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  1. It happened when FFG changed to Asamode. I have heard that it is because the new distribution network wants to prioritise retail stores (that promote tournaments and local play etc) over cut price bulk internet providers. Since Book Depository's system is set up that they can only process items with a ISBN number- the simple way to end that undercutting of local stores was to stop putting ISBN numbers on FFG products - as book depository would then not be able to stock them.
  2. Also, Epic scale X-Wing has been a complete flop - hence why we have Armada. Armada learns a tonne of lessons from X-Wing epic, such as needing different attack dice for different weapons strengths, and different range capabilities. There have only ever been two ships released for Epic, the second of which I get the impression (after the massive delay) is because they felt they had to release an imperial ship to balance the format. I would be very surprised if we see any more ever released.
  3. Armada's strength, as has been said right from day 1, is that it isnt an "Armada" game. It is a "Task force" game. That means that conflicts work best, both game mechanics, and narratively, when you are facing around 400 points of forces. Of course you can homebrew as much as you like - heck I developed and played 500 point X-Wing games with my mate, but for tournaments you need to have games that are big enough to be fun and have some strategy, but small enough to get 4 games in a day. I really believe that 400 points is that sweet spot. So you cant run your 4 ISD list in a tournament, well, too bad sorry, but that actually wouldnt be fun to play against, and when players stop having fun because someone has more cash to buy a steamroller combo with more expensive forces (like 40K), people stop playing, and the game starts to die. So, for the health of the tournament scene, which is important to keep the game developing and growing, I would say no thanks . Play what you want at home, but like others have said, the ships and abilities and commanders are all weighted based on 400 points, mess with that and you screw the whole game.
  4. In the persistant campaign that I was working on, here is the rules we used. When a ship reveals a navigate dial, it may instead of performing the command, discard the dial to declare it is calculating a hyperspace jump. The ship then may attack and move as per normal this round. At the beginning of it's next activation, instead of revealling a command dial, the ship may immediately be removed from the play area (having jumped to hyperspace). If the ship takes any actions instead, then it remains in play as normal, it's calculations are deemed void and it needs to begin the process all over again. Edit - by basing it on commands it meant that smaller ships are able to respond (and leave) much more quickly than larger ships that might take 2 or 3 turns to be able to flee a battle. Squadrons with hyperdrives could calculate a jump by spending the ability to shoot to calculate their jump. (This means that on their own they cannot move or shoot, or with a squadron command, they can still move, but cant shoot). The next time they activate they jump out, or as with ships, can decide not to jump but have to start over again if they want to leave.
  5. Yes! It smoothed out beautifully within a few days without even ironing it
  6. I love my deepcut cloth mat, I chose cloth over pcv because I wanted something that I could fold up easily to travel rather than having to roll it up. Here is a review from when I first got it. The intensity of the blacks is certainly less than the pvc but it is still a great mat and has more friction then pvc for sure.
  7. Doom over Gloom any day, at least it's exciting!
  8. Yep, the Assault Frigate MKII is a must have for Rebels to balance the game
  9. Or Blow, depending on which setting you have it on
  10. To quote another favourite captain - "How we face death is at least as important as how we face life."
  11. yeah, the critical part is the "of of your discarded", which is written in past tense, meaning that the defense tokens must have been discarded prior to the card usage taking place.
  12. Also, even if you end up moving "0" because you temporarilly reduce your speed, this does not change your speed dial, it remains at your set speed. Because of this you still get to use your defense tokens, even if you end up not moving due to a collision.
  13. I will be really surprised if we see episode VII stuff in Armada in wave 3. With X-Wing it was easy as they basically just reskinned it, tweeked the models, damage cards, pilot cards, but the box and what you get (and how it plays) is pretty much the same. With Armada and releasing a new ship which needs new upgrade cards in a new game system where the balance is a lot more precarious at the moment (being so new) I think that will take a lot more time to factor in then they would have to rush it to tie in with the new movie.
  14. Just remember with critical effects that they happen after your opponent has spent defense tokens, so overload pulse doesn't exhaust his tokens for the attack you are currently making, but sets them up for a follow up attack from a second ship (or firing arc)
  15. Nk-7 does not specify anything about "squadrons", therefore it's critical effect does not effect them under: Page 4, RRG, "Critical Effects" • Squadrons cannot resolve or suffer critical effects unless otherwise specified. IF NK-7 had said something like "You may exhaust this card to force the defending ship or squadron to choose and discard 1 of his defense tokens" Then that would be specifying.
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