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  1. I don't think that 20-80 number is realistic. More probable is that less than 10% of players have ever participated in a tournament and possibly significantly less.
  2. Half the time I can't remember which color is supposed to go with which pilot anyway... did we ever see Plo ship in the movies ?
  3. @feltipern1 : not sure I agree with your analysis for Ion and struts. If you are ioned, you do execute a maneuver, so would flip the card. In extended with sear, you don't really need ordnance. sear, ta175, soulless one, 7 strut vultures is 200 points and a great efficiency list. Sear helps to get damage through on aces and boba so discords are not necessary if you can setup blocks. I could see a 1 pt bid to move/shoot last in the mirror but it's not really worth the loss of uniformity across the list. In hyperspace it's a very different situation. Loosing sear means loosing a lot of firepower against high agility/ token stack aces so discords look a lot better if you do not bring a scimitar with tractor beam (like the heightened perception dooku build).
  4. I don't know about other swarm players, but having consistent and clear markings for my ships is very beneficial to me. The less brain power I have to use during the day to remember which is which, the better I am at the end of the day. A big improvement for me compared to 5 years ago is the introduction of the color matched dials and ship bases (not sure who introduced that first but it is brilliant!) and the new practice of keeping track of the ships that have engaged with their dials. At the end of the day it makes a real difference. That said I remember from my 40K days that some players deliberately used larger/more ornate models for the more expendable units in their army to confuse opponent target priority. All is fair in love and wargaming? That said, it's much more likely to confuse less skilled players than high level players so I dislike it in principle. Don't club baby seals?
  5. @Blail Blerg : struts open So you can barrel roll at will on or off the rock. The only way to then close struts is to execute a maneuver: If you land on a rock with that maneuver, then no damage (they are open while you move) but since you overlap an obstacle no action and you may not shoot on an asteroid. For the ion : so the only part of the struts that activates is that after the 1 forward you close the struts.
  6. I keep wanting to play 4 cavern angels and 2 bandits only to remember that they are not hyperspace legal
  7. So let's discuss the other side of the coin. Let's say I'm playing 5 X vs Bofrost. How do I limit the usefulness of those 4 proton bomb drops? At some point whether I fly in a block or with a spread out converging pattern i arrive at a point where all my ships are at range 1-2 and the "best" move would be to K-turn / talon behind a firespray for at least 2 of them, keeping in mind that they can always 4 fwd to try to leapfrog the pack. Some ideas : bring big rocks to constrain the bomber options play near the board edge fly in 2 elements and disengage the close one, accepting that loosing a a few shots is better than eating a proton. other ? Do you guys have a streamed battle report where I can watch what you would consider a successful mitigation of the threat of proton bombs by lower initiative ships?
  8. @Slade : rerolls and force are used in the modify result step. The neutralize result step is after that. You cannot use a dice result modified to an evade with a reroll or force to cancel a crit result from a out of front arc autoblaster. But you are correct that it only applies to the front arc, regardless of the actual ship primary arc :
  9. @Stay OT Leader : not sure how to read your table. Are you saying that a B-wing has -12% chance of survival versus 8 ties?
  10. As a swarm player I follow the great Justin Hammer / Ivan Vanko teaching: Don't get too attached to things. Learn to let go. I don't think this means what you think it means. If I remember correctly (not scrolling up) that stat was calculated by getting the number of 200-X games versus the number of X-Y games. What I think it means is that swarm list take longer to wipe out when they loose. Swarms (especially CIS sear swarms) have a large damage advantage in the early game that decreases rapidly and they also bleed points faster than other lists. The scenario where the swarm ends up loosing because it did not have time to hunt that last hull point on a damaged point fortress looks less likely to me than the reverse : the opposing list just does not have the time to finish all swarm ships.
  11. That's no longer really true, some ships can move backwards now. But it's true enough!
  12. @Cuz05 : can you share that Boba/ Dengar build? Asking for a friend.
  13. Let's say the following list is facing a mirror match and you win the toss: Sear, TA-175, souless one 60pts 7 Vultures, grappling struts 7*20 pts Do you take first player or not? Pros : you have perfect information when planing your moves and can setup blocks to deny calculates. This can be huge if you can remove TA-175 from play. Cons: Shooting first means that destroying vultures will grant a lot of calculates to the opponent that they can use both on attack and defense while yours can only be used in defense. In the endgame your opponent moving last can also let them roll out of arc. This means that the first player should probably go for Sear first if at all possible, while the second player can choose to go for the vultures first if more convenient. Coming from a Tie swarm background my reflex is to take 1st player for blocks, but I'm starting to think that given TA-175 I should really go second. Now for the bonus question : if there is a clear answer to the question above, would you remove a grappling strut for a mini 1 pt bid? Having a strutless vulture also gives you an advantage if you are trading vultures and can present it as bait since your opponent will have to destroy half a vulture more than you.
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