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    JoraanSett reacted to HappyDaze in Collapse of the Republic Spoilers   
    Death Watch Warrior has a 25XP talent called Momentum. It allows the character to do additional Damage on the first hit of a melee (note lowercase "m" so it can any of Brawl, Lightsaber, or Melee) equal to range bands moved during current round. Combined with the jetpack rules, a Fly/Drive maneuver says it can cover "any number of personal scale range bands" in one maneuver. So...
    The character can Fly/Drive in from Extreme to Engaged (Extreme-Long-Medium-Short-Engaged) thus moving 4 bands and getting +4 Damage. Not bad, but not awesome either.
    The character could also Fly/Drive from Short out to Extreme then back into Engaged (Short-Medium-Long-Extreme-Long-Medium-Short-Engaged) thus moving 7 bands and getting +7 Damaged. Ouch! But wait...
    The character can, by RAW, zig-zag "any number" of times covering "any number" of range bands with one Fly/Drive and thus inflicting +∞ Damage!
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    JoraanSett reacted to Reydan in Playing a Mandalore.   
    My upcoming game actually has two mandos in it.  One is the leader of a small clan, and one of the last Taung alive (it is also taking place Old Republic era, where they *technically* might be a few left clinging to life across the galaxy.)  

    The other is an ex-Imperial Intelligence officer/Sith Acolyte that ran afoul with his master's ex-student.  From there, he tried to become a mando bounty hunter, but accidentally found a group of Death Watch psychos instead of supercommandos, and he accidentally killed one and stole his armor and junk.  Now, he's being hunted by the Empire AND the splintered factions of Death Watch.  It sounds like a bit much (and honestly it probably is) but the player himself likes to make his characters have notoriously important and complicated backstories so that he can try and be the center of attention at key moments.  It is just how he is, and I figured out how to please him while making sure my other players are in the spotlight as well.
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    JoraanSett reacted to Rakaydos in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    I've rewritten Onslaught at Arda IV to be a Clone Wars adventure set at the training base of Master Rahm Kota, and the rebel political member turned into a Senate Representitive for Cardia.
    Having at least 1 "Jedi general" in the party is a convenient reason for being assigned to escort the demolition team in act 1, but I've started to shift to the idea of starting in act 2, as the Temple investigation team looking for the traitor Kota's padawon spotted as per the end of act 1.
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    JoraanSett reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    The answer to the question of "how many Jedi survived Order 66?" is quite simple really: There's however many the story of your campaign requires.
    If your campaign doesn't require that there were any survivors beyond Obi-Wan and Yoda, then those two are it, and that characters like Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus simply didn't survive because your campaign's story doesn't need them to.  On the contrary, if your campaign is based around a handful of Order 66 survivors who are part of an "underground railroad" system of fellow Jedi survivors, then there's going to be far more than what canon's currently listed.  If your campaign requires that Mace Windu survived his exit or that Aayla Secura didn't get brutally gunned down in RotS, then they both count as O66 survivors.
    It's pretty unlikely that Lucasfilm will ever give out an exact headcount, so as to leave the room open for additional survivors as future stories require or dictate.  In Legends, there's been a number of Order 66 survivors who escaped death for a variety of reasons, from being on a solo mission to one instance of a Clone Commando squad doubting the order's validity and thus not immediately acting on it (this was before the ham-fisted handwave of all the Clone Troopers having bio-chips implanted to enforce obedience).  We also know from the films that the carrying out of Order 66 wasn't fully instantaneous as Yoda had time to sense and react to the surge of Jedi deaths rolling across the galaxy, more than enough to put him on guard when a pair of Clones sought to enact Order 66 on him.
    Besides, it's not like Lucasfilm hasn't retconned the "who survived this event?" before.  Prime example, prior to TCW being aired, everyone knew that Maul had died at the end of TPM due to being cut short by young Kenob, marking him as the first Jedi to confront and defeat a Sith Lord in a millennia.  And it's entirely possibly that Palp's death in RotJ could be retconned in the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker, in spite of his being killed over Endor being a known fact for over three decades.  Though if Episode IX does bring Palps back, hopefully it's done in a far more elegant method than how the Dark Empire comic series handled it; though personally, that's a pretty easy hurdle to clear given how poorly Dark Empire handled pretty much everything it touched.
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    JoraanSett reacted to HappyDaze in Anyone else having problem with the ceritificate on this forum?   
    Perhaps the certificate is On the Boat.
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    JoraanSett reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Rise of the Separatists - Anybody know what's going on?   
    From what I can recall, the shoe company was a family business, and WEG's owner was trying to salvage it by pumping more and more money into it instead of letting it go under.
    In attachment, danger there is   Train himself to let go, WEG's owner did not.
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    JoraanSett reacted to Jareth Valar in Rise of the Separatists - Spoilers/ Q&A   
    One other option it to thing less specific about the Outcast too.  I'm allowing a player to re-spec a bit with this and Padawan Survivor. She's the daughter of a Jedi that survived for a bit after Order 66 and a non Jedi Force sensative.  She come across a Holocron a while back (major Holocron, several different Jedi over the years have added their thoughts to it) that was hard fought and won.  She's been trying to piece together what she can from it but it's not really a solid "hear's how to be a Jedi" .
    She originally had Niman but thought the "disjointed-ness" of this spec would fit how she's been learning the force and I agree. It really fits this IMHO. Also, the Conflict talent also fits her background as her father (the former Jedi) has alway has......struggles....with aggressive tendencies. 
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    JoraanSett got a reaction from Rithuan in Allies and Adversaries   
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    JoraanSett reacted to Lord Dynel in Allies and Adversaries   
    I agree - I wish they had published Gamorreans and Ugnauts as well.  But I am glad Jawas made it in, though.  Tusken Raiders were the head-scratchers for me, too.  Overall I am pretty pleased with the book.  Still hoping for Gamorreans at some point, but time may be running out for them.
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    JoraanSett reacted to HappyDaze in Rise of the Separtist's release date?   
    I could see allowing Jedi to pick one FaD career and count those Specs as In-career (and for Sig Abilities). That way you have Jedi Consulars, Jedi Mystics, Jedi Guardians, etc. The tradeoff is that you're bound to the Jedi Order, and maybe Conflict awards are increased.
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    JoraanSett reacted to Stan Fresh in Jedi Order, 6000 years old?   
    Do you know how long 6000 years is?
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    JoraanSett reacted to Science_Wiz in Rise of the Separtist's release date?   
    Let me share this little piece of advice - holding a grudge is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die. Feel free to be angry, but you're only hurting your own experience. The rest of us will continue enjoying the amazing content that FFG has continued to produce and have great adventures in a universe we all love. Even if it takes a little longer than we expect, we still have hope it will arrive and will have been worth waiting for. Isn't that what Star Wars is about anyway?
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    JoraanSett reacted to Khazadune in Rise of the Separtist's release date?   
    Really hoping someone can share the clone specs and racials. That's what I've been waiting to see. Everyone has always shared details in the past with no issue. 
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    JoraanSett reacted to sonovabith in Rise of the Separtist's release date?   
    If anyone has pics of the talent trees, I’d be terribly grateful to have them PM’d to me if you’re not comfortable spoiling stuff on the open forum.
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    JoraanSett reacted to Desslok in Marcy has Special Modifications...   
    Had a wicked idea as I was building up my shopping list. What happens if you craft grenades and combine them with Generic Remotes. Floating AI grenades that are happy to blow up for you? EVIL!
    Mind you, don't get a despair when building them or you will have to discuss philosophy with them:

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    JoraanSett reacted to Blackbird888 in Marcy has Special Modifications...   
    Blizz is awesome.
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    JoraanSett reacted to Maelora in Marcy has Special Modifications...   
    I wouldn't say no to being Jaime Sommers. 
    I used to have that doll, Farrah Fawcett hair and all.
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    JoraanSett reacted to Desslok in Marcy has Special Modifications...   
    Where'd you order from?
    Hmmm. . . .



    Or none of the above?
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    JoraanSett reacted to Kainrath in Force and Destiny Page Backgrounds   
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    JoraanSett reacted to zathras23 in Über crisis concerning the A-Wing!!1!!1   
    I would agree with this idea as we've had real world examples of where aircraft, in WW2 for example, were given upgrades as the conflict went on to improve things like speed and armament. When it first came out the P-51 had an Allison engine, which was crap. However, once they installed the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the Mustang became the premier escort fighter for the USAAF in the war.
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    JoraanSett reacted to Doc, the Weasel in Über crisis concerning the A-Wing!!1!!1   
    I can't be the only one who saw the thread title and thought: "Of course Über can't use A-Wings. They have only one seat."
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    JoraanSett reacted to I. J. Thompson in Fly Casual!!   
    Does this strike no one else as HILARIOUS?!? 
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    JoraanSett reacted to Agatheron in Got my Writer's Copy of Stay on Target - Any Questions?   
    Hey everyone,
    Given that I live north of the 49th parallel, I was the last of the four writers for Stay on Target to receive my copy. It's not a complaint, just a reality. Chances are many of you already have it, but I thought I'd throw this out there, now that I have it in my hands, and have seen the differences between my final submission and the final copy. I'm better able to answer some questions, but with the caveat that I do not speak for FFG in terms of official rulings. It also showed me how important playtesting is to the development of new rules, and for that I am deeply indebted to Jegergryte, DarthGM, Doc, the Weasel and other playtesters in refining what was my first venture into rules-writing.
    So, with that, any questions with the above caveats? My section of the book was the first 2/3's of Chapter 3, from pages 67-89. I know that Keith Kappel is out there and also able to add questions. I can't speak for either Sterling Hershey or Jason Marker, but they did a fantastic job on their respective sections
    Oh yah, I did NOT expect that my name would be the first listed in the writing credits...
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    JoraanSett got a reaction from willmanx in House Rules   
    We use the house-rule for permanent adjustment of a Characteristic as well (Changing all secondary stats based on that Characteristic, etc. It just seems silly that this would not increase Wound and Stun Threshold, and to be honest, we just kinda assumed it was that way from all the way back in beta and never looked to see if it was different. 
    Our Dogfight house-rules are very similar to Joker Two, with opposed Piloting skill rolls as maneuvers against an enemy ship (Or a flight of minions, etc.). We even do the Successes or Failures modifying the relative arcs and such on both sides along with flopping it for maneuvering defensively. I hadn't thought about Guided gaining Prepare 1. We use these as well for most contested vehicle situations. This seems to work very well.
    We also heavily use player descriptions of their actions during combat, to set up the pools of Boost and Setback dice. They have learned that if they do not think it through,they will be hit by nearly every shot, the range difficulty are not enough alone for defense.
    For modifying Hyperdive's to a rating faster than 1, we do a .25 per modification option (If the drive is initially a 1, then the potential three .25's make it a .25 past lightspeed).
    ​I had rules for upgrading other aspects (Such as maneuvering and power-plants) for starships and vehicles before the Jewel of Yavin sourcebook (Though those are just for vehicles), but have now tweaked them to fit the speeder and swoop mods from that book. I treat modifications on weapons systems as their own upgrades (Including targeting) and as such gave ship and vehicle weapons their own hardpoints.
    Another thing is I gave some starships (such as the A-Wing,  R-22 Spearhead, Eta Actis or the Aethersprite) a smaller silhouette (2) as they really are speeder sized little buggers.
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    JoraanSett reacted to 2P51 in Stay on Target article up   
    Good stuff, I always loved the juxtaposed imagery of Stormtroopers on Dewbacks.  Beast Master sounds fun. Hot Shot sounds like it will have the most interesting new Talents, because honestly the write up reads like how someone would simply choose to role play a Pilot, so the Talents will really have to set it apart I would imagine. Rigger is pretty straightforward, but should add nicely to modding starships, begs the question though of what they will do for Technicians?  A recycle of Rigger in that book as one maybe?
    The expansion of astromechs sounds cool also.
    I've got no dog in the fight for the races but the art is cool.  Still waiting for Zygerrians.
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