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  1. 9 hours ago, Lord Dynel said:

    I agree - I wish they had published Gamorreans and Ugnauts as well.  But I am glad Jawas made it in, though.  Tusken Raiders were the head-scratchers for me, too.  Overall I am pretty pleased with the book.  Still hoping for Gamorreans at some point, but time may be running out for them.


  2. I wish this was addressed in some way, even as a sidebar.


    Our house rule has had it operating similarly to the rule for thrown objects, but with the combined Force power check being opposed by the targets.


    If successful, 1 generated force point will allow an engaged silhouette 1 target to be hit, pushing them to short range, dealing either strain damage (no soak), or regular damage (soak applies) to the target as per their silhouette size, and knocking them prone.


    Any extra successes and advantages from the combined roll can be used as well. 1 success can give a silhouette 1 target the Disorient 1 quality, and 1 advantage spent on a disoriented target extends the the effect round. A Triumph can be spent to incapacitate a single target.

  3. I was thinking this as well!


    Considering that focus and visualization that has always been part of the whole experience. And  the boost dice from Force points works as well, with perhaps even having every 2 dark side points equal a Setback die, to indicate a failure to focus.


    However, I think that the character needs at least 1 rank in the Lightsaber skill to even be able to perform this.

  4. Wouldn't it screw all our predictions if they're actually doing a secret enclave of Jedi Order holdouts on some vanished planet, operating as if nothing had happened other than to generally stay hidden?



    This is actually the case if you follow the last of the Dark Horse Star Wars Comics. In the comic Dark Times 'Fire Carrier', there is a group of survivors who established a hidden temple in the wilds of Arkinnea by Jedi Master's K'Kruhk & Zao. They had a bunch of rescued Younglings and a Padawan with them. With the help of the local fuzzy indigenous Yeti-ish things, they rebuilt an abandoned Jedi outpost. It is established that they successfully hid, and kept the Jedi order alive in a small way during Imperial rule and K'Kruhk survived through to the Legacy period. It will be interesting if any of this is used.

  5. 2P51 - It literally was right off the isle, in the path leading to the clothing and on the edge of the full size Rebel character mock-ups. They dedicated a 5' x 5' square to them and a small glass case. Most of the space was an X-Wing game with a Death Star Board.

  6. We use the house-rule for permanent adjustment of a Characteristic as well (Changing all secondary stats based on that Characteristic, etc. It just seems silly that this would not increase Wound and Stun Threshold, and to be honest, we just kinda assumed it was that way from all the way back in beta and never looked to see if it was different. 


    Our Dogfight house-rules are very similar to Joker Two, with opposed Piloting skill rolls as maneuvers against an enemy ship (Or a flight of minions, etc.). We even do the Successes or Failures modifying the relative arcs and such on both sides along with flopping it for maneuvering defensively. I hadn't thought about Guided gaining Prepare 1. We use these as well for most contested vehicle situations. This seems to work very well.


    We also heavily use player descriptions of their actions during combat, to set up the pools of Boost and Setback dice. They have learned that if they do not think it through,they will be hit by nearly every shot, the range difficulty are not enough alone for defense.


    For modifying Hyperdive's to a rating faster than 1, we do a .25 per modification option (If the drive is initially a 1, then the potential three .25's make it a .25 past lightspeed).


    ​I had rules for upgrading other aspects (Such as maneuvering and power-plants) for starships and vehicles before the Jewel of Yavin sourcebook (Though those are just for vehicles), but have now tweaked them to fit the speeder and swoop mods from that book. I treat modifications on weapons systems as their own upgrades (Including targeting) and as such gave ship and vehicle weapons their own hardpoints.


    Another thing is I gave some starships (such as the A-Wing,  R-22 Spearhead, Eta Actis or the Aethersprite) a smaller silhouette (2) as they really are speeder sized little buggers.

  7. No problem so far at higher levels. Several players are hovering around 1,600 (But they've played a lot since Beta). So far we've had no issues with mixing in lower exp players - to be honest, that is a nice change from the Saga games. I tend to give a decent amount of exp, and encourage role-playing, so five of the exp tends to be there just for this aspect.


    One thing I have to say I really appreciate with this game, is the way character development is more of a lateral thing than vertical. The high level characters are still capable of rolling badly and not only failing or missing, but adding threats and despair on a regular basis. 


    Equipment and money as well has been regulated often by keeping the economics Star Wars like (10,000, we could almost buy our own ship for that!) and giving them things they will have to trade or resell to turn a profit, making the negotiators valuable. Actually, the Negotiating characters have kept the game very much rolling. Money is fun, as I have different credit types not be as valued, or even not even recognized in some ports. Lots of Huttese credits rolling around now due to this.

  8. I like it. We had Nabat see a growth spurt after the war, and it became a spice trade hub. Something akin to a Ryloth Mos Eisley. The game describes an under-city of sorts, and that it was pretty expansive, so I just took it that the Clone Wars only showed a smaller outlying area.

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