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  1. On the one hand, I do think that auto-fire is not properly balanced for the rest of this game. On the other hand, I don’t think that it is the most OP thing in the game. Moreover, I believe that there are ways that the GM can moderate how bad auto-fire can be, especially when the players understand that anything the PCs can do could also be done by NPCs. So, if they don’t want to have the entire party wiped out by a Terminator firing a mini-gun from a building at them, then maybe they might want to hold back a bit on going down that road themselves.
  2. The adventures should be tailored to each PC, yes. But I believe that the F&D CRB and GM Kit have much more to say on this subject, and I don’t know that I can really add much of anything beyond telling you that I think they are vital to making this process a success.
  3. Do you have any idea how hard it is to spot even Star Destroyer size ships at any kind of distance? Do we need to dig up the old quote about how mind-bogglingly big space is?
  4. If I had to guess, I would say that they probably underestimated the number of people who would buy so many copies and then try to flip them. They may have also run into printing and/or distribution problems. But you’re definitely not the only one to have such problems. ;(
  5. If I do decide to take advantage of this service, it would only be with my spare copies of books. I wouldn’t want to risk my sole copy of anything, at least not until I see how the whole process works and I get my books back.
  6. Aren’t Jawas in the Unofficial Species Menagerie? If not, then I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with someone proposing some reasonable rules for them. Either way, I think the key is they need to give me a good role-playing reason why their Jawa would be off adventuring instead of at home. Give me a good narrative, and a reasonable proposal based on that narrative, and I’m much more likely to be receptive. But maybe that’s just me?
  7. Hmm. That is quite tempting! I might decide to give them a try….
  8. Depends on your GM, and how he feels about the standard “Carbine Rule”. And whether or not you are playing a four-armed species.
  9. On the one hand, it seems cool to let the PCs resolve the situation this way. This time. But next time, the driver might be better equipped for Social Combat, and when you yell “Stop, Thief!” he’s just going to laugh his @$$ off at you as he scoots away into the crowd.
  10. Just keep in mind that most of these things are bloody obvious when your ship is parked, and would be considered outright illegal on most semi-civilized worlds. You don’t want to be docking your expensive Nightshadow-equipped ship anywhere remotely close to a place where the authorities could come around with a Star Destroyer or three and ask what you’re doing there.
  11. So, I wanted to point out a somewhat alternative concept — pick a race that isn’t necessarily well known for their Agility, but would thematically work well otherwise. My Besalisk Hired Gun:Heavy/Ace:Gunner is going to be going into Gunslinger soon, but I would have done a pure Gunslinger version if the group I was playing in didn’t do a lot of ship-to-ship combat. Four Weapon Combat? Okay, that’ll take some GM house rules. But the OK-98 Carbine, with appropriate mods? That’s the best blaster pistol I’ve seen, if you’re using it in pistol mode — does damage right up there with Blaster Rifles, but in a Carbine. Four of them? Yowch! Please understand, Heavy with autofire weapons would be able to do so much more damage, but would be so much less fun to roleplay.
  12. You’re not dodging a laser beam, you’re dodging their aim. Same principle works with arrows, guns, etc…. The difference with lasers in the real world is that you get much faster feedback on when you’re on target, and therefore you can correct your aim a lot faster. Same with projectile weapons with high rates of fire and tracer rounds.
  13. Roll enough Triumphs, and anything is possible.
  14. Yeah, but the armor has to be powered for that to happen. So, it’s power armor or Power Armor, one way or the other.
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