg there.. The last thing to do is cut the cockpit of, and rotate it. It is glued together just behind the canopy from the factory, and with a sharp knife and some force, you can seperate them just there.. And then it is just a matter of gluing it back on in the right angle Oh and yes, i have noticed the Dagger blooper.. I hoped you would not -Jon
  23. Wow - im totally awed by all these positive comments!! Im really hard on myself sometimes, and think the HWK is the worst of the bunch, but it seems like im wrong You have really given me the best welcome a guy could want, and i want to paint more and post it.. But once again, thanks so much! -Jon
  24. Really like your theme, and how the ships look different, but still unified! My only gripe is they are a tad to clean for my liking - but that just me
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