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  1. Killerardvark

    List Fortress, revised with new killer feature (TTT import)

    I'm still relevant! lol Real talk though, the upmost respect to the tabletop.to folks. Their system is becoming what @sozin and I always wanted for X-Wing. However with more features come more potential problems, so I shall continue to be a sturdy offline option. I know my place West coast pairings can buzz off!
  2. Let me know if there's anything you need from me to help integration.
  3. Killerardvark

    Cryodex Tournament Software for Armada **Also on Android!!!

    No chance on an IOS version coming from me. I barely cobbled together the android version.
  4. Killerardvark

    OCX Radio is the second best X-Wing podcast

    Thanks for listening and posting the review! Even if it's not a positive one, it's good to hear all the opinions. And I don't completely disagree with it. You're analogy to Howard Stern is pretty on point, but I would argue that there are enough other podcasts out there doing the Good Morning America, The View, or Sportscenter kind of thing. We know we're not for everyone, but we're glad you gave us a try.
  5. Killerardvark

    Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

    Cryodex joins you in the war against the filthy space rodents!
  6. Killerardvark

    Hera crew Store Championship ruling.

    **** yeah! I love being right! ...and humble
  7. Killerardvark

    When is FFG's day at GenCon?

    Gold Squadron Podcast stated they will be streaming, but they are primarily an X-Wing podcast so who knows how much they will continue during the other product announcements. I'd be surprised if they didn't do the whole thing.
  8. Killerardvark

    When is FFG's day at GenCon?

    For those still wondering, some chunks of certain states go with different time zones because they are physically adjacent to bigger cities that are on other time zones. Perfect example is the north western area of Indiana. They go central to stay with Chicago as many of them commute into Chicago for work. If you really want to go insane, go look at the middle east, especially around Iran, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan.
  9. Killerardvark

    Tournament Software

    Legion for Cryodex is up and running.
  10. Killerardvark

    So, you want to be a good tournament organizer....

    Personally I'm biased, but... TOME is internet based so you can't access if you lose internet connectivity. In the past there have been issues on power loss since you have to actively save instead of it being automatic. Correcting issues can be difficult if you're not intimately familiar with the software or even impossible if you've gone too far past the point of error. Finally, in large events that have multiple qualifying days, the strength of schedule is not done correctly. You're correct that Cryodex is not available to iPhones or iPads. I'd recommend Tabletop.TO in that case. It's a fairly solid product. Both are ok if you have an event that is relatively small and without complications. Either way, make sure you get plenty of practice with whatever application you choose to use.
  11. Killerardvark

    Tournament Software

    Are the official Legion tournament regulations released? I haven't really paid attention. If so, I'll get Cryodex updated.
  12. Killerardvark

    Hera crew Store Championship ruling.

    Pssh... who needs @OfficialRules when you have Chris 'Chico' Brown, Iain Hamp, and Brent Wong saying it works?
  13. Killerardvark

    Hera crew Store Championship ruling.

    Welcome to store championship season... Even my local store championship is being run by a guy who tries to bring an epic ship to each seasonal kit tournament.
  14. Killerardvark

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I completely agree! My love for this game has completely transcended the table. The people I've met and the opportunities it's given me still blow my mind. The fact that people in countries I've never visited use something I created is just crazy. People logging on to listen to me drunk ramble with a couple other players on a Wednesday night podcast, it's crazy! I love being part of this community.