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  1. @Cuz05 : can you share that Boba/ Dengar build? Asking for a friend.
  2. Let's say the following list is facing a mirror match and you win the toss: Sear, TA-175, souless one 60pts 7 Vultures, grappling struts 7*20 pts Do you take first player or not? Pros : you have perfect information when planing your moves and can setup blocks to deny calculates. This can be huge if you can remove TA-175 from play. Cons: Shooting first means that destroying vultures will grant a lot of calculates to the opponent that they can use both on attack and defense while yours can only be used in defense. In the endgame your opponent moving last can also let them roll out of arc. This means that the first player should probably go for Sear first if at all possible, while the second player can choose to go for the vultures first if more convenient. Coming from a Tie swarm background my reflex is to take 1st player for blocks, but I'm starting to think that given TA-175 I should really go second. Now for the bonus question : if there is a clear answer to the question above, would you remove a grappling strut for a mini 1 pt bid? Having a strutless vulture also gives you an advantage if you are trading vultures and can present it as bait since your opponent will have to destroy half a vulture more than you.
  3. Now I've got an even better one, but you never want to be in this situation. Feethan, TA 175 7 vultures (3 with afterburners). Somehow you get all of them at 1 health, I'm pretty sure you are all seeing where I'm going with this Activation phase : All roll + calculate : 16 actions. 3 afterburner a boost. (19) Then sadly in the engagement phase they all die to a single diamond-boron missile that splashed all. 8*8 calculates ... SO 64 + 19 = 85 83 action equivalents. EDITED to calculate properly (see below).
  4. So here is my entry : Berwer Kret, snapshot 6 hyena bombers . T-1 : The hyenas lock a ship. T : The ship moves into Berwer snapshot, who hits. All hyenas get a red calculate action All hyenas do a blue move, then a barrel roll + linked lock. Berwer moves, take a tractor for to rotate his turret, then a focus. 6*3 + 2 : 20 actions. 21 if you consider Berwer barrel roll from the tractor. It's only 3 actions per ship though.
  5. You may want to take a look at this game : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34wHVrhxdeY&t=59s Patrol leader death troopers, sloane, hull upgrade + 5 academies vs 4 Delta 7 . Old point value, but should be similar to what you are trying.
  6. Now you got me thinking! what about: 7 academies 154 pts Inquisitor, sense 40pts. Not sure what to do about the last 6pts, but adding sense to the swarm should be excellent to setup blocks and to inform action taking for the Ties.
  7. @Magnus Grendel : Having all ships at the same initiative is indeed very useful and reduces the mental load of running the swarm. I'm thinking of it as a great blocking option because it significantly increases the blocking range of the swarm blob (from 6.3 base length to 8.5 base length so above a range 3 shot). And it does it while retaining a defensive mod! On offense it is about the same as having 2 more 2 attack dice ties so about a wash. I'm just worried that in the endgame it's not going to add a lot of weight against the mid PS value ships that I see as the most problematic matchup. @Schanez / @Magnus Grendel : thanks for the duchess suggestion! I'll try her in my next game.
  8. So with the new costs I've realized that 6 academies leave 68 points to add a nice endgame resistance piece. In that design space in order of aceness: -Delta squadron defender 67 -raw stats very good blocker with built in evade and boost. -Naked Vader 67 -raw damage output but low re-positioning ability (hyperspace legal ) -Whisper 57 +upgrades (?) -very good against middle PS ships but will suffer against real aces. -Soontir 54 + upgrades (crackshot, TC, hull for 64?) - classic ace for endgame. What do you guys think?
  9. Howlrunner Del Meeko Seyn Marana Wampa 3 academies
  10. What you really need with brussel sprouts is some bacon and butter.
  11. @kerbarian : the issue with point destroyed giving TP is that it increases the pairing luck factor. You want to reward a close win between two high skill players the same as a landslide victory of a high skill player versus a low skill player. Otherwise initial matchups can determine the outcome of the tournament.
  12. Contracted scout,adaptability, intel agent,feedback : 28pts What else?
  13. Generic scum y-wings have the same PS as generic rebel y-wings.
  14. How the mighty have fallen: players 16 32 32 41 16 8 4 TIE Fighter 34.25% 24.65% 8.06% 0.34% 0% 0% 0%
  15. In my experience X7 defenders are a hard counter to swarms. Crackswarms can kill even a palp soontir through blocking, but defenders are both harder to block (no self stress) and have twice the health. Once the crackshots are gone you need at least 3 ties to start putting damage. 1 tie to block 1 tie to strip the evade 1 tie to maybe stick a damage... If you're not blocking, then it's even harder to shoot them due to the PS advantage and the focus + evade token stack.
  16. Icareane

    TLT vs x7

    X7 defenders are a very interesting matchup vs TLTs, at least vs my list which replaces one y-wing with a bumpmaster: scout, adaptability, feedback, intel 3 thugs, TLT I loose some of the raw power of 4 TLTs, but I gain some control which helps prevent shots and token stacking through blocking. Plus with feedback the scout becomes a real threat on its own against aces.
  17. Nice work! I saw your post about 91% alcohol in the has-anyone-taken-apart topic, are you talking about isopropyl alcohol? Did you strip all those before painting? I'm really interested in an alternative way of stripping my models (current solution is to use braking fluid, it works but with a kid at home I no longer want to use that). How well does it work? Do you have a picture of stripped model?
  18. Icareane

    Ica repaints

    Hello guys, finally took some time to paint again! As usual, you can find more pictures and the colors used my blog : http://www.rule37.net/2016/11/x-wing-showcase-gold-squadron-y-wing.html Question for a moderator : can I get this thread moved over to the new repaint forum?
  19. I wonder how that title works with the new 2 straight when already stressed and revealing a red (assuming that stop maneuver is red). No need for Hera with the new FAQ. (Get stressed in a prior turn), reveal the red stop, turn 180, perform a 2 white straight instead of the red stop... (potentially remove stress with kanan).
  20. French National semi finals: Triple defenders (Sithion) vs Palp Aces (Cachalop) Classic inquisitor Ryad, PTL, ion mk2, X7 Omicron Palp
  21. French quarter final, double IGvs Han and bomb warden:
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