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  1. Thanks for the reply mwmcintyre. I guess I haven't lost any cards yet then.
  2. Hi Anyone know the total number of cards thats supposed to be in each expansion? I know there should be 60 in each mythos pack so far and 234 in the base game (plus 5 mini cards) But how about the Dunwich Legacy, Curse of the Rougarou and Carnevale of Horrors. I counted 156 for TDL, 62 for CotR and CoH. Can anyone confirm?
  3. awwhhh was hoping I misinterpreted the rules
  4. Shivers Hero ability says: monsters must spend an additional movement point to enter a space adjacent to you. So any monster of size 2 or larger can ignore this ability by stopping its move action 2 spaces away from Shiver and then expand to the space beside Shiver?
  5. I guess I need to read some more Warhammer Lore I must admit that I had not read the FAQ. Thought corrections would be in the Errata section.
  6. Hi The thief career card says: Advances: Skill 3, Fortune 2, Conservative 1, Reckless 1, Wound 0. But in the players guide the thief career says: Advances: Skill 2, Fortune 1, Conservative 0, Reckless 2, Wound 2 Anyone know which is correct? oh and a second question. On the apprentice wizard career card it only lists human as race choice. Seems like an error. Wasnt it the Elves that taught humans magic? Yet they cannot themselves study magic?
  7. Hi On the box of The Game Master's Vault it says 2x50 normal size fantasy flight card sleeves are needed. But I only found 37 normal sized cards. Am I missing some cards? What WFRP books and boxes are most important to get? What adventures are the best?
  8. The problem is: Some of the location cards says to draw a unique asset card. If you are only to use the unique asset cards that belongs to a particular expansion… Then you do not have any unique asset cards to draw when you play for example the eldritch lore expansion.
  9. Do you mix the unique asset cards from all expansions together? An Antarctic guide or a dog sled unique asset seems a little out of place in under the pyramids. On the other hand if you only use unique asset cards together with the expansion they belong to then you can't really mix anything. Because some of the general cards from the new expansions refer to unique asset cards.
  10. Hi Just wanted to be sure about this: I am playing the tutorial and its the enemy turn. A Giant wolf is activated from the shadows its second effect says: This enemy engages the hero with the most wounds. Am I correct in assuming that since none of my heroes are wounded the Wolf does not engage any hero but stays in the shadows?
  11. The person on BGG apparently got his copy from faraos.dk. I ordered mine from kelz0r.dk
  12. Update: just got a message from the game store. The game is in stock and will be sent tomorrow
  13. The game store where he says he bought it now has the game listed as: sold out. But I have just ordered it from another store in Denmark that has it listed as in stock.
  14. Or maybe the game has already arrived at the warehouse. Behind the scenes FFG might be holding the game back so they can post a few more game previews and release it closer to Christmas.
  15. Zaltyre and wtfboar with which characters and classes did you complete the adventure?
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