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  1. Even if not considering Dwarfs, one can recognize that for example Vampire are significantly weaker than Undead.
  2. As most people agree that the teams are badly balanced, i've tested several different approaches to even them up. Yesterday i had a new idea, that does not need changes in existing cards. Every team starts with one starplayer of their own race. As the specific stars have very diffenrent values, one can even up the teams by wisely choosing this start-star-player. For Example: Dwarfs (a weak team) start with the Deathroller (a very strong star player) Undead (a strong team) starts with Hack'En Lash (one of the weaker star players) The difficulty now is to find the perfect star for each team. What do you think about it and what star players would you recommend?
  3. A house rule we use for dwarfs since a while we are quite cofident with: Everytime a Trollslayer tackles another playercard with higher STR (independet of the result), the dwarf player gets 2 fans.
  4. There are no "opposing" teams in a tournament. Everybody can beat down everybody. All teams are "in the same game". There is only one ball. Anybody with a Pass icon can grab the ball as usual or move it from any enemy to the middle.
  5. I think some changes in basic game mechanics would be necessary to make the game more dynamic and funny. - Passing is rarely a good option. Improving Passing the ball instead of walking with it (and handover) would give the game a bit more openness. - Skills are way too imbalanced. A levelup is mostly invested in Block or Dodge. Making the specific skills more even, would create a more diversified game. - Turnovers suck. I dont get it, it makes the game so chess like. Having a bad dice roll should not result in half of you team standing around doing nothing. - Why is there only one Blitz per turn? Of course, one would have to rearrange a lot of the rules, but it would add a lot of dynamic. Only one Blitz per Turn feels so unrealistic. - Having Kickoff is a bit too imbalanced. Not only having the ball - being the first one to move and tackle, results in very different siuations for the both players. I the past i did some experiments with a new rule mechanic. You activate one figure and do stuff with him, then its the other players turn to activate one figure. Hard to explain. You dont make a full turn, but only move one figure, then the other plyer, then you again... until both players used all their figures. Then the first turn ended. It changed a lot in tactics and mechanics, but it seemed to be fun. However, it was difficult to remember what figure already had its turn. For this reason, i quit this experiment. Still a mechanic to think about.
  6. Here a discussion about Dark Elves and their playstyle. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/121621-dark-elveswhat-to-do-with-them/
  7. Well, i know the amazon team in the board game, i even have miniatures for them (not the original one). I know them and their specific playstyle very well, but i dont like it that much. Imho they are rather boring rosterwise. While Norse have some special and stylish positions, the amazons only have thrower, catcher and blitzer. They are imho too similar to normal humans. As it is no good idea to give all amazons for the team manager game a dodge abiliy like they have in the board game (tackle teams are already in disadvantage and an all over dodge team would even make it worse) I thought about a complete new team of amazons. A more fantasy like. The positionals are not real mermaids or something. Its more like a name for a very specialized player position. The images are chosen with respect to the availability. One could imagine they are more like propaganda, and the real players are rather normal human women. One could as well change names and images, the more interesting thing is the balancing. I tried to build a new, very special team with rather extreme stats ( they have the lowest star power of all). The more interesting question is how they work in the game. After two test games (using the human starplayers) it feels like they are a little bit weak.
  8. With more and more games, Sprint showed up to be even better than expected earlier. Calculations about that can be made (imho Sprint is the most useful icon, worth something between 1.7 and 2). Besides the teams having a lot of sprint are the stronger ones. The Teams that lack Sprint are the weaker ones. Facing these facts, I thought about how to change the rule mechanic of Sprint to make it a bit less useful, especially for the teams that are already considered as high tier. An idea I had about that, being tested now for like 3 games, was the following: When you use sprint, you must FIRST discard and THEN draw a new one. This change looked rather senseful in our test games. Sprint is still very useful, but now requires a bad hand card before, to be of real use. Often you will decide not to use the Sprint at all, as there is the risk of getting a Lineman after discarding a Thrower or something like that. What is your opinion about this? It affects and weakens teams with a lot of sprint more than those who have few sprint. Making Woodelfes and Skaven too weak? We don't think so. I still won one of the games with Woodelfs, but i skipped like about 1/4 of the sprint icons.
  9. Thank you for the flowers. I will keep that in mind. Here some new player cards.
  10. Thats true. With Chaos team, you should not play defensively. You must try to win any matchup you participate in. Get always as close as possible with the Starpower to the enemy. It is completely uneffective doing the dwarven style, winning one sure and losing the other sure. Thats not how to win with Chaos. You must rely on you Cheats, on your luck. Of course, Chaos is not the appropriate team, if you want to win the game with your superior knowledge. If you are for sure better than the other players, then another team would be better for you, like humans or Woodelfs (as those are less luck dependent). Even if youre better, Chaos unluck can still make you lose. Winning with Chaos is definitively possible, but most possible in a matchup where anyone knows what he is doing, where all players are equally experienced. Then Chaos can make you win the game by pure luck. Always remeber, rely on your cheating luck, and try to win any matchup. And never forget to kill people with your Warriors to create Fans. Try not to face dwarfs too often. Your favourite enemies are Skaven and Woodelfs (those have a lot of STR2 players, that you can kick rather good....maybe also Goblins, i dont have that new addon yet). And finally, I dont get it why you rate human so high. I all our games, human exactly won once. They are nice, Throwers and Catchers have great synergy, Blitzers are awsome. But they still lack any specific strength. Their only chance is to win the game via their team upgrades that give them a lot of fans. They are somhow like a sneaky team, that noone thinks to be able to win during the game, but afterwards, they get a hack'o'fans and follow up to the other leading teams. One more question: Do you play with the "forbidden" training cards ?(dont kow their english names...those who ridiculously create all those fans) I think humans do profit more from them than the other teams. This might be a reason for your extraordinary experiences with HU.
  11. Here are the first new rule concepts of the teams: Opinions and playtsting very welcome High Elfs 4 Linemen 1-0 Guard 2 Phoenix Warriors 2-1 1 Pass / 1 Tackle Dauntless Reveal (if you successfully tackle a player with cheat tokens, you may check one and decide to discard it) 2 Shadow Warriors 2-1 1 Pass / 2 Sprint Dodge 2 Lion Warriors 3-1 1 Pass / 1 Tackle Sure Hands 2 Dragon Warriors 3-1 1 Tackle / 1 Pass / 1 Sprint Flaming Fury (players tackeling or been tackled by the Dragon Warrior may not use downed abilities after that tackle) This team is built around the idea of /-abilities. Decide in each situation what skill is the best. The team is very flexible and able to face any opponent. But it might not be so easy to play out their advantage, as only experienced players will make the right decisions what skill to use. Dark Elfs, Amazons and Undead will suffer due to the Flaming Fury ability. Chaos and Skaven suffer due to the Reveal ability. As High Elfs are the "good ones", they have not a single cheat (like Woodies). They can even punish the enemy for cheating. They have an overall good quantity of Sprint and Pass, but not as much as Woodelfs. They are somewhere inbetween Wood- and Darkelfs. Amazons 4 Linewomen 1-0 Guard 2 Nymphe 2-1 2 Pass Dump Off 1 downed Tackle 2 Sylphe 2-1 2 Sprint Dodge 1 downed Pass 2 Undine 2-1 2 Tackle Juggernaut 1 downed Sprint 2 Vakyrie 3-1 1 Tackle 1 Cheat Dauntless 1 downed Cheat This team is built around the idea of downed abilities. The three weak players Nymphe, Syphe and Undine are like a circle, in combination you have 2 of each the abilities Tackle, Pass and Sprint, and one of each as downed ability. The team has the weakest starpower overall, but own a lot of standing and downed abilities. Especially Nymphe and Sylphe work perfectly together. A special weakness of the amazons are enemies that often carry their ball on STR3 player, like Vampire, Human, Darkelf or Undead. The Amazones are especially strong vs teams that have a lot of tackle, as then they can profit from their downed abiliteis. Lizardmen 4 Skink Runners 1-0 1 Pass 1 Sprint 4 Saurus Blockers 3-1 Guard 3 Saurus Blitzer 3-1 1 Tackle Piling On 1 Croxigor 4-2 1 Tackle 1 Cheat Juggernaut Regeneration The basic idea of this team was, to make it completely different. They have the highest Starpower overall in the game, but they really suffer good skill synergies. It really hurts to prone a 3-1 Saurus in order to save 1 Skink with the ball. You really dont know what to discard with your Sprints, Saurus Blockers or Skinks... Both are compareably useful. You will have a hard time to keep your Starpower advantage. Piling On for the STR3 Blitzers makes Lizardmen especialy strong vs teams with a lot of STR2 players like Skaven and Elfs. As they do not have a lot of skills, you cant do that much wrong. A good team for beginners.
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