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  1. Contracted scout,adaptability, intel agent,feedback : 28pts What else?
  2. Generic scum y-wings have the same PS as generic rebel y-wings.
  3. How the mighty have fallen: players 16 32 32 41 16 8 4 TIE Fighter 34.25% 24.65% 8.06% 0.34% 0% 0% 0%
  4. In my experience X7 defenders are a hard counter to swarms. Crackswarms can kill even a palp soontir through blocking, but defenders are both harder to block (no self stress) and have twice the health. Once the crackshots are gone you need at least 3 ties to start putting damage. 1 tie to block 1 tie to strip the evade 1 tie to maybe stick a damage... If you're not blocking, then it's even harder to shoot them due to the PS advantage and the focus + evade token stack.
  5. Icareane

    TLT vs x7

    X7 defenders are a very interesting matchup vs TLTs, at least vs my list which replaces one y-wing with a bumpmaster: scout, adaptability, feedback, intel 3 thugs, TLT I loose some of the raw power of 4 TLTs, but I gain some control which helps prevent shots and token stacking through blocking. Plus with feedback the scout becomes a real threat on its own against aces.
  6. Nice work! I saw your post about 91% alcohol in the has-anyone-taken-apart topic, are you talking about isopropyl alcohol? Did you strip all those before painting? I'm really interested in an alternative way of stripping my models (current solution is to use braking fluid, it works but with a kid at home I no longer want to use that). How well does it work? Do you have a picture of stripped model?
  7. Icareane

    Ica repaints

    Hello guys, finally took some time to paint again! As usual, you can find more pictures and the colors used my blog : http://www.rule37.net/2016/11/x-wing-showcase-gold-squadron-y-wing.html Question for a moderator : can I get this thread moved over to the new repaint forum?
  8. I wonder how that title works with the new 2 straight when already stressed and revealing a red (assuming that stop maneuver is red). No need for Hera with the new FAQ. (Get stressed in a prior turn), reveal the red stop, turn 180, perform a 2 white straight instead of the red stop... (potentially remove stress with kanan).
  9. French National semi finals: Triple defenders (Sithion) vs Palp Aces (Cachalop) Classic inquisitor Ryad, PTL, ion mk2, X7 Omicron Palp
  10. French quarter final, double IGvs Han and bomb warden:
  11. I know that a video was taken, no stream but it should be soon on youtube. Palp aces finalist won his top 8 mirror match with the final salvo, he had initiative and decided to run when both palp had died. I failed miserably to make the cut with my swarm, ending around 30th with 4-3.
  12. French national about to finish. Final is triple defenders vessery,ryad,glaive all with crackshot and x7 vs palp soontir inquisitor prockets. Top 4 double crack fcs igs Palp ryad inquisitor 128 players All triple scouts where knocked out in top 16 or 8.
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