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  1. I'm still getting the crash when adding a new vehicle to a saved character. I thought this might of been from my old imported characters, but even when I make a new character, save it, and come back to it later, adding a new vehicle causes a crash.
  2. A week late? Maybe I should check in with the FLGS I asked at and see if they got anything in.
  3. The sil rating is very ball-parkish for a range of diminsions and the container would probably bigger than the drive/crew section could handle to change it. Any container bought probably can be considered to be designed for the Wayfarer due to it's unique cargo handling system and thus the drive/crew section can handle it with out loss to performance. Now if the PCs want to build or have something built to some ridiculous diminsions, you could use GM fiat to tweak the handling and maybe speed to reflect that.
  4. None of my local haunts are running it seems. I hope that put out the the adventure and NPC's out for sale at some point or I can find it on ebay or something.
  5. I think that might of been Talon Karrade with one of the Wild Karrade variants.
  6. Depends on the campaign you're running. Right now I'm outlining a possible wild space 'homestead' campaign where using pack animals like a Taun Taun or Dewback instead of speeders could be advantageous. I mean if you're going for high space opera Star Wars, yeah beast rider isn't going to be of much use. However if you spend a lot of time slogging in rough, out of the way areas in a exploerer or homestead campaign, some one who can deal with beast and provide an alternate means of transport can be incredibly useful.
  7. If you dig deep enough, there is plenty in Star Wars lore that could make for a Warehouse 13 (or at least what they had in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.) The Mindharp of Sharu, some statue of a child that nearly destroyed Corusuant, the zilobeast, various jedi and sith artifacts. Also, if I recall correctly, Uncle Palpy had quiet a few stash around the Empire that stored these sort of things (Naboo, Byss, and Wayland come to mind) and could start as a base to the campaign.
  8. Because people take force users from being a important part of the Star Wars setting to Mary/Marty Sue levels. Personally, I find the power creep and one-upmanship associated with force users in this setting to be incredibly annoying. Only thing that topped Jedi in this respect, imo, is Mandolorians whose roots come from a throw away character in the original trilogy.
  9. I just want to throw in my $.02. To get this out of the way now, I don't like the idea of the morality system outside of the RAW for force users. The games I run tend to run on the darker side of things unless the players are feeling heroic (or stupid), in which case I will oblige them. However, most of the Edge games I ran were you were more or less a criminal usually operating in less than pleasant enviroments which, at times, had you making a choices that there was no 'good' outcome. Sometimes holding a high moral standard could get in the way of you simply surviving, never mind getting ahead. Sometimes, you have to be the villian to get out the other end of things. Now how you deal with the consquences of your actions, denoted by obligation, is up to you (in the way of story hooks and plot devices usually) and the players. As for the OP concern on waylaying murderhobo's, I think Krieger and others got it right. If its going completely off the rails and you, as a GM or fellow player, don't want to go for the ride, talk it out with everyone. If you, as the GM, want a mechanical solution then obiligation fits perfectly fine. I personally set up escalating 'gates' based on the value to trip certain events from low level bount hunter encounter (think Greedo and Solo in Ep.IV) to "Oh deary me, you've been interdicted and have come tumbling violently out of hyperspace. The capital ships and large number of fighters showing on your sensors, headed towards your position I might add, seem to indicate they're not intrested in taking prisoners." Now the latter event, the players will have plenty of warning that they're becoming a very visible threat and will end up in a bad way soon before that ends up tripping. But it is there.
  10. Yeah, but the central fin looks fixed in place. My guess is it can't land terrestrially and needs special facilities to make port. One thing I do notice on a lot of pics I searched is what appears to be a cargo door on the front, under the flight deck. If you need to do terrestrial ops, you can say it has a winching mechanism to haul things up, or if you're feeling fancy, the door can detatch and act as a repulsorlift pad locked to the bay area. Edit: FREAKING GoM NINJA!
  11. My gripe would be trying to work on the ruddy things while hanging from the gantry. You could probably lower the TIE needing maintenance onto a specialized platform (like you see in some of the A-Wing art work) and haul it away, but basic servicing would be a pain with all the fall PPE you'd need to wear. That is unless the Empire views its maintenance personnel like it does it's TIEs. Another thing I just thought of. The launch platform is very reminicent of a bomb rack you'd see in a bomber. Having been around B-1's and a few B-52's my thought goes to when (not if) one of the TIEs get hung up, what then? If one up front hangs, the ones behind it are boned. I suppose there is an opening behind them, but trying to turn in place in that tight of an enviroment would be all sorts of 'fun'.
  12. You want them to face a tough, potentially lethal challenge? Throw a couple of AT-PT's or something similar at them. Taking vehicles on foot can be very daunting. If you want to go way overboard, through a AT-AT with full complement at them.
  13. If people thought that R2-D2 had a potty mouth, that's going to be nothing in comparison to Chopper if that clip is any indication of the crap he's got to put up. Nicest thing he'd probably have to say would be "stupid temperamental meatbags!" Oh, you've no idea. I've been in the middle of those arguments more times than I can count, and slamming your head repeatedly against a bulkhead is probably the most socially acceptable response. From what I've seen of him, they made Chopper truely an air spacecraft mechanic and Gods I love him for it!
  14. LibrariaNPC also has a set of used starship rules in his Frieghter thread if you're looking for more ideas.
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